Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gigantic Sunflower

The birds left  us one seed of sunflower from last year and it   grew this year taller than the one we had last year.  It has a gigantic flower now.

It's amazing how, even if  it's very tall, the small stem can hold a  huge flower on top.
Shadow Shots

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I am not sure what kind of squash  is this that I am growing but it is taking over my whole garden.  I decided to put the old  gate  for the squash to crawl in so  the fruit won't be i on the ground.  This is now so big and  few more are coming.  

Learn About The Advantage Of Garage Storage Solutions
A storage cupboard is just a box-like structure useful for keeping various sorts of things. A cupboard is referred by several names like closet, closet, almirah or almari, chiffonier, trunk, case, container, chest of drawers, locker and so forth. A cupboard is an enclosed container with two or more shelves used to keep various types of things. These cabinets are typically made from wood or metal or iron but now-a-days cabinets made from plastic and artificial material may also be present within the marketplace.

Cupboards were used from your grandmother's days but they are not too fashionable and individuals never spent cash to them. These were simply means of keeping things. Now, however, the scenario has utterly transformed. Folks are spending enormous quantity of these savings on stylish and modern furniture that match their lifestyle. These storage cupboards are now accessible in various sizes and shapes and colours to satisfy the demands of your house or office furniture. A number of people purchase readymade cabinets though some make their very own cabinets in accordance with their very own style and space designed for your closets.

Cabinets comprised of metal or iron or plastic or artificial material are most frequently found in offices and factories while wood closets may be viewed more in residences to offer a vintage look. Storage cupboards at home are utilized in kitchen, toilet, drawing-room, for shoes, underneath the beds, away from the home for keeping items of yard care and outdoor recreation, etc. In the flip side, cupboards are utilized in offices, businesses, grocery retailers, branded stores, super markets, libraries, etc. These cupboards are mainly made from wood or metals to prevent any reactions and also come up with added security measures and labels compared to the ones that are used at residences.

Advantage Of Storage Cabinets
The largest advantage of the storage cabinet is because they consume less space, can be accessible and can easily be adjustable. They reach the area appear more broad giving more place to go around. They may be easily cleaned from now and then. The labels on such cupboards help us to recognize which things are kept where and prevent any confusion, hence conserving our time. Closed cabinets are frequently found in homes and workplaces while open cabinets are largely found in grocery shops, libraries, branded retailers to create the things visible. Cabinets of approximately 1 foot to 8 feet are on hand in industry at various cost rates. Some cupboards come up with lockers for security functions. Some cabinets have one door-opening; some have 2 doors, 3 doors and some have multi doors frequently called drawers. Learn More About... Garage Organization in Jacksonville, FL

Why Use Garage Cupboards
Some cupboards are fitted to the wall and some could be held in the middle and even the corner of the space. These cabinets are definitely just like a blessing for offices or stores or homes with less area. Therefore, you can take advantage of the storage cabinets to keep all your useful things which consume less area and are obtainable in sleek designs, delightful colours and sizes that agree with your pocket. 

Our Jacksonville garage contractor is reliable and professional. With 8 years in business, we specialize in residential homes with 2-3 car garages. Our garage makeovers are tailored to the way you live. Contact us today at (904) 830-0912 for a free estimate!

Shifting from Home Ownership to Apartment Living

Is the American Dream of home ownership going through a new revolution?

It seems like that the American Dream is shifting from a ”for sale” mindset to a “for rent” attitude. Whereas home ownership had been regarded as a symbol of “success”, in the past decade, a rather different opinion is taking shape at least from the middle income earners.

Apartment living is increasingly becoming a more preferred choice over home ownership. And surprisingly, the decision to live in apartments has come out of personal choice rather than out of economic necessity. The present situational realities seem to have influenced this new revolution.

Life continues to get hectic and hashed with barely time to enjoy a cup of Starbucks cappuccino while seated and not while brisk walking to the office. The age and demographics of the population are changing and more households are coping better with apartment living than home ownership.

Leading economists are in agreement that renting an apartment does make sense for a lot of people and does provide unmatched benefits -- making it a preferred lifestyle. The generations today are more after comfort, convenience, practicality over and above sentiments that point to feelings of success and accomplishments. The notion about renting as wasteful and short-termed is already receiving objection from the numerous apartment renters of this country.

