Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cleaning Odd Areas

How often do you clean the odd areas of your home, like the back of your refrigerator?  We haven't clean ours sever since we installed our kitchen appliances, that was 6  years ago.  As a result, the exhaust fan of the refrigerator was dirty and it was making a howling noise.  Hubby  cleaned it last weekend and now the howling stopped.  Hubby scrubbed and sanitized this  area after he pulled the   frdige out.  Yeah I know what you are thinking, it is filthy and I am glad that it is now cleaned.  Who else of you cleaned the back of your refrigerator?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Why your Kitchen is the Most Important Feature of your Home

Whether you're planning on building your first home, are looking on the market for a new house or are thinking of selling your own, there is one feature that always makes a home stand out from the rest – the kitchen. In all honesty, home buyers and renters generally survey the kitchen and the bathroom before making any decisions, placing these two area of a house as the most important. So if we're just there to make food and do the dishes, why is the kitchen one of the most important features of your home?

Time Well Spent

As previously mentioned, most home owners do spend quite a great deal of time in the kitchen, particularly if you have a family – or just love cooking! Whether you're baking cupcakes or doing the dishes, many families spend an adequate amount of time in their kitchen each day. Because of this, many home owners find that it is important to have a kitchen that works in their favour, with a modern oven and cooktop, along with adequate bench space and room for a big pantry. If you're going to spend the majority of your time in one room of the house, it's important that you're comfortable in your surroundings.

Structure & Plumbing

We mentioned before that the bathroom, along with the kitchen, are two of the most prominent features of a home. While the looks and storage area are an important factor when choosing the right design for you, many home owners want a good kitchen, simply because the expense of renovating plumbing can sky rocket and leave you way over budget when buying your new home. Building a new home is a great way to ensure that the plumbing is up to scratch, and with a number of reputable home builders available, first home owners can rest at ease. For a number of great design ideas for your kitchen, visit http://www.coralhomes.com.au/ when building your new kitchen.

Family Value & Entertaining

Whether you have a big family or a small one, everyone will tell you that some of their fondest memories of growing up were in the kitchen, watching their mum dancing as she cooked or learning to make your first cake. With this in mind, the kitchen can be one of the best assets to your home, as it brings many memories and warmth to a structure. For those who like to entertain guests with dinner parties, a workable kitchen is very important and also a stylish one at that, with room for a dishwasher for easy cleaning and big bench spaces for serving.
Whether you're a traditional family person who wants to feel at home in their new kitchen or are looking for value for money and wouldn't consider renovating a plumbing job, it is easy to see why the kitchen is one of the most important attributes to your home.
Tara Blair SF Content Writer

Kitchen Faucet

We bought a new  faucet for our kitchen sink because the one that we installed a couple of years ago was already leaking.  We bought a Pfister this time, it was on sale for $79.99 at Lowe's.

My husband  does not like plumbing work but  we have no choice but to do it ourselves since plumber  services in our area cost an arm and a leg.  We got it done after  some  sweet words  being said and stuff like that lol.  

It was hard for my husband as our sink is very small and he has to  fit his big body under  the sink.  Thanks goodness, we got it done successfully without any leak.

Tollywood Tourism

Fact: India is the number one producer of films in the world. Not the United States of America, not China, but India. And by a longshot.

The country’s powerful Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) publishes a report every year that typically unfurls a mountain of data about the domestic film industry on global analysts. For 2009, CBFC figures revealed that India produced a staggering 2,961 films, of which 1,288 were features. A 2011 report by multinational professional services firm Ernst & Young, Spotlight on India’s Entertainment Economy, projected that India’s film industry would grow from $3.2 billion in 2010 to $5 billion by 2014; a compound annual growth rate of 14.1 percent. Hollywood wishes it had half that kind of growth.

Beyond Bollywood
Now while Bollywood is and will likely forever remain the poster child for Indian film, the entire kit and kaboodle is a Hydra; a massive and epic multi-lingual industry with numerous players.

This is vital to keep in mind. Bollywood, based in Mumbai and the state of Maharashtra, is India’s Hindi-language film industry. There are others: Tamil cinema, or Kollywood, based in Chennai; Kannada cinema, or Sandalwood, based in Bangalore and Karnataka; Gujurati cinema, based in Ahmedabad and Gujurat; and Malayalam cinema, or Mollywood, based in Kochi and Kerala. And many, many more.

Tally Ho Tollywood
One genre of India’s film industry that gives even Bollywood a run for its rupee, however, is Tollywood. The films of Telugu cinema, out of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, have been around for over a century. Tollywood has had a seismic impact and influence over India’s film industry as a whole. Indeed, Telugu films have competed for British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards, Academy Awards and other prestigious prizes at international film festivals.
Ramoji Rules
The epicentre of all this resides in India’s fourth most populous city, Hyderabad. The capital of Andra Pradesh is a feverish metropolis with a major attraction for cinephiles and tourists alike. Ramoji Film City is the largest integrated film city on the planet (you can find it in the Guinness Book of World Records) and produces films not just in Telugu but Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Bhojpuri and English as well.

