Saturday, September 16, 2017

Organic Veggie Garden

With all the projects that we did  this summer at our new home and with the effort to get it done before the weather gets cold again, I started my veggie garden very late.  All off my tomatoes are still green and I have only picked  a couple of ripe ones.  I am not sure if  it's going to  get ripen before the cold weather settles in but I am hopeful.  I had to start  and cultivate a new  vegetable garden  so I am not sure which part of the yard has a healthy soil so I am  kind of experimenting this year.
The pear-shaped  tomatoes that I planted  is doing great and has given has a lot of fruits already.
This is my first time  trying to grow  kiwi fruits.  Kiwi takes  few years before they bear fruit so we will see how it grows.   It has since grew  bigger and thicker.  I made some  bamboo trellis for them to crawl on.  
All the plants I planted at this side of the porch are doing well so I am guessing that the ground is fertile but  it might have been because I  mixed the compost that we had been making ever since we   moved into this home.  
The kohlrabi grew so well and the  peppers have so many fruits in them.  I just hope that they will mature in time  before  we get  frost.  
Even the simplest design of trellis at the store is a bit expensive so I just gather materials in the garage and   from the bamboos outside and made  my own.  It might not be as pretty as the store bought but   as soon as the plants crawl on it, it doesn't really matter. 
I wanted to hide the graffiti on the wall by planting a clematis and   morning glories.  Again, gathering some scrap wood from our  garage to use as a border for the side of the house vegetable garden.  I planted  some cucumbers, tomatoes, and asparagus on this side.  I picked some cucumbers already but they didn't do so well.  Probably because  the sunrise light doesn't get to this part of the yard and only the afternoon sunlight get to it.  Did you know that too much heat or lack of water can cause the cucumber fruit to   be bitter?
Although I am the only one that  eats bitter melon at our home, I still planted some because I have friends that likes it.  I also cook it whenever I am missing home,  it reminds me of my Dad's dishes.
For some reason, I don't have any luck with cabbage.  I always  attempt to  plant some but they never grew as I expect them to.  So this might be the last attempt I am making lol.
I have sweet potatoes in the pot so I transferred them in the ground so it can grow well and  it does.  A colleague love  it  so she buys them to me and makes it makes it into juice.
I planted some habanero but did not do good.  I will try again next year, maybe the  soil will be a little healthier and they would  grow well but we will see.  All I can do is try and try.
I have one  eggplant that I planted at the other side of the house but due to lack of sunlight, it wasn't growing well so I  transferred it to the other side and it is now blooming.
I also  planted some asparagus.  Just like kiwi, asparagus also takes  a few years  before  you can start harvesting so I am looking forward to seeing them grow.  Hopefully we can enjoy  it in the years to come.  My family  loves asparagus so it would be awesome if we can eat what we grow.  
As of today, the tomatoes are still green but everything grew thicker.  There would be no canning for me this year but hopefully, I can  plant my veggies   a little early next year so  it can bloom in time.
Hopefully this post will inspire you to start your own garden.  It is easily to buy  produce from the store but it is better to harvest and your own homegrown veggies.   You are certain of what you are giving to your family.  I love growing our own veggies because it is healthier as I don't use any pesticide or any chemicals  to it.  Even our compost is natural so it is all good.  I admit, gardening takes time  and a lot of patience but in the end it pays off when you are harvesting what you planted.  

Friday, September 15, 2017

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Paint Sprayer for Your Next Project

Paint is one of the most practical ways to change the look of your rooms or the exterior of your home. While you could go the traditional route and use several different brushes and rollers, why not consider the idea of using a paint sprayer? Here are four of the best reasons for choosing this type of equipment for your upcoming project.
Easier to Achieve Even Coats

Do you find that it’s necessary to go back over some areas when you use a brush or roller? The paint layers seem to be thicker in some spots and thinner in others. It can take quite a bit of time to go back over those areas and even out the coat.
With high-quality electric or gas sprayers, you will find that the process of achieving an even coat the first time is much easier. Once you finish an interior or exterior wall, the ability to step back, take a look, and be happy with the coating will make it easier to move on to the next phase of your project.

Minimizing Waste

It’s not difficult to waste quite a bit of paint when you use rollers and brushes. Between drips and the amount that’s left in trays and buckets, the expense will drive up the cost of the paint job. Wouldn’t it be great to make better use of the paint?  If you choose to utilize one of the graco sprayers available today, there will be less waste. That means you will have more paint left over to store and use for minor touch-ups in the years ahead.

Less Difficulty Painting Different Materials

There are several paint sprayer designs that make it easy to adjust the settings and paint different types of materials. That will come in handy for future projects when you may want to paint some sort of masonry as well as change the color of the sheet rock used in one or more of your rooms. Knowing you can accomplish more with the same piece of equipment is certainly a plus.

Get More Done in Less Time

Many people are surprised at how much time is saved by using a high-quality sprayer. It’s not just about being able to achieve an even coating the first time. You literally cover more square footage in a fraction of the time it would take to do the same amount of work with a roller. When the plan is to complete the project sooner rather than later, there is no doubt that a gas or electric sprayer is the way to go.