And even as the all-time low mortgage interest rates have not gone through any drastic movement since the economic downturn, experts are of the opinion that people just cannot rush into home ownership because it may not be right for them. In fact, experts say that homeownership is a pretty serious and big deal and not everyone is cut out for that kind of game.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why many households have made the shift to apartment living:

1. Flexible Terms
Flexibility in terms of short-term lease periods is available. Apartment owners can lease out the property for three, six, nine or twelve months. And for those who plan for apartment living for 3 to 5 years, renting is a more cost-effective option. In places where apartment rental properties are concentrated, renters get more value added services. Renters can choose from small configuration if they live alone or bigger ones if they live with the family.

2. Quiet Home Atmosphere
In Orlando, Florida, for instance, Lee Vista apartments offer a unique quiet home atmosphere because the place is mostly residential although the urban areas of Orlando are not very far. But within the Lee Vista areas, there are more homes and apartments and less commercial establishments.

3. Simplified Life
Another reality is that the pace of life over the past 50 years has changed tremendously. Hectic life produces exhausted people. Highly-stressed professionals and busy families are looking for ways to simply their lives sans the responsibilities that go along with homeownership. People want to be as close as possible to everything that will provide more convenience and less hassle.

4. Mobility
An increasing number of apartment renters are high-level executives who require multiple residences across the country to manage their business franchises and outlets. Apartment living for them offers an easier and practical dwelling arrangement as they travel around. 

Cedric Loiselle is a passionate writer who takes pleasure in sharing useful information about real estate options to those who need it. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spider Flower or Cleome

My spider flower plant or cleome  is almost done blooming but of course I won't let  the opportunity pass without snapping  a photo of it.  I got so many of this last year but decided to trim down  most of it this year as so many bumble bees are in my yard all the time.  My son got beat by one sometime last year so he is so scared of  bumble bees.
I like its flowers but I don't like the smell.

Health Care

One of the parents  at my daughter's school owns  a medical establishment.  He once talked to us during a get together and they said that they might force to close the business and just concentrate on doing their practice  in the hospital.  They said that the health care bill is  creating a major impact on this business and  they couldn't  keep the business  going because of it.  That is sad to know that there are  business in the medical field that could face to file medical bankruptcy because of the said bill.  But it is the reality that a lot of business owners has to deal with.  

Mums and Hibiscus

I have so many hibiscus around  my house but they are just regular ones.  I always wanted to have one of those huge hibiscus so last weekend we dropped by at Lowe's and Looked for  it.  It was on sale so it was a perfet timing.  The hibiscus was in  a pot with a welcome sign on it.  I transferred it in  the  front  garden because I know it gets tall.   

Then I saw these yellow and orange mums on sale at walmart for   less than a dollar a pot  so I grabbed  two  of them  since all the mums I have  are in burgundy color.

The hibiscus'  bulbs finally opened up and it was big.  I hope that this comes back next year as I really love it.

Paint your Own Religious Masterpiece. It Won't Work

Art is one of the most important things in the world. Celebrated artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh have had their work adored for years. Millions of people across the world have their famous pieces displayed in their homes, on their mobile phones and even placed permanently onto their skin as tattoos. Art is genuinely one of the most respected forms of expression. Therefore it is unsurprising that many people look to enter the world of art for themselves by creating their own pieces of ‘art’.

In 2012, a religious masterpiece in a small town towards the French border of Spain was ‘improved’ by an old lady who wanted to renovate it. The painting was done in the 1930s and is titled Ecce Homo (behold the man) and was considered a local masterpiece with the artist, Elias Garcia Martinez coming from the close by town.

The painting is now known as ‘Beast Jesus’ to the locals and thousands of tourists who arrive. Originally, Cecilia Gimenez, the 81 year old responsible for the upgrade didn’t own up to the changes, as the locals saw it as horrific, however, it soon became a valuable tourist incentive for the town. Not too bad for a picture that the locals deemed as horrific.
Tourists are flocking to the Spanish church where this lovable monstrosity (right) hangs.
Photo was taken from "The Week" website
A new wave of tourism
Since the change made to the painting, the small town of Borja has now seen over 40k visitors, all coming to see what the hell happened, which means that over fifty thousand Euros have been donated to the church’s charity, which then goes on to the elderly.

Make your own bodged religious masterpiece
If you want to make your own home a tourist attraction capable of bringing thousands of people to it in the year, you might want to consider painting your own terrible religious masterpiece, just like the one above. Printing onto canvas is a good option once you have your original image as you’ll be able to sell it to all the churches in your local area, who will no doubt be begging to showcase your shoddy attempt at pious art. There’s literally nothing wrong with this idea at all.