This factory of cinema in the Hyderabad suburb of Hayathnagar lures over 1.5 million visitors per year and probably mints as much money, if not more, from tourism than from film production. But Ramoji Film City is by no means the only base of Tollywood tourism in Andra Pradesh. Many top Hyderabad hotels also help facilitate tours of Tollywood stars’ homes in neighbourhoods like Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills. Stars like Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Junior NTR and Ram Charan. Believe it.

Essential Telugu Flicks
Other tastes of Tollywood in Hyderabad include visits to film shoots, tours of locales made famous in important Telugu films and, incredibly, even the chance to be an extra or sit in on post-production work.

Before you visit Hyderabad and get the true Tollywood experience, however, it may be worth your while to check out some Telugu cinema classics. Here are ten of Tollywood’s best.

Maya Bazaar (1957)
Magadheera (2009)
Lava Kusa (1963)
Shankarabharanam (1979)
Sagara Sangamam (1983)
Khaidi (1983)
Aakali Rajyam (1981)
Alluri Seetharama Raju (1974)
Tholi Prema (1998)
Devadasu (1953)
Jason recently travelled all through India and has some great tips and tricks to share with people about the country.

Christmas Cactus

My Christmas Cactus is blooming a little early this year.  I bought this cactus  a couple of years ago and it still  doing great.  I put them outside whenever it's summer time and bring them inside the house  during winter.  

Caring for this kind of cactus is tricky because you can't underwater or overwater them.  Watering them  also  depends on the climate, whenever it is inside the house, you have to at least water it every week but when it is out, you have to at least water it two to three times a week.

Advice That Every Dog Owner Can Use

You may already have a well-behaved dog when you expect from owning a dog. You may get something really different. No matter what happens it is now your responsibility to make sure the dog is cared for, you can find some tips here to help.

Don't give your dog. This will cause him to beg constantly and also inhibit his appetite toward his regular food.

Your dog can figure out things easier when they are given these type of signals. Try both ways with your dog to see which works best.
Your daily lifestyle can help determine what dog breed. For instance, if you jog, you're not going to want a little dog that can't keep up with you. If you are a homebody, a small dog that enjoys a lot of inside time is an ideal choice. You should find a dog that is complementary to your lifestyle.

There are plenty of animals that need love and care.
If you have just one dog who spends lots of time alone, think about getting your dog a friend. Dogs generally like to have fellow canines around. Match them up carefully by energy levels and temperament so that they can enjoy themselves.

Stay politically for the sake of your dog. Keep track of local laws which affect dog owner. It is usually indicative of a particular breed or bad dog.Get in touch with administrators and legislators to exercise your dog.

Be careful when choosing what to feed your dog is eating. You may be tempted to give your pet leftovers, but it is difficult to achieve a balanced diet and include all of the right nutrients.
When you start training your dog, try different reward systems. You should try to find out what motivates your particular animal.If your dog is food driven, reward them with items like little hot dogs. If he likes to play, play a game with them quickly after they do something you trained them to do. Certain dogs just need love and rubbing.

Veterinary Hospital in Gainesville, VA
Just because your dog is contained outside doesn't mean that he does not need less attention as an indoor dog. Your dog will acquire poor habits such as chewing or barking if it is alone all the time. Your dog might also become nervous or fearful of people.Give your pet a lot of love and play with him often if you want him to stay happy.

You must keep a close eye on what and how much your dog. Puppies need to eat higher fat options to help them grow. If a high calorie food is fed to an adult dog, he'll quickly become overweight and unhealthy.

You must pay attention to your canine's water and food dishes. Wash bowls every day and fill them with fresh water and clean water.

Now that you have gone over this fantastic advice, you should make sure you don't ignore any of it. Take it all in and soon enough you will see how much more fun it is to be the owner of a happy dog. A dog that is happy will love you unconditionally.

The Gainesville vets at the Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville strive to keep this mission alive in our very own practice. We provide medical services for any type of pet! So contact us today to set up your pet’s appointment.

How To Judge A Good Home Cleaning Service

When your home get too dirty, that means it is time to hire a home cleaning company. The following paragraphs will answer any questions you have.

It is easier to clean a room by dividing it into quadrants. This will allow you to see where you have vacuumed so that you don't waste time. If the rooms are square, sub-divide it in four different sections for cleaning.

Make sure you're not doing anything to cancel your warranty is on your carpets before services begin. You can void the warranty if you apply a different stain resister to it. The chemicals may not mix well and cost you a bundle.
Cleaning Service: Ashburn & Leesburg VA 

You should feel comfortable with the company you choose. You need to be satisfied with the services you receive. A reputable company will make you are satisfied each and every step of the way.
You want the carpet cleaning company you hire to have an actual physical address. You should be able to go to an address for visiting to resolve any issues arise.

White vinegar provides a quick way to clean a carpet stains.Although this natural cleaner usually works, hiring a professional carpet cleaner is usually the wisest decision. Test this out on a small piece of your rug to make sure that it is safe before use.

Vacuum all of your entire home very thoroughly. You will remove more dirt the longer you divide your carpet into different portions and vacuum carefully. This can prevent stains and make your carpets last much longer. The time invested will be worth it.

Talk to any company before hiring them about the procedures they do when actually cleaning. You need to be sure that before they start deep clean. The carpet is going to look great if this happens, so if the cleaner refuses to vacuum, consider finding someone else to work with.