Before you start work on your next painting project, take the time to learn more about how sprayers work, what you can do with them, and why so many homeowners would not think of painting anything without having one on hand. You will soon see the advantages and want to find the right sprayer to use for your upcoming project.

Top 4 Qualities You Want in a Moving Service

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Whether you are moving to a new home or relocating your business, the best move is to hire a service that knows how to handle the project properly. Even if you think that you and a few people could rent a truck or two and do just fine, you will come out ahead by hiring professional movers. As you begin the search for the right moving company, keep these four qualities in mind.

Properly Bonded and Certified

One of the important benefits that professionals move have over attempting the manage the job yourself is the protections they provide. When a professional assumes the task of handling your office move, they ensure there is enough insurance coverage and that every person working on the project is bonded. In the event there is some type of loss or damage, there will be resources on hand to ensure you are fairly compensated. Rest assured that Regina residential movers who are serious about earning your business will be happy to go over the protections they offer to each of their clients.

Up to Date Training

There’s a lot more to working as a mover than knowing how to load and unload boxes. Like many other services, technology has changed the way some tasks are managed. Whether you are moving from one home to a new one or relocating your business, dealing with a moving service that is up to date on the latest training and technology is important. Many of those newer methods and equipment increase the odds that every phase of the move will be more efficient and the move will be completed in a more timely manner.

Help Before the Move

You also want to deal with residential or commercial movers who can provide support before moving day. Focus your search on movers who provide professional packing services. This allows you to spend more time on other tasks associated with the move while professionals make sure your belongings are properly packed and labeled for the trip to the new place. Imagine how much easier it will be to arrange the changeover in utilities, set up mail forwarding, and in general take care of all the little details that go into successfully completing a relocation. 

Service Guarantees

The right moving company provides guarantees related to the services offered. In other words, if they make promises and fail to keep them, they will honor the terms of any guarantees issued at the time you engaged their help. Should something not happened that you were assured would take place, rest assured that a company built on integrity will make things right. 

When you choose a moving company, do so with care. Ask plenty of questions and always remember to ask for references. With a little time and effort, you can find a company that offers the support you need at a price that fits into your budget.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Landscaping Edger Using Natural Wood

When we first moved in into our new home, I couldn't plant any flower or veggies in our backyard because we did not have a fence.  This year, we finally installed  a fence around our backyard  but it took us a little while before we finished.  That's one disadvantage when you are doing a home improvement project by yourself, you tend to work at the pace  that you want.  With us, it wasn't a matter of how urgent we want it done, it just the fact that we can only do it  when we have  time since my husband works a full time job and I can only do  the parts where I don't need his strength and expertise.  I did all the landscaping with  my husband's help  getting the supplies for me.
A former neighbor  told me before (bless his soul) that he doesn't like  fences because it  divides people.  In a way he was right  but let's face it, half of your neighbors doesn't really care anyway.  Half of them doesn't really know you or even care to get to know you.  That is one big adjustment for me when I moved here in the US because from where I came from, everybody knows everybody in the neighborhood.  It can be a nuisance but I like it that way.  However, I love privacy in my backyard so I always  love having a fence around it.
  Part of the reason I wanted our backyard fenced in is because I love gardening and it is hard to maintain a good garden when you have a lot of deer and  wild rabbits running in and out of your yard trying to eat your plants.  Anyway, I chose to use this half log edger for  borders.  I thought it would match our fence.  The stain  did not really match the color of our fence but it's okay.

The plants I planted along the fence includes the  boxwood (photo on top) and First Love Speedwell (bottom pic).  The boxwood  grows bigger but you can always trim it the way you want.
I also planted a lavender but one of my dogs  peed on it and I did not catch it and was not able to rinse it off so it died eventually.
I used to have a lot of dianthus at our  old home  so I want to have it in my garden  again.
Hostas are great border plants so I started  some of them along the fence as well.
Another kind of boxwood with  white trim on the edges of its leaves.
This is also  part of the boxwood family.  I thought it's pretty so I lined them up along the  green, and the one one on top.
This pardon Me Lily  is beautiful when it blooms.  I can't wait for it to grow thicker.
This  kaleidoscope plant is perfectly growing at the corner of our  garage.  It's a  very good compliment to the color of our potted lemon tree.  Does anyone know how long in takes for  a lemon tree to  bear fruit?  I have this for few years now but still not bearing fruit.
I initially planted these mini roses at the side of our driveway but they were not doing so well so I transplanted them in the backyard.  They seem to like the ground there and now they are in full bloom.  
All of these  mini roses were given to me by my kids and hubby for special occasion.  I like them more than  bouquets.

Those  half log edger that we bought is costly.  They were only few inches long and  it cost $4.98 a piece and we needed like 30 of them just enough to cover along the fence.