Making sure it lasts
Your painting will be so bad that people will come from all over the world to see it for hundreds of years. For this reason you will need to protect it to prevent wear and tear that will generally mean the canvas only lasts up to 20 years. The two main ways of doing this are either framing the print with a UV protected glass front or getting a laminate spray to coat the front of the canvas.

Painting a picture that is purposefully bad is, without a doubt, a ridiculous idea and should never seriously be tried. At best you can hope that you’re bad and just don’t notice your lack of skill. A great alternative to painting utter rubbish is to try and paint something that is aesthetically pleasing, high quality and, well, nice. That would be crazy.

Art lover David enjoys spending his time writing or discussing art of all types.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Modern Time Travel Novel: Bringing Science Fiction to the Popular Consciousness

From Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to HG Wells’ War of the Worlds – a lot of people’s fancy and fantasy have been captivated by stories of people having the ability to travel through time in search of buried treasures or answers to childhood dreams.

For many of those who were hooked, it’s because of the tickling prospect of revisiting the annals of history that they so want to experience first-hand. For others, it’s the possibility of seeing what lies in the near and distant future that keeps them turning the pages.

From the first novels, science fiction has considerably evolved. Today, the modern time travel novel as we know it benefits a lot from the current and predicted technological and scientific advancements. Combining all these information with the approach of earlier time travel novels, the modern authors are able to create highly complex plots with made-for-cinema presentation.

With this in mind, I’m sharing some of the best time travel novels that have greatly brought science fiction to the popular consciousness of readers around the world:

•    Man in the Empty Suit. The sequel to The Plot to Save Socrates, Paul Levinson’s novel deals about a time traveler’s rather unique passion: visit himself and its versions from different time periods. The biggest twist happened when his 39-year-old self learned of his 40-year-old self’s death, when he in fact had older versions! His quest to find the answer how it could be possible turned out to be a matter of life and death not only for himself but for others as well.

•    The Shining Girls. Lauren Beukes presented and answered a rather interesting question in this exceptional time travel novel: what will happen if a killer has the power to travel through time to commit murders? This chilling prospect is the driving force behind the novel that reeks of evil doings and a near victim’s race to exact justice against a time-travelling serial killer.

•    11/22/63. Based on the Dallas assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy, acclaimed novelist Stephen King tackles the possibility of changing the course of human history. In the novel, his protagonist, a high school English teacher, travels to 1958 in the quest to prevent perhaps one of the most publicized assassinations ever to have hit the United States. Along the way, he found love in the person of a librarian. This interesting mix of romance, intrigue, and murder makes for a gripping read.

•    A Knight in Shining Armor. It is many girls’ dream to ultimately find a knight in shining armor who will love and protect them to death. But what happens if a modern damsel in broken-hearted distress got what he wished for: an authentic 16-century knight clad in a, well, shining armor? This bestselling novel has all the trappings of a romantic time travel novel and is a highly recommended book.

Riddle of the Red Bible: (a riddle in time: 1)Admittedly, this list is like barely scraping the bottom of the barrel since there are still a lot of fine modern novels that deal specifically with time travel. These are just some of the ones that caught my fancy and ultimately helped me publish my very own time travel novel out in bookstores now.

 KT Jae is the author of Riddle of the Red Bible, a novel about a woman’s quest to rediscover a childhood past that had haunted her well into adulthood. This is also the author’s first debut novel delving on time travel.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Of all the roses that I have in my garden, the yellow  roses are my favorite.    Aside from its gorgeous blooms, it also smells so good!

She gives me a lot of blooms every years which is great because I get to enjoy  the flowers indoors in our flower vase.

Tierney Gearon's Family as Art

From Atlanta originally, Tierney Gearon was an aspiring ballerina in far away Utah when she was approached by someone from a European modeling agency. They liked her look. They asked her to drop ballet and to become a model. Gearon agreed. Gearon embarked on a successful career as a rising model.