Move all plants from parts of a carpet cleaning. The chemicals used in carpet cleaning may harm your plants, so this should be done as a precaution.

If there is a spill on your carpet, blot them immediately. Use dry towel to help absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Cleaning those stains will be simpler if the liquid doesn't seep far into the carpet.

Carpet cleaning services generally offer significant discounts during the summer. Contact a few companies and find out what they are offering. Some cleaners might even clean multiple rooms and charge you only for the same price it would usually cost to do one. They may also toss in a chair or a sofa cleaning as extras.

Do not rub any area that has been damaged by spills or dirt stains. This can cause the stain to look worse and pushes it deeper into the carpet fibers.If you're having to deal with dirt or mud, try to work from under the debris so it does not become a bigger problem.

As previously mentioned, you know how dirty the carpets in your home can get. But, you may have not previously been aware of what factors make a carpet cleaner reliable. The preceding paragraphs were full of ideas you should take into account. Use this advice to find the ideal carpet cleaner for you!

Our cleaning services are convenient for your working schedule. We offer serious work with a smile and we also love pets and look out for their well-being. Furthermore, all of the maids at our cleaning service are completely trained and cleared through background checks and drug testing. Our goal is to produce a safe and healthy environment that you can be proud to call home.

Things Everyone Ought To Know About Their Roof

Roof maintenance and repairs are two things that everyone that owns a homeowner.The problem is that people don't know what to do when it comes to roofing so that the basics.You should keep reading to learn more about roofing and make sure you are properly taking care of your roof lasts a long time by following the tips shared in this article.

If your roof leaks, wait until things settle down before doing any repairs. You can't walk safely on a wet and slippery roof. A dry is roof is a safe roof. Safety should be your number one priority when working on a roofing project. You can get hurt if you try to fix your roof under severe weather conditions.Put a bucket where it's leaking and then look at the roof to determine whether or not you can fix the issue.

Don't go up on your roof during wet weather. A slippery or wet roof can cause you to fall and seriously injure yourself. If you are doing your roof yourself, do it when it's dry and sunny outside.

There are some questions you need to ask a prospective contractor before you hire him. One question to ask is the quantity of nails that need to be inserted into every shingle. Three nails are usually doesn't cut it.Ask them about what their methods are to see if the procedures that they use to find out whether or not they give good answers. If you do not, walk away.

You should avoid going up on the roof yourself and looking for damaged spots. If you feel there might be a problem, hire a professional to do an inspection. You do not want to have the roof unsuspecting as it caves in under your feet.
Make sure any roofer you hire has the proper licence to do the job. Do not trust the roofer to tell you the honest truth about what he says. Contact the building department where you live and inquire about what kinds of things you're going to need.

Insurance coverage is essential when it comes to this type of work. If your roofer does not have insurance and your property is damaged, you are responsible for the bill. Don't just take their word for it either; ask for proof that they have plenty of up to date, get documentation that they do and go over it carefully.

The age of your roof is a good indication as to whether you need to replace it. Most roofs have a lifespan of twenty years before they must be replaced. If you installed a roof on top of your older roof, you are going to have to redo your roofing in 20 years.
Talk to any homeowner, and they'll probably tell you how important it is to keep your roof in good shape. Having said that, knowledge on how to achieve a great roof can be difficult. This article has shown you the steps you need to take, so take them!

No job is too big or small for Owl Roofing to handle. With our commercial roofing installation for Charlotte businesses and commercial properties, we offer the same quality workmanship and roofing materials, just on a larger scale.

How to Choose the Best Virginia Heating and Air Repair Company

The weather conditions do call for one to truly have a heat and air conditioner system set up. This will aid in making the appropriate conditions within the house especially during unfavorable weather like winter.

The weather conditions do call for one to truly have a heat and air conditioner system set up. This will aid in making the appropriate conditions within the house especially during unfavorable weather like winter. However, like all machines and systems, they all at one time call for your services of the Virginia heat and repair business. The Virginia heat and atmosphere repair business you pick determines the sort of service you'll get as well as the true quality of the job accomplished. Your choice of the Virginia heating and cooling repair company should consequently be produced from an educated position and you really need to understand what to search for. There are lots of Virginia heat and atmosphere repair businesses and certain standards ought to be set in place while searching for one.

The very first thing you must realize is where to find the most dependable Virginia heat and atmosphere repair business. Several sources are accessible. Online sources are the most effective when you can certainly find numerous heat and atmosphere repair companies. Additionally, you will find reviews and testimonials from previous customers and advice about the business. This will allow you to have a notion of the companies you need to employ their services. There are lots of customer forums particularly on sites that provide details about the effectiveness and caliber of services provided by different Virginia heat and atmosphere repair companies. Besides on-line sources you too can seek the professional services of the greatest business agency in your place.

Working with the top business bureau is particularly significant if you need to compare the name of two businesses. The other commonly employed approach is to make use of referrals from neighbors and family within the place you live in. This is particularly critical if it's a fresh place. Given that many people around will have used Virginia heat and air repair service at one time or several times, they're better put to provide you with the advice you'll require. These two are the most powerful and time saving strategies to utilize whenever on the lookout for Virginia heat and air repair services. The next step is determining which business to decide.

