Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Climbing Trees

Did you ever experience climbing trees when you were a kid?  I grew up doing that.  We did not have toys (fancy toys that is) so we just enjoy the outdoors and everything that surrounds us.  Climbing on guava tree to pick the ripe ones for our snacks is my favorite.  When my kids were trying to chase the squirrel at Seaworld, my childhood memory flashed back.
"Oh yeah, come  and get me" said the squirrel.

Cool Vibrations Rehearsal #SeaWorld

One of the fun show that we watched at Sea World is the Cool Vibrations where it involve a lot of water stunts from trained water athletes.  I am showing you  an initial shots that I took when they were just rehearsing.  
For the previous months, I was just copying directly all the images from my Facebook to my blogs but Blogger changed their setting.  You can no longer copy and paste images directly.  You have to copy the url of the image from your source and then upload it here using the  url link.  It takes a little longer to do it but I guess that's how it will work from now on so I will have to get use to it.

Anyway, I will  upload some more photos next time.  

Music & Arts of Life

For the love of music, I created a new blog called  the "Music & Arts of Life" yesterday.  I don't really have  time to maintain a lot of blogs but somehow, out of the blue, I got inspired and voila. I was going to get a domain for it but Blogger changed  how it works so I am not really sure if I will do it.  I will leave it on blogspot for now and hopefully I could figure out what to do soon.  I am hoping that I could post some music-related articles  on that blog..

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Glue Gun #Projects

We found this glue gun on sale at  Joann's Fabric last  December so we got it for  our little crafty miss.  She has been using it almost everyday.

Ms. Burrito  is always busy   at home creating things that she watches  on her iPod.  I like it because she  uses her creativity although I have to clean up every time.

Here are some of the projects she has done  during the  snow-days (no school days).

I hope you enjoy her creations.  Believe, she  reads every comment that the post gets.  I also get reprimanded for  saying that she let me clean which I will end up saying "Well, you have to start cleaning up after you are done with your crafts" lol.

Best Bra I've Ever Had

Have you ever owned a brassiere that lasted for many  years that you still love to wear? Well, personally, I do! I bought this bra when I was still an Avon dealer back when I was in College. I super loved it as it does not have a wire but its shape stayed perfect.  I still use  the said bra until this day but you can see its wear and tear already.  I wish that I could find another bra like this which I  consider the    Best Bra I have ever owned.

I've seen some great selection online but I am not sure if they  can top the quality of this one that I have.  I am however getting tempted to get a  Seamless shape wear for me to use.  Having a good quality of undergarment is a must in my personal opinion.  You might think that nobody really sees it so what's the  reason for getting an expensive one.  Well, you can tell the difference of a cheap one to an expensive one that has  great quality.  By paying extra amount, you will be satisfied of the use of what you have bought.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chinese Porcelain Display at Hobby Lobby

Whenever I go to places like Hobby Lobby, the Chinese  porcelain  display is what attracts me the most. I don't really buy them as they are pricey but I adore  looking at them.  I have a few Chinese porcelain at home but I luckily bought them for cheap at  a flea market, garage sale, or at sthridt stores like  Goodwill.

I love the selections of the last two photos.  How about you, which one would you pic if you were to buy one?

Can Bees Harm the UK's Biofuel Growth?

In the last few years, you will probably have heard a large amount of talk centring on a most familiar insect: the humble bee. Much of this discourse focuses on the matter of bees disappearing, which is worrisome in itself, but there are other subjects relating to bees that also deserve to be the subject of conversation. Whether they are giving us annoying stings or providing us with delicious honey bees play a role in our daily lives, and in some cases this role can be larger and wider-ranging than we may generally imagine. For example, there is currently debate surrounding the question of how bees influence the growth of biofuel in the United Kingdom.

Bees and pollination of Biofuels
Crop Pollination

With the ever-growing demand for biofuels in the world of today, it has become necessary for Britain to grow increasing amounts of crops (soybeans, sunflowers and oilseed rape being amongst the favored varieties) that can be converted into this environmentally friendly form of fuel. However, these crops require pollination, and the unfortunate truth is that there are not enough honeybees around to fully pollinate all of these additional crops. Honeybees are not the only pollinating insect - there are other types to be found in the wild, including hoverflies and bumblebees - but they do carry a significant amount of the legwork.

This is particularly concerning when we consider that EU renewable fuel directive has called for a quota of renewable fuel to be produced each year, something that will lead to increased demand for biofuels across the continent. As crops for biofuel are on the increase, and honeybees are on the decline - something that is generally chalked up to disease and artificial pesticides, which seem likely to have played a significant role in damaging the local bee population - there is room to doubt whether we will ever see a happy balance between biofuel crops and pollinating insects.

The decline of the bee
It is not just the United Kingdom which is facing this problem; it can be found to different degrees across a number of other European countries. However, the UK is one of the worst hit, with only Moldova being hit by a bigger shortfall of honeybees.