TIERNEY GEARON - Untitled, From the Shapes Series, 2012Something unexpected happened along the way, however. As Gearon posed for photographs, she slowly became interested in the process of taking and developing the photographs themselves. She began experimenting with her own camera, taking shots of fellow models. When she showed some of her photographs to someone she knew in the industry, Gearon was surprised to receive high marks on her technique. Thus encouraged, a young Gearon changed careers again and moved behind the camera.
For another five years, Gearon's budding career as a fashion photographer moved from success to success. Her images appeared in national publications and were used on billboard campaigns. It was perhaps no surprise to those who knew her that another career move was in the offing. Gearon's considerable talent was expanding past the horizons of fashion and into fine art photography.
Coinciding with her artistic transformation was another sort of change. Tierney Gearon became a mother. It was her family life that served as inspiration for her artistic evolution outside of fashion and into art photography. Gearon's first major show was called "I am a Camera". Many of the images she presented were of her family and children. Two in particular would vault Gearon into international notoriety.
TIERNEY GEARON - Untitled (Plate 28), From the Shapes Series, 2012
One image was of her young nude son urinating. The other was of both son and daughter playing at the beach in the nude. The images were innocent, sweet, and far from exploitative. Much to Gearon's surprise, the images sparked a massive controversy. Police visited the Saatchi Gallery where her show was hosted. There were whispers that the images would soon be confiscated. A furore erupted in the national media.

When the public saw the images, it came down firmly on the side of Gearon. The images were harmless and sentimental. They were not sexual or damaging. The images remained at the Saatchi and for a time, Gearon became a household name. The public enjoyed the maternal affection that showed through in many of Gearon's photographs. The images also have a simplicity and colorfulness that resonated with people. The publicity because of the controversy, initially bad, transformed into good publicity that boosted Gearon's career.
TIERNEY GEARON - Frame 18, from the Explosure Series, 2008
Gearon went on to be featured in two exhibitions that received publicity as a consequence of her earlier participation in the controversy. In 2006, Gearon presented a show called "The Mother Project" that was a critical success as well as a hit with the public. In 2008, Gearon opened a show called "Explosure" that was similarly successful. Her work has also been shown in a number of museums and galleries including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the Parrish Art Museum, and the Gagosian. Gearon did work for The New York Times Magazine that was presented as "Hollywood Heroines".

Photos are taken by the Gearon

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

While DIY is great, it’s like desert, to be enjoyed in small doses. If you go too far, you’ll most certainly regret it. Here are few examples for projects never to do by yourself.

DIY or do-it-yourself projects are all the rage in popular culture today. Everyone from Martha Stewart to the average next door neighbor is advocating DIY projects to improve homes on the cheap, and it’s true as well, in a lot of situations, DIY solutions are quite handy, especially when the problem is small and relatively easy to fix.

With the advent of YouTube however, and the sheer volume of videos available online providing step-by-step instructions for pretty much every home improvement project conceivable, some DIY enthusiasts have taken on a project that’s too ambitious, and suffered both physically and financially as a result of this.

While the benefits of DIY projects are obvious, especially in terms of monetary savings, there is a reason why certain aspects of home improvement have been left to dedicated professionals before video hosting websites came along.

Once your untrained hands have wrought damage to your home, the outlay to fix this damage may end up being a lot more exorbitant than hiring a professional would have been to begin with, and that isn’t even considering the possibility of injury and physical harm to you and even possibly everyone else in the house. Therefore caution is the watchword when attempting DIY home improvements, and if you’re not sure you have the skills required to handle the project you’re contemplating on attempting, you’d rather bite the bullet and call the men and women who are professionally trained to execute such tasks rather than taking on the risk of “improving” your home yourself.

There are certain aspects of DIY home improvements in particular that should definitely be steered clear from, as the risk is dangerously high and you’re likely to lose more than just money if things go wrong.