First, you must ensure the Virginia heat and repair business is registered and certified. This will allow you to know you're dealing with professionals as well as know you may file complaints against them. Another important thing to perform would be to ensure you evaluate the prices as well as the services provided. Although some would seem cheaper, they might be reducing the amount of services they give you. Besides the prices and pricing structure, you'll have to check if the Virginia heat and atmosphere repair business supplies warranties. This is really a sign of confidence in the degree of their work. Additionally, it saves you from incurring additional costs fixing what had already been done since the business is going to fulfill that price. Another important thing to perform would be to ensure the business is adequately insured. In this manner that you don't run the potential of incurring costs on indebtedness or some losses arising in your premises.

Pallett Heating and Cooling offers a variety of heating and cooling services, but that's not all we do in Hampton Roads. Standby generators are also on our repair and installation service list. We specialize in servicing all major brands, but we are experts when it comes to Ruud whole house generators.  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rose Pop Up Card

I mentioned in   my previous post that my daughter has been making pop up cards.  Her recent  creation is this rose pop up card that she made for her  teacher.

She was grateful that her teacher  let her  do the test again that she  messed up because she did not clearly understand the instruction.  I thought that it was very kind  of the teacher  to gave her another chance.

I am very happy that my kids have a  grateful heart because I don't really have to tell them what to do when  someone did them a favor.  They immediately do the right thing.   

This post is dedicated to those teachers who were murdered recently.  May their FAMILY and FRIENDS FIND PEACE AND FORGIVENESS  to the senseless tragedies that happened.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Why Soundproof Windows are a necessity in Big Cities

Soundproof windows deliver the ultimate sound barrier that allows you to reside in peace. Upscale dwellings generally come with soundproofing installed, although you can take advantage of soundproof windows for an existing structure that doesn't have this feature.

How is Noise Dangerous?
Studies show that environmental noise pollution has a negative effect on your well-being and health. Noise pollution originates from a number of sources including urbanization and growth in the population. Furthermore, the building of interconnected transportation systems, including highway and air, contribute to increased noise consumption in residential areas.

Ask How You Can Receive Energy Tax Credits
The effects of noise pollution on your health are cumulative. For example, the cumulative effects of noise are evident in the body's response; the brain subconsciously perceives noise as a threat and often invokes a fight or flight response. Regularly dealing with unwanted noise can affect your recreation, sleep patterns and concentration. It can also increase your stress level. Reducing the noise you encounter has several benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Soundproof Windows?

Relaxing in your home, entertaining your guests or achieving a sound night's sleep can rely heavily upon your surroundings. In many urban areas, everyday sounds encroach on the homeowners or renter's private space. For example, you might experience interruptions from multiple street sounds, including emergency vehicles, utility trucks, airplanes, loud and persistent music, barking dogs or people yelling.

Soundproof products deliver serenity and freedom from the hustle and bustle of everyday life outside your door. Installing a high quality sound barrier can eliminate up to 95% of the noise that wafts up from the street. In addition, soundproof technology can lower your utility bills by reducing drafts.
For homeowners, installing soundproof windows can improve the value of the property. The property value may increase more substantially if the property is located in an urban area.

How Do Soundproof Windows Work?

Soundproof windows work just like standard windows. The product uses laminated glass with an injection of sound barrier gas between the window's panes. The gas works in two ways: to block noise and improve energy efficiency. The gas prevents noise vibrations from entering your home. In addition, the construction of the windows helps prevent incoming drafts and outgoing heat or cool air.

Generally, installation does not require that you alter your existing windows. The product uses existing space over the windowsill for installation. The installation uses some dead space between the soundproof product and the existing window. This also delivers a reduction in noise and an improvement in energy efficiency.

Getting a good night's sleep, concentrating on work related projects or simply enjoying a relaxing evening watching TV can be fraught with interruptions. Noise pollution that invades your personal space can influence your overall health. The encroachment of noise into your home can increase your stress level, decrease your resting hours and rob you of your concentration. Installing soundproof windows improves your quality of life by reducing your exposure to noise. Furthermore, well-constructed soundproof products can reduce your utility bills by delivering an energy efficient solution.

This article was written by Rachel Housing.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Artists and Math Wizards

I bought a Math Readiness book for our daughter when I went to Daegu. Its a first grader book but we were surprise when we tested Rylie's capacity, she is very good. She is almost ready to go to school. I mean she needs our supervision on what to do because she can't read yet but once we told her how it's done, she can figure it out easily.

These photos were taken yesterday morning, when she was very nice to her brother and taught him how to color some of the drawings in the book.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

Originally posted oin June 6, 2009 by my husband.

Thank You Card Online Etiquette

Thank you cards are ideal for many occasions including weddings, sympathy and baby showers among others. However, like any other type of writing, thank you cards should be designed and written in certain formats. Thank you cards etiquette revolves around being personable, observing the handwriting, length of the note and professionalism.
Thank You Card Occasions
One of the most challenging things about thank you cards is knowing when to send them. Most of us know that thank you cards are for obvious occasions like baby showers, weddings, graduation as well as birthday parties. Many are unaware of other occasions when thank you cards can be sent.

One of the most important rules about thank you cards online is that they are appropriate for any gift for which one is unable to personally thank the giver. For instance, most newlyweds open their gifts the day after the wedding. This calls for thank you cards. Older relatives also expect thank you cards even after personally thanking them. Therefore, send one for every gift received.