Although a little costly, I do recommend this kind of edger though because you can decorate, contain, and define with these. It's flexible design allows the edging to be installed in a curved or straight line. Each section of edging comes with stakes which makes the installation easier.
Remember that  crab apple tree we cut down at our front yard?  I asked my husband to cut it  into pieces so I can use them as edger  at the side of our back porch.  I thought they look beautiful.  I actually liked them more than the half log edger that we bought because of the  ring design inside the log.   
I used the bottom part of the log  for a walkway to our little grotto in the backyard.  We used to have this Virgin Mary statue at the front  yard but I decided to bring them at our backyard.  
At first I thought the bigger log cuttings are enough but  when we  mowed the grass, I found out that it was hard  cutting the grass around it.
So that led to another project.  I added smaller log cuttings  and  bought some   rocks to cover the  entire walkway.  My husband bought me a couple of garden log edger to  contain the rocks from spreading in the yard.  
Looking at our backyard now, I am pleased of the  work we have done.  The front  yard is the one that people see  but I love  making our backyard look decent because that is where we always hang out  during the summer time.  I am excited for next year  when all the plants are fully grown.

Why Buying a Mercedes Used Car is an Excellent Investment Decision?

While talking about luxury cars, Mercedes among other big players in the market like Audi, Ferrari, and BMW would invariably make it to the list. The German-based car company is noted as one of the most leading and reputed car makers of the world in the luxury car making segment. Every model produced by the company is known to be a work of an artist equipped with the finest technology.
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If you are looking to buy a second-hand luxury car, you need not have to look beyond a Mercedes vehicle as it would give you the best deal you can get. One of the primary reasons why these cars are so loved and valued in the market is because they don't lose its value as fast as some of the other cars in the market. If you are not able to choose the best-used cars, the following reasons will convince you that buying a Mercedes Hindhead is the best investment decision.

High Market Value
No matter where you go around the world, the market value of Mercedes cars are high, and more importantly, you can expect the value to remain high even if you are buying a used car. Several people who buy old Mercedes cars tend to convert it into a classic car, which means that your vehicle will always score high because of its vintage factor.

Status Quo
Mercedes since a long time has been equated with the prestige and owning a Mercedes car model resonates the status symbol as being an elitist. Mercedes owners get certain glamour and fame which is not seen that frequently. Other than business tycoons, it is a car driven by the celebrities. In a nut shell, if you own one of these cars, it automatically puts you among the fortunate and wealthy group of individuals.

Unmatched Comfort
One of the highlights of a luxury car that separates it from the cluster is that it provides the riders with an unmatched comfort. With Mercedes vehicles, you can rest assured to get maximum comfort while driving and even while you are a sitting in the backseat.

Safety and High Durability
This is probably two of the most important features that any buyer would look for while buying a luxury car and Mercedes guarantees both. The car is made from the most reliable materials to withstand heavy impact. Not to mention, every part in the car gets rigorously tested for efficiency and durability. To ensure the safety of the people driving the car, Mercedes takes utmost care of the safety units fitted in their vehicles and safety standards are constantly updated with the latest technology.

Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

It can be challenging to come up with thoughtful gift ideas. If the person is an art lover, there are a few fantastic present ideas that they would highly appreciate receiving. Art gifts can inspire, encourage them to practice what they love doing more often and even help them to get better at their art form.

Buying presents for loved ones can always be challenging. You will want to get them something special and personal, but often it can be hard to find the perfect gift. Presents like DVDs, cash or books are usually well received, but they are not as suitable as a gift that is more thoughtful. This is why it is best to think of the person’s interests and then buy them a gift related to this.

If they have a passion for arts and crafts, then there are many excellent gifts to consider. Here are just a few that any art lover would love to receive:

Sketch Books

A high-quality sketch book is a superb gift that the recipient will be able to fill with their artwork. It will enable them to make many different sketches, and they are sure to become very attached to it because of this. They may take the sketchbook with them everywhere, and they will always think of you while they are drawing. You can buy sketchbook online of the highest quality, so be sure to look out for one which is great value from a reputable supplier.
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Many people see themselves as artistic but never get to experience working on an easel. This can make both painting and drawing much easier and particularly for portraits or landscapes. There are many different types and sizes of the easel to consider, all of which can help people become great artists or painters.

Art Set

When in doubt, an art set will always be well appreciated. An art set is also a great present for somebody just getting started with art as it provides everything that they need. These sets typically contain sketch books and pencils, watercolour paints and paintbrushes or acrylic paint and a canvas. There are also art sets for both kids and adults available.

Art Books

There is no greater way to inspire an artist than an art book containing the best work in their chosen field. They are sure to find the book fascinating and a great source of inspiration. It could even help them to refine their technique and become a better artist.

Art Classes

If the person is passionate about art and wants to improve, a fantastic present would be art lessons. This could help them to reach the next level and meet like-minded people. It could even be an activity that the two of you do together.

Any art lover would greatly appreciate any of the above presents. They can all help to inspire, allow the person to do what they love best and even take their abilities to the next level. It shows that great thought and care has gone into the gift.

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