5 DIY home improvement projects that shouldn't ever be attempted
  • Restructuring or demolition. I know the logic behind this one; why pay someone to come and breakdown your wall when all it takes is a hammer and a strong swinging arm? Especially considering that the prospect of taking a hammer to the wall brings out the ten year old in every red blooded American? The reason you don’t bring down the walls in your home yourself is because you might accidentally bring down a weight bearing wall, which could potentially trigger a partial or completely collapse of your home. Also, many a times, walls have plumbing, electric wiring systems and gas pipes concealed within them, and damaging any of the above can be exceedingly dangerous and costly to repair.
  • Falling trees. While it seems easy really, take a power saw to the base of the tree and presto! It’s done. It isn’t that straightforward however. Complicated calculations have to be executed in terms of where the tree will fall, at what angle etc. and if you get this wrong, the next thing you know, your living room will have a massive tree trunk as a centerpiece with broken cement from the roof as additional decoration. Even if you do manage to get the numbers correct, getting rid of the tree once it is felled is more trouble than its worth. So just take the easy wait out, and call a professional tree feller. 
  • Roof work. If your roof has taken extensive damage through a storm, tornado or the like, it’s understandable to want to repair it immediately so that you prevent further damage to the exposed parts. Even if your roof just needs some work because time has taken a toll on its condition, people tend to think that roof work is easy, and to a certain degree, it is easier than a few other avenues of house related projects, but that doesn't mean you should go about attempting it yourself. The simple reason for this is that roofs are high. I know that’s stating the obvious, but it’s true nonetheless, roofs are really high up, and the higher you are, the more painful the fall. Most average Americans aren't prepared either physically or in terms of equipment, to make sure they can carry out a full blown roof repair safely and correctly. Especially if the roof needs to be changed completely, it is much better to call a professional, as new roof technology means the professionals can use the latest in ventilation and insulation friendly material so that you get the most out of your roof.
Roof Installation
  • Electric and gas work. I know what you’re thinking, kind of obvious isn’t it? Sadly though, a lot of people seem to attempt major electric and gas work despite the potential hazards. While switching out a bulb or changing a fuse is common practice, anything that requires major rewiring or adjustments to the wiring system should be left well alone until a qualified electrician is called. Electricity, if left unchecked can wreak havoc on your appliances, and if not grounded properly can be extremely dangerous to you and your family. The same goes for gas related projects, due to its highly flammable nature, even a small leak can lead to disaster, so leave it to the professionals.
  • Plumbing. While water damage may not be as direct or instantaneous as electricity or gas, it is still quite potent and works slowly, meaning you might not realize that a huge problem exists until it’s very late. Leaks and cracks in plumbing can and will lead to mold, mosquitoes, etc. So while it isn't life threatening per se, leave it to qualified, experienced plumbers to fix whatever problems you may have, and modifications that you may need, as plumbing is really, really expensive work, and if you create a bigger problem, then the financial burden will be that much more significant.

While DIY is great, it’s like desert, to be enjoyed in small doses. If you go too far, you’ll most certainly regret it. You don’t need to call the pros for every small job, no one’s suggesting that, but if you have to make medium or large scale changes or modifications – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

About the author: Michael has a natural flair for interior and exterior home decor. He believes home improvements should not only be aesthetic but sensible and energy-efficient as well.  Michael is a freelance writer who has had 12 years of experience as an interior designer. He currently writes for Champion Window Denver   and other home improvement companies.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are You Planning to Produce Your Own Wine?

Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Wine is a vital feature in celebrations, ceremonies, events and even rituals. Wine can be taken whether in a formal or an informal setting. This beverage is made in wineries around the world, which in turn distribute their products worldwide. The question is what if you want to make your own wine from home? This article looks at the various supplies you need to make wine as a hobby.
Wine Bottles

These are the most essential wine making supplies that you need to have. The wine you produce needs to be stored somewhere. The solution comes in form of bottles that come in red, blue, clear and green colors. The wine bottles normally hold 750 mm of this beverage. You can choose a specific design if you are aiming at displaying the wine.

Fermentation Jar

After you have prepared the wine mixture, you need a container to ferment the mixture. The container can be made from plastic, metal or glass. The jar you acquire needs to be sealable so that they can be effective. The seal you use needs to have some holes that allow fermentation gases to escape. If the gases cannot escape, pressure can build up, which can cause the jar to explode.


Before you store your wine, you need to label the bottles. Some of the information you need to include on the label is the type of wine, the date you made it, the ingredients and more. The good thing is that the labels are pre-gummed so that all you need to do is to stick them on the bottles.


Corks help seal the bottles to keep the integrity of the wine. The corks completely keep the carbon dioxide in the bottle till you are ready to serve it. Choose the size of the cork according to the size of the bottles you are using.

Sealing Wax

This is used to make the seal that you have created with the cork to be airtight. This prevents oxygen from getting into the wine bottle. When you use sealing wax, you can store the wine in any position without fearing that it will pour out. The best thing is that you do not have to use a lot of wax on the bottle; you only need to dip the tip of the bottle in the wax.


This is a device that gives you the ability to determine the amount of sugar in the wine mix before and after the fermentation process. The amount of sugar determines the level of alcohol in the wine. There are different types of hydrometers that you can use when making your wine. Go online and research on the various types before you make a decision on what to pick.

Wine making is a very interesting activity. Before you can enjoy this as a hobby, you need the necessary supplies so that you can produce high quality wine. If you do not know what you need, talk to an experienced person or go online and do some research.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wines, Vodka, etc.

Hubby and I don't really drink but we have some wines and other types of drink given by friends and colleagues.