In certain instances, thank you cards are simply appropriate gestures of appreciation for people who host an event or those who shared special moments with one. For instance, if you saved some money on a trip by staying at a friend's house, writing a thank you card to the host would be ideal. Thank you cards can also be sent out to people to thank them for sharing the highs and lows of life. These cards can be sent to friends who attended a funeral of a loved one or those who helped you get a raise at work.

What to Include in a Thank You Card
Greetings should feature as the first thing in a thank you note. Start with a simple salutation. Do not make it too lengthy. Thank you cards are intended to be gestures of appreciation. Therefore, the next thing to include in the card is to acknowledge receipt of the gift.
Next, thank the giver for the gift or sentiment. Make sure to make this brief. For non-monetary gifts, continue by stating how the gift received will be used. For sentimental gifts, state how significant the sentiment was.

Conclude the thank you card by stating that you hope to see the gift giver soon and a quick word of gratitude again. The regards and gratitude statement should be as personal as possible. Close the thank you card with "Love" followed by your name if it is a close family member or friend or "Sincerely" followed by your name if it is a professional thank you card.

Timing for Sending a Thank You Card
Send a thank you card as soon as possible after receiving the gift or the special event. For instance, in a wedding, send them as soon as the honeymoon is over. If thanking people for helping you to further your dreams or career, send the thank you card as soon as you achieve a major milestone in your career. Although, thank you cards should ideally be sent as soon as possible, do not focus so much on this. Thank you cards sent a bit later than anticipated are still gestures of courtesy.

Writing thank you cards are acceptable ways of showing gratitude and a sign of good manners. Sending thank you cards to anyone who gave you a gift or provided help in any way is also good etiquette.

For more information about thank you card services that are offered online visit Postable.com.

This article was written by Virginia Summer.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sleeping tips for children

Sleep pattern

You want to establish a regular pattern of sleep for your child. This includes enforcing bed times, waking times and also following a consistent routine before bed. This will insure that your child is receiving a regular amount of sleep. This is more important for children as they are unable to adapt easily to irregular sleep. Try not to vary school and non-school days. Bed time should remain consistent.


This is what occurs before your child goes to bed. An hour before bed time you want to start encouraging your child to wind down. This will insure that when it hits bed time they will actually be sleeping, not just lying in bed. Activities could include reading a book or taking a bath. Avoid television and computers, these will only stimulate.


It should go without saying but your child needs to be comfortable. Invest in a quality bed now to save you money later. Check out Bunkers Brisbane, for something comfortable that won’t break the bank. Comfort also includes your child feeling secure in the space. Do they want a night light? Do they prefer the door to be left open? Catering for these needs will insure your child is comfortable and therefore able to relax.


Bed is for sleep and only sleep. All technological devices should be kept outside of the bed. You want to train your body into know that bed is for sleep. This will insure that when getting into bed you don’t have to wait long for sleep to come.


You want to avoid giving your child a meal close to bed time but snacks are okay. No large meals less than two hours before bed. It can be harder to sleep on an empty stomach.


Naps don’t need to be done away with all together. It is normal for young children to nap during the day, as they get older they require less sleep. Be careful when allowing your child to nap, you don’t want them napping any later then 4pm.This will interfere with their night sleep.


Exercise helps promotes good sleep and healthy living. It can also keep children awake at night, you want to avoid letting your children run around at night. It takes five hours for the body to return to normal temperature after exercise. There should definitely be no exercise during wind down time, the hour before sleep.


Finally, as a parent you need to know when to seek assistance from your doctor. Some children suffer from specific sleep problems such as frequent nightmares, snoring or sleep apnea. It’s important that if your child is experiencing long term problems with sleep that you seek help. We spend one third of our lives sleeping, sleeping problems are not to be taken lightly.

How to Choose your Acrylic Brushes

Acrylic painters rely on very adaptable painting material to create their wonderful artworks. Acrylics have a great impact in the painting industry ranging from Jackson Pollock's abstract expressionist works to Andy Warhol's quirky pop art. In the hands of an experienced artist and some diluting media, these acrylic paints can make works that resemble watercolor images and even oil paintings. However, the paint is fast drying and might be difficult to work with when you don't have the right tools. The paintbrush is the artist's best friend and he or she should carefully choose the right one for the job. Here are some tips on choosing the best acrylic brushes out there.
The first factor that you need to look for your paint brush is its shape which dictates how it would be used in your work. You should first select a flat brush and a filbert brush since they are generally used while the rest have specialized painting job. Bright brushes are similar to the flat but have shorter bristles that make detail work easier. The round and the rigger brush are great if you're interested in adding minute detail in your work. Fan brushes are more useful to blend colors together. If you want to have fun dragging globs of paint then you should invest in mop brushes.

You should also study what material was used to make your brush's bristles. A brush's bristles may be made from the hair of various animals or manufactured with synthetic materials. Mink or sable brushes are one the best in the market but are very rare and costs a lot. Hog bristles, like their namesake, are tough and is useful for working with large areas and high volumes of paint. Squirrel hair can hold large amounts of water which makes it ideal for washes. If you're just starting out in your painting career then synthetic bristles might be the best for you. They're relatively cheaper compared to natural hair bristles. Click here for Plaza Art’s selection of acrylic brushes.

