Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beautiful Homes

Now that the  weather is getting colder each day,  a lot of Phamarcy  would be  very busy for the cold season.  I am so glad that my son got over with his cold already, I was getting worried because I don't want them to get sick just like last year.  I know that we should have get the flu vaccine but it doesn't  guarantee that you won't get the flu anyway so we did not pursue it.  My kids  were like me who doesn't like needles. 

On the lighter note, me and hubby were looking at these beautiful properties  in New Home Builders over in New Zealand and my oh my, the price is staggering $800k+ for each.  I know that they look beautiful but the prices are  enormous.  I mean for that amount it would be like a mansion here  in our area but I guess  real estate  prices over there is  based on their economy.  I must admit though that every time I looked at pictures of New Zealand, it is like a magnet.  There is a voice telling me to move down there hahaha.

I  was reading an article about  steel fabrication a while ago while I was waiting for my husband to come home and it made me very sleepy.  Once in a while, I challenged myself to read something that I am not interested just to see if my mind can absorb some information about the subject.  Unfortunately, once  the subject get so complicated, I just  say "This is not  for me" and  the challenge has failed haha.  Oh well, I am not the type with multiple skills who can absorb different stuff.  I did however learn something about steel when I was reading the  information at the website.  It reminds me of the stories that my father-in-law told me    about his  former work in the  steel mill before  in this area.  It's a bummer that  the  steel industry here has died down.    They said that it had to do with the union's demands.  The  company could not  agree so they just stop the operation which is sad.  Greed is not a good thing, it  kills job and  a lot of good opportunities.

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