  • The Girard's are not wines, they are salad dressing.  I won it at a giveaway from UK.  
  • The coffee in can were expired already but I don't want to threw them as it reminds me of  Korea.  
  • Ms. Burrito made the place mat when she was in Kindergarten.
  • The garlic  container was given to me a Filipina we met  from Ohio.
  • The ice wine was given to me by a Korean friend.
A Photo a Day # 8
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** Originally posted on January 8, 2012 **

Some Important Things To Think About Regarding The Roof On Your House

 Roofing Contractor in Gainesville, GA

Employing a great contractor can be as hard as purchasing a home. Use the guidance generally. By using good instruments and supplies, it is possible to make sure you're properly caring for the roof.

Scrutinize your roof yearly. 
Summer and Fall months often damage is common.

Never ignore security when working on your own roof. You could be severely injured by trying to repair a flow in a thunderstorm. Place a bucket where it is leaking and then observe the roofing to ascertain whether or not you are able to repair the problem.

Whenever you're looking into employing a roofing contractor, request your family, friends and coworkers for recommendations. Inquire about the cleanup job which was completed after-work was finished and when warranties for future repairs.

You don't need to walk on your own roof to inspect for damage. If you should be having difficulty with your roof, hire an expert to complete an inspection. You really do not need to possess the roof unsuspecting as it caves in beneath the feet.

Age your own roof is an excellent indicator concerning whether it should change it or not believe it. Most roofs just last about every twenty years. If your present roof was put over an old one, you actually don't have any choice once 20 years has passed however, to change it.

Test roofing materials totally before setup.
A living roof is composed of enough land which can be utilized to put a garden or maybe to grow veggies.

Get references from just about any roofing firm you have been contemplating hiring. A business that performs well and it is reliable should not have any trouble giving you references. In the event the roofer is hesitant, it really is probably best to merely proceed. It is a signal the contractor isn't a real professional.

Focus on the facts when you hire roofing contractor. Somebody that arrives in time for a meeting or calls forward when they say they will is likely fairly dependable. You need your own roofing contractor.

Architectural shingles might be great substitute roofing material. They may be wonderful looking and also last more.

It is critical that damaged shingles whenever possible. Go over your roof, however do this safely.

If you need to provide your roof a one-of-a-kind appearance, for example by installing a steel roof or getting some turrets, you've got to speak together with the roofer to determine whether they have experience with those ideas. In the event the response is little to none, then you want an alternative contractor. You are not going to need to get to take chances like this with regards to your own roof.

It could be hazardous to climb on the roofing. Roofs are not created for people to walk on. Make certain your sneakers with rubber soles to be able to avoid slipping. It's also wise to attempt to strap on the harness.

The roofing is the last and greatest wellspring of protection against any and all outside factors. It protects you, however it will get damaged on the way. It requires repairs to keep on doing its job nicely. The next post will allow you to make sensible roofing repairs. 

Our roofing company has the experience and knowledge that is necessary for the proper installation and repair of roofs for homes or businesses in Gainesville, Georgia. Perhaps your roof is giving you grief from leaks or the elements, such as wind, hail and storm. If so, now is the time to call (678) 369-6698 to speak to a roofing contractor.

Thank God for You!

The gushing wind last night was so strong that I thought it's going to rip off  the roof of the house.  Then it has been snowing on and off today.  The photo below was taken a couple of weeks  ago.
A Photo a Day # 18
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** Originally Posted on January 18, 2012 **

7 Uses for Vinegar in the Household

Vinegar is common in most household kitchen across the UK and the world. It is perfect for your salad and fish and chips. However did you know it is a product that has multiple uses?  The following list has been created by Butlers. They have searched the web to bring you 5 ways vinegar can be used throughout the home. 
  1. Peel off Wallpaper
Image via The Old House

Make stripping the wallpaper more easy. You can use a sponge or a spray bottle and mix the vinegar with water.  Apply to the wall and leave for several minutes then start scraping the walls!

2. Killing off the Weeds
Image via Versatile Vinegar

Spray the full strength white distilled vinegar on top of the weeds. Repeat on any new weeds until the plants have starved.

3. Clean Paint Brushes 
If you haven’t painted for a while and the next time you come to the painting job you realize you had forgotten to clean the brushes. Now there is no need to panic! You can head to the kitchen to grab the vinegar. Add the paint brushes in a pan of vinegar and soak for an hour or so. After this you need to bring the vineger to boil and simmer for a few minutes, cool then remove the brushes and gently comb the brush with your fingers to remove the attached paint. 