When you visit an art store, try to evaluate their demo paintbrushes' different parts. Their bristles shouldn't be easily deformed when you apply pressure. The ferrule, which is the metallic band that binds the bristles to the rest of the brush, should be securely attached to the handle. You don't want it to accidentally fall, with bristles full of paint, into your canvass. Afterwards, you should take a look at the length brush's handle. You'll want a short handle if you're going for details while a long handle may help cover larger areas of your artwork.

Finally, the best way to select the best brush for the job is with personal experience. Buy different paintbrushes and experiment with various techniques and acrylic mixtures. Hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down your choices to specific paintbrushes which will help you save money when you finally try a few of them for practice. Soon you'll figure out the best one that will be your trusted companion as you grow in your field.

Fall Art Using Squash

I mentioned in my  previous posts that  we were planning to sue the squash at our garden for Fall decoration.  My kids thought that it would be cute to   make them into minions.  

A couple of weeks ago, while my husband was steam cleaning our carpet, I  picked the  squash and have it painted  by my Burritos so they won't be running around in the carpet, give my husband  some space to work peacefully hehehe.

From minions, they diverted the idea into something else.
Tadahhh, presenting our simple Fall Decor.
Happy Fall, happy harvest, happy Halloween, and Happy Thanksgiving, all in one.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Facts about Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

Air conditioning and heating repair is one of the most crucial tasks that no homeowner can avoid. For example, people staying in hot and humid regions of the country are much depended on their air conditioning system and likewise, those who stay in the extremely cold and snowy areas are heavily dependent on their home's heating system. These days most of the homes come with a central air conditioning and heating unit; however, there are many homes that are still using older heating systems, which include a radiator or furnace. Irrespective of the kind of air conditioning and heating unit you own, imagine your life without them! Imagine how uncomfortable it gets if and when your air conditioning and heating system breaks down or fails to perform properly. This is one area where you need to rely on the experts to fix the unit. In this article we will discuss about how you can find air conditioning repair experts. 

 There are several HVAC service contractors; however, you will need heating repair service providers who offer emergency repair services. Such air conditioning repair companies will repair your unit even if the system breaks down at odd hours or when other businesses are closed or unavailable. However, such services are likely to be little more expensive, but such HVAC service contractors are very helpful to deal with emergency situations. If you can research properly, you will also find air conditioning repair companies that offer maintenance service at affordable rates and will check the system components thoroughly for potential problems at regular intervals. Such maintenance services are beneficial for people with older heating units. 

While looking for air conditioning repair companies or service contractors, make sure they have license to operate their HVAC business in your particular area or state. Many states have different requirements and regulations when it comes to heating and air conditioning services. Thus, it is essential to check the credentials of your HVAC service contractors to make sure that they are able to complete the task according to your state regulations. There are some air conditioning repair companies that specialize in specific air conditioning and heating systems. 

A furnace or radiator heating system is very different than a central heating system. Thus, it is important to be sure that the technician knows how to repair your system; otherwise you will be wasting both your time and money. In general, professional HVAC service contractors in  will advertise the type of air conditioning and heating repair services they offer. Thus, it is recommended to go through their website or brochure before you authorize the repair. 

 Repairing air conditioning and heating units is not an easy task. It needs skills, patience and years of experience to detect the problem and fix the issue according without wasting much of time and money. Thus, it is recommended to opt for a reputable air conditioning repair company. 

Our air conditioning company in Hampton Roads proudly serves residential and commercial customers in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and surrounding areas. Contact us today to request an AC or heating service.

At Pallett Heating and Cooling, we are committed to ensuring your overall comfort. As the leading air conditioning contractor in Hampton Roads, our company offers high-quality cooling and heating services to suit your needs. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Snugg iPad Executive Case Cover

I was given an opportunity to try one of the iPad cases/covers from Snugg.  They sent me this Snugg iPad 4 Executive Case Cover and Flip Stand in Black Leather.  This is available in different colors and  also available for your iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4.
This is has two stand position which I really love.  You can securely  place your iPad without worry of  slipping because it has a fasten  velcrow inside.  There is also an elastic hand strap  for easy and securely handling your iPad as you can see below.

I love that there are three   slots  for cards and also has a storage for cash or any other important document.  I also love the fact that it is  leather so it is of high quality and very  functional.

I was going to choose red but then the  black  looks really  sharp so I chose the latter instead.
' This is originally priced at $49.99, you can purchase this iPad Case from Amazon for $39.99 plus free shipping.  You may check out  the website or go directly to amazon to purchase it.  Thank you so much Snugg for   giving me the opportunity to have one of your stylish and  functional iPad  leather  case cover.

Disclaimer:  The author  did NOT receive financial compensation in writing this review.  The product mentioned above was  provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Fresh Produce

The beauty about having a garden in your backyard is that, you get to cook fresh produce without   worry of   chemicals or other stuff that farmers use in their farm in growing veggies and other crops.  

I have tried  planting some carrots this year, some got destroyed by the birds when they were just  growing so  only few  survived but we enjoyed every bit of it when we harvest them.  We also tried broccoli but it did not progress, however our rabbits  loved the  leaves that we got from it.
I still have some tomatoes and  veggies from my garden and plan to harvest them today or tomorrow as the weather is getting  chillier each day.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Professional Maid Service.... Get Your Dirty Home Clean For The Holidays

Residing in a dirty house for the holiday season isn't gratifying, but on occasion the idea of needing to clean it's simply too much. What to perform? These holiday house cleaning tips were developed to make your home cleaning faster and much more efficient.
Professional Home Cleaning Produce a Program - The majority of us have chaotic lives; run the children around town, full time jobs, cooking meals, etc. We don't have enough required time to dedicate 5 or 6 hours a day to cleaning (nor do we want to) so we need to do it when we've got time. You most likely already direct your hectic life with some form of preparation or organization calendar, and also to direct your cleaning at it to your own program too.

Break up the cleaning jobs and program one or two of them for different days of the week. For example, wash the toilets on Saturday, the kitchen on Monday, etc. Get other family members involved too, delegate them jobs and add their individual cleaning assignments for the cleaning program too. By posting the program in a visible place for all to see, everyone will know what must be cleaned and on what day.

Inventory Supplies - These house cleaning tips were made to ensure our cleaning activities are somewhat more efficient. There's nothing worse than running from an unique cleaning supply in the center of the task and needing to stop what we're doing, jump within the auto, and spend the next 30 minutes within the cleaning supply store. To prevent this position develop your own cleaning supply stock list.

To develop your supply list, start by identifying the cleaning jobs at hand and establish what tool or supply this job requires. Write it down in your list. For example, for those who are in possession of a tiled or wooden floor you might want a floor polish, compose this in your list. After you've finished your list, assess your current cleaning supplies to make sure you've everything on hand and buy those things you'll need. Finally, when you utilize a product make a record in your list so you can restock your cleaning supplies.

Motivation - Sure professional home cleaning is not everyone's favorite action, but we don't have to make ourselves miserable as we clean. Start with wearing comfortable clothes, this can start to place you in a positive mind frame. Next, put on several of your own favorite music...picking something which will get your own feet going and your heart pumping, pick something fun! Finally, intend to give yourself a benefit once you complete the cleaning job. The benefit could be large or little, it's your pick...but make it enticing enough to inspire you to really execute the cleaning job.

Cleaning Plan - Lots of inefficiency starts whenever there isn't a plan of attack. Instead we rebound from room to room or from task to task without clear goal and course. As a way to remain focused, knock out the job at hand and get on with our lives, we want a cleaning strategy.
The strategy doesn't require to be complex. Write it down in case possible, committing actions to paper constantly helps. Write down what you need to achieve, how you'll to achieve this, and how much time it'll take. That is all there is to it, you've developed your cleaning strategy. Don't skip this step! While it may appear "too simple", it is really the adhesive that holds the remainder of these house cleaning tips together.

These professional house cleaning tips don't take any additional time from your entire day. Actually, should you execute them they will really save you a great amount of time in the very long term. Just a little planning and organization up front will save time and also make your cleaning chores simpler and much more efficient.

At Maid Rightwe strive to provide first-class cleaning services each and every time we visit your home. Should you ever find our cleaning service lacking in any area and you report it within 24 hours of our last visit, we guarantee to correct the issue within two business days of receiving the report.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Newell, West Virginia

Below are some of the  drive by shots that I took  with my almost drained point and shoot camera when we went to Newell, West Virginia.  It was a bit foggy that  day and feels a little  cool.
Goingfor a short road trips is what my kids  enjoy on weekends when they are off from school.  MY kids are outdoor lovers and staying inside the house  drives them nuts sometimes.  I am just gload that we have a family van now that we can use every time we go, it is more spacious which makes traveling more comfortable for the four of us.

Beautiful Homes

Now that the  weather is getting colder each day,  a lot of Phamarcy  would be  very busy for the cold season.  I am so glad that my son got over with his cold already, I was getting worried because I don't want them to get sick just like last year.  I know that we should have get the flu vaccine but it doesn't  guarantee that you won't get the flu anyway so we did not pursue it.  My kids  were like me who doesn't like needles. 

On the lighter note, me and hubby were looking at these beautiful properties  in New Home Builders over in New Zealand and my oh my, the price is staggering $800k+ for each.  I know that they look beautiful but the prices are  enormous.  I mean for that amount it would be like a mansion here  in our area but I guess  real estate  prices over there is  based on their economy.  I must admit though that every time I looked at pictures of New Zealand, it is like a magnet.  There is a voice telling me to move down there hahaha.

I  was reading an article about  steel fabrication a while ago while I was waiting for my husband to come home and it made me very sleepy.  Once in a while, I challenged myself to read something that I am not interested just to see if my mind can absorb some information about the subject.  Unfortunately, once  the subject get so complicated, I just  say "This is not  for me" and  the challenge has failed haha.  Oh well, I am not the type with multiple skills who can absorb different stuff.  I did however learn something about steel when I was reading the  information at the website.  It reminds me of the stories that my father-in-law told me    about his  former work in the  steel mill before  in this area.  It's a bummer that  the  steel industry here has died down.    They said that it had to do with the union's demands.  The  company could not  agree so they just stop the operation which is sad.  Greed is not a good thing, it  kills job and  a lot of good opportunities.