4.  Cleaning the Showerhead
Image via SFGate

Taking a shower with a clogged up showerhead can be a very frustrating experience. Not to worry there is no need to call out the plumber. All you need to do is remove the showerhead and submerge in about 1 pint of distilled vinegar and let it soak for around 2 to 3 hours. After which you need to scrub with an old toothbrush focusing on the clogged holes. After this has been removed ensure you rinse the showerhead thoroughly with cold water before reattaching.

5. Clean off wax or polish build up 
Image via ThriftyFun

Now you can help restore the wood furniture in your home. With use of vinegar and water it will help remove wax and polish build up by wiping the grain of the wood. You can also use this cleaning method on leather furniture by using more water and less vinegar.

6. Whitening Grout 
Image via eHow

For those stubborn stains on those tiles in the bathroom. You can get rid of them by using vinegar and a toothbrush. You need to add a small amount of vinegar to the toothbrush although be sure to test the surface first, as the vinegar may harm marble or natural stones surfaces.

7. Remove Rust from your Tools
Image via DIY Life

Soak your rusty tools in vinegar for a few days. After a couple of days rinse the tools with water and watch rust disappear.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on using vinegar around the household. Maybe you knew them already? Let us know in the comments for other uses for vinegar you have found useful around the home.

The author is a full time writer who is interested and experienced in writing about home improvements. He has written thousands of articles providing advice on how to make the most out of properties. You can find her work published on hundreds of websites which includes blog posts and articles.

Precious Gift

"I wonder what I would like  when I wear a gift ribbon in my hair, Mom?"... she asked.
"Well, you look like a precious gift Ms. Burrito!".. I replied.
A Photo a Day # 20
-My challenge to update this blog daily-

***Originally posted on Jan 20, 2012 **

Exploring the Beach and Ocean

I posted some photos of our getaway in the Ohio side  during  my daughter's  8th birthday.  We had so much fun even though the time was not enough to really enjoy the beach.  We spent like a couple of hours in the museum  as part of our educational tour for the kids during summer and  we headed to the beach afterwards.  I tell you, the kids love the road trip so much!

My husband said that we should do it again next year but  plan to  stay a night or two in the  beach area just so we could enjoy it more.    
I grew up in one of the coastal area in the Philippines and I love going to the ocean almost everyday.  It is something that I want  my kids to enjoy but unfortunately, we live in a place where it is  far from the ocean so we want to exert more effort in   exploring some places that has beaches like Ohio and Pennsylvania since Maryland and Florida is a bit far from us.
Taken in  Corpus Cristi, Texas
 I hope that we can do more  fun  exploration  in the water side next year when the kids  school is done for the school year.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Gladiola and Critters

I have a lot of gladiola last year but we have a mole in our garden  which I think ate  most of the bulbs.  Only one  survived and  it is now blooming.  I am also suspecting the mole to have eaten the  tulip bulbs that I planted last Fall as it did not  grow this year.  Hubby said that I should  get rid of the mole but I feel bad  killing them as they are so cute.

I love gardening, it's the most therapeutic hobby I have aside from photography.  I love smelling the  fresh air in my garden every morning.  I am glad that we have fence around our  property because I talk to my plants often which I think the  neighbor would think "nutsy" if they hear or see me talk alone lol.

Aside from the  beautiful  blooms, I also get to enjoy different critters that  visits our yard.

Well, that's it for now, I hope you enjoy my clicks.  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me your thoughts.

Use Garden Obelisks to Create an Atmosphere of Elegance

The ever popular Mega Garden Store is the home for the outdoor lover. Here you become the tamer of the jungle and ruler of the landscape and all that grows, this is your domain. You can visit the stores website here at, the Mega Garden Store, where you can also view three models of their beautiful, ready to erect Obelisks.

Each unit is constructed of solid steel bars, not tubes; they are designed to withstand the rigors of many years of wear and tear outside, exposed to the elements without failing. Nearly all of the garden accessories, offered by the Mega Garden Store, are made of steel which is coated in a black polyester paint after crafting.

The paint offers a rust resistant cloak for the steel contained within. The color black has been effectively used so the item’s color does not detract from the beauty of the flowers and plants in the garden. All the parts necessary for assembly are included in the package prior to shipping. The Obelisks come in three sizes to suit your specific requirements.

They range in height from six feet in height to the tallest one standing at a towering eight feet tall. Obelisks are ideal for training tall plants during growth, so that they can be grown in an orderly manner; sometimes they are used to give the viewer a perception of height against, a back-drop of, an otherwise relatively flat landscape.

Some creative gardeners have centered the Obelisk in a larger container, thereby adding more height to the arrangement and again increasing the focal-point of the viewer. The Mega Garden Store has a well designed website detailing Obelisks and many other garden products. Here they have been conveniently cataloged. A complete listing of their wide range of items, along with the weights and measurements of each item, making it easy for you to find whatever your outdoor needs may be.

You will find other features like garden ornaments, plant supports, arches and obelisks, tunnels, greenhouses, netting, mesh, sprays, fertilizers, raised bed kits, and many other items. A more diverse range you are unlikely to find. The Mega Garden Store is located at, Unit 1, Arrowe Commercial Park, Arrowe Brook Road, Upton, Wirral Merseyside, CH49 1AB.

The Mega Garden Store offers an online Support Centre which explains how to order and arrange shipping online. Payment methods and warranties are also set out there, visit this address for any information or support that you may need.

Written by Chris Broadchurch for Mega Garden Store

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hosta Blossoms

I love hosta, they are beautiful  to use as boarders in your garden.  They are pretty hardy.  These herbaceous perennial plants are very easy to grow and   requires very low maintenance.  

I have two kinds of hostas in my garden but dunno exactly what  kinds are they.  I am just certain for one thing, they are beautiful and bumble bees loves them!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to Choose the Perfect Modern Garden Room for Your Budget

A garden room makes a beautiful addition to any home, creating a haven to escape from the stresses of modern life, regardless of the weather outside. But with such a range of building design options available to you it can be difficult to know where to start looking and planning. Should you choose a conservatory, if so are you ideally located for a lean-to or standard build? Alternatively do you have the room and budget for an orangery or an atrium?

As with the majority of home design considerations, budget is likely to play a major role in the type of garden room available to you. However, that certainly doesn't mean there should be any compromise on quality or the range of available options available to you for a stunning garden room - achievable with any budget. Differences in overall cost come down to simple factors such as the style of roof you desire, specialized glazing and structural materials used.

Simple, understated structures are perfect for those with a modest budget. A lean-to conservatory for example, provides a beautiful addition to the home without breaking the bank. It's straight forward, all-glass structure makes construction less complicated than others, therefore bringing labor and material costs down. But that doesn't mean they compromise on anything else; a lean-to offers all the benefits of a garden room and makes an ideal greenhouse too.

It's also great for those with limited space or those who don't wish to extend their home too far. If you are looking for something with a little more impact, a reverse lean-to conservatory has all the same benefits, but with the roof angled upwards from the house, providing much more visual impact.
A bespoke conservatory on the other hand offers great flexibility for mid-range budgets. Going bespoke will give you the opportunity to tailor your conservatory exactly to your needs and living space. 

Perhaps you would like a wraparound garden room to ensure you use up the least possible garden area, or maybe a conservatory which is big enough to hold large dinner parties. There are a wide range of options available to you and you'll find that swapping materials and technical additions will alter the price significantly. So it's worthwhile doing some research to ensure you get the most for your budget.
If money is no object, or you have large amounts to play with, the options really are endless. An orangery or atrium are two luxurious options which can be tailored to your needs. An orangery, for example, was once seen as a statement of wealth and added to large stately homes, as a greenhouse-cum-conservatory, played a key part in the overall elegance of the property. If you're looking for something extra special or totally different, a bespoke glass extension provides a whole host of options, whether you want to extend existing rooms, create extra rooms or even replace existing walls with glass to completely change the dynamics of your home.

It is worthwhile remembering that garden room conservatories have many functions, they don't necessarily have to be just a space to relax and enjoy your garden. Many people now treat them as they would a home extension, expanding the space of an existing room or creating a much needed extra room for work, play or socialist.

Before you set the wheels in motion, be sure to do some research and look at the abundance of garden room extension ideas available today. Not only will they give you a good idea about what's out there, they might give you a bolt of inspiration too!

My name is Steven Wishaw and I have been very interested in conservatories and the different ways of extending the home for many years.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Under the Japanese Maple Tree

Summer time went by so fast.  One of the many highlights of my kids  summer is  having  our neighbor's granddaughter over.  They had a vacation here from Wyoming  and the  Burritos just love   Darling Izzy  here.  

One day, they decided to camp under the  Japanese Maple Tree.

They laid tarp and blankets in there and planned to sleep  there for the night.  I was worried about it because  there are mosquito and  both of my kids were  allergic to mosquito bites.
I am so glad that they changed their minds  and decided to sleep inside our homes lol.
Izzy is now back to Wyoming and my Burritos just miss her so much.

They did fun things  while Izzy was here including baking puto, camping in our backyard, and they played almost everyday.

We miss you Izzy!

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