Home Improvements This Winter: Top Three Investments

When times are tight, the idea of winter fuel bills will inevitably fill many minds with dread. Keeping warm this winter is essential but it’s natural to worry about how much more you’ll be spending each month so that you and your family stay warm. With Christmas just around the corner, the idea of spending the money you have on energy bills instead of festive gifts is bound to make you feel a little downhearted, but with plenty of energy-saving tips and advice you can ensure that your utilities are as inexpensive as possible.

If you do have a little spare money saved up in a slush fund, or you’re enthusiastic about the Green Deal initiative, you should take a look at some of the home improvements that are available which would be an investment for you and your family – not just for the winter, but for years to come as well. Here are three of the top investments worth considering:

A new boiler – If you’ve had your boiler for a long time, it won’t be as efficient as it once was, and with new models available that aim to reduce your energy consumption and save you money, a new boiler could be just what you need. Where can I get a combi boiler from? There are plenty of providers and dedicated engineers who can install your new boiler just in time for the cold spell – take a look here to learn how to know if you need a combi boiler or whether a conventional alternative is the way forward.

Newer boilers are considerably more energy efficient than their older alternatives and while you may think that yours still works perfectly, chances are it’s not as efficient as it once was.
Whatever you do, invest in an annual boiler service so that you can be sure that your boiler is working as well as it is able to.

Double Glazing is an expensive commodity but something that can be appreciated for years to come. It’s not something that many people can afford off the cuff, but the improvement is certainly worth saving for. Double glazing saves a fortune on heating bills because the heat can’t escape through your windows. Plus, it will block out noise pollution, too!

Insulation in the loft and cavity walls can help to save on your heating bills while keeping your home constantly warm. Insulation in the cavities of your walls is usually fitted as standard, particularly with newer homes, while loft insulation can vary in standard and quality.

Check what your loft insulation is looking like – if it doesn’t meet regulations of 275mm, it’s easy enough to top it up. You can buy insulation from DIY stores and if you have someone “handy” in the family, you won’t have to pay for someone to come and fit it for you!

Home improvements like these may not be as exciting as shopping for stocking fillers, but if you want to save money each month, they’re the way forward.

By Roxanne Wells

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Selfie Son

My kids uses our point  and shoot  camera a lot of times.  Sometimes, I would check  what;'s in it and found different kinds of photos lol.  This is a self portrait that my son took of himself lol.  I think part of his finger  covered the flash that's why his eyes were not visible.  I found it a cute shot though.
What do you think?

Cuddle Buddy

It is so funny  reading my children's wish list for Christmas.  They have different kinds of stuff including their Mom getting pregnant again wahhh.  They won't light up  with the idea that  just the two of them  are enough to complete the family hahaha.  Sorry to disappoint you kids but Mommy is not going to need a Belly Belt no more.  At my age mow, pregnancy would be  a bit harder.  My husband is actually entertaining the idea of the kids but I said  that two is  enough for us.  It is not easy to prepare for their future you know.  Especially that  only one of us has a permanent  job.  I mean I  earn a little bit at home but  that is not enough to  supplement   their future needs.  I hope that my kids will understand why  just the tow of them is perfect for us.

Anyhow, I also have my own  Christmas wishlist, I would like to have one of these bean bags  that I saw at Cuddle Buddy website.  Even my kids want a bean bag at their room too so I hope that Santa would grant our wish.  I think that the bean bag would serve as my son's  stunt aid if I buy one  hehehe.

How about you, do you have your  Christmas wish list yet?  Does it include  one of those fitness  Swim Spas  online?  I find this  swim spas really interesting and  very useful.  The photo below  is the myswimgym that I really like.  I think that if I have the resources, I would definitely want to have one like this.  Not only that you can use it for relaxation but you can also use it for fitness purposes.
I have been finding different  unique stuff online as I browse of possible  Christmas gifts that I would like to  buy for the holiday.  Time flies , don't you think?  It is  the middle of October already that is why I am starting to   plan for the Christmas stuff.  When BER month comes, days just slips by so quickly.  You will hardly notice the  days have gone by especially if you are so busy!

Bike Rack Need at Home

Biking is one outdoor activity that my whole family enjoy doing during warm season. It is sad that summer time does not last very long.  Before when our kids  were just starting to  learn how to ride a bike, hubby and I just walked with them but last year we decided to buy our own since they  are big enough and can keep up with us when riding.  Our neighborhood is a great place for all of us to  go bike riding, it is safe  for the kids.   
Bike riding always reminds me of the country we  used to live for two  years  before coming here because   everywhere you go, there would be bike racks available as so many bike riders just come and go.  
I like it that each of us has bikes  because not only  it promotes good health for the four of us but it is also a great bonding for the whole family.  Our son is the dare devil type who wants to  do tricks that makes my heart sunk  sometimes.  Our daughter is the  cautious one who does things  according to what we told her when riding a bike.  Anyhow, I wish to  have  our own bike rack inside our storage so  our bikes would not be scratched when we store it.
  Bike  rack is also known as  bicycle stand according to Wikipedia which stands for parking bicycles.  Bike racks  are  visible on parks  or in trails and even on public places  so bike riders can securely park their bikes while  they  go  somewhere or they take a break.  

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