According to researchers who have studied the matter, there is one path to confronting a disaster arising from honeybee loss: establishing measures that will protect wild pollinating insects by safeguarding them from dangers such as loss of surrounding habitat. It will also be necessary for agricultural and environmental policies to be reworked so that they are in harmony with each other, and not running in competition as they are currently.

The solution to all of this will require a drastic rethink - a complete overhaul of how biofuel crops (and perhaps crops in general) are treated in the United Kingdom and abroad. There needs to be a new infrastructure to underpin our crop development, one that takes into account the role played by wild pollinating insects and ensures that they will have a place to interact with cultivated plant life. To put the issue in broad terms, we will need an approach to keeping crops that is more in tune with how the natural world is structured, so that the two areas are able to help each other.

If this is achieved, then the potential catastrophe arising from the dwindling honeybee population may well be averted. But until then, the environmental policy of Europe will be running at odds with the needs and practices of the agricultural industry, one that is already being reshaped as the new century requires a new emphasis on sustainable and responsible growth and production.

Author C McDonald – I am actively involved in a number of ‘green’ projects and like to whenever I can respect my local environment, for sourcing my electricity supply to what detergent I use.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bumble Hubbee at Hobby Lobby

Here's what happen 
when an adult is having fun.  
He thinks  he is safe 
from the wife's shutter
 but he isn't.  

So here you go, 
my Bumble Hubbee at Hobby Lobby, 
goofing around
Gotcha and don't think 
I did not warn ya lol.


Have you ever tried  the randall amplifiers?  We hove a different brand at home  and I was wondering if these are even better.  Amplifiers like this reminds me of  the only diversion that teenagers at our place knows how to do, music-wise.  I am not sure if other Filipinos could relate when I say the word Sayawan where the barangay hire  a "Musikero" to do all the playing of the music  all though the night.  This is very common during Fiesta celebration,

Color Your World #HobbyLobby

This is so colorful  that I could not pass it without taking a photo at Hobby Lobby.

Here's another one that I love.  Would you agree if I say that this  are enough to color your world?

That was our first time  going to that store  in Pennsylvania but am sure that we will be going back again soon.  That store fall right in my daughter's alley of interest.  She was like in heaven while we were there.

Valentine Ideas

I can't believe that we only have one week left till January is over.  Time flies, that's for sure!  Before I  go on with my pre-Valentine post, let me thank all our friends and family who  remembered us during the holiday season and  sent us greeting cards.  I normally put up  the cards we received from our  mirror wall but due to our crazy schedule last year, I did not have  the time to do that.  To show my appreciation and gratitude, I laid them  in a heart shaped on the floor before storing them away from my box of greeting cards.
Valentine's day is coming around very fast and I want to get my husband something.  He will also celebrate his 45th birthday  three days after V-day so  that's something I always look forward to in getting him  something.  I found some Valentine's Day Lingerie from GlamoRose.com and found the ones below that I like.  They have some kinky ones  too but I think that these two will be a good choice for him.  
Satin Drawstring PantsMens 100% Silk Knit Tank
How about you, have you plan  anything for Valentine's day yet?  Share your thoughts  by commenting on this post.  Suggestions are also welcome.

Deutschtown in Downtown Pittsburgh

These are just random shots I took during our trip to Pittsburgh. I will tell you a little secret.  Taking photos calms me down.  I was really nervous when I had my interview for the citizenship and taking photos while my husband was driving somehow relaxed me.

These photos will remind me of my journey of becoming a citizen here in the US.

Friday, January 17, 2014

DressFirst at its Finest

One of my husband's co-worker is getting married in September and they invited me and my husband. I have to really stick to my work out routine so I could fit in the dress that I am planning to wear. This will be my first time to attend a wedding here in the US.  Wedding reminds me of the very special moment that hubby and I  have shared ten years ago.  When I migrated here in the US, I brought with me my wedding dress then when hubby and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, I  tried my wedding dress and so glad that it still fits!  MY wedding dress is a very simple one but love it's simplicity.

Advanced Health and Education

Time really flies! January is halfway gone already, can you believe that? My son has turned 7 years old yesterday and I can still vividly remember when I first held him in my arms how fragile and little he was and now, look how big he is getting, my golly!
I am so blessed that I get to stay at home and witnessed every milestone of my kids life. Having a hands-on to their daily lives is amazing. Motherhood has been the most precious experience that I have in my life. NO high-paying job can replace the time that I spent with my children every day. Even my kids know that. They always thank me for being there for them. They see their classmates who are basically being taken care of by other people while their parents work. They see how it affects how they behave and do things. I am glad that my kids appreciate our presence as their primary care giver.
The love and care that we give them has a deep impact on them. I hope that we could continue to be good parents to them. I mean, we are not perfect (as there is no such thing in parenting or any other things for that matter) but we strive hard to do our best to be there for them. Guiding and teaching our children is a very important role that every parent has. Raising children is a hard job. You can never plan or set things out perfectly. You learned as you go and enjoy your journey with them.
Hubby and I were talking last night how the way children act in public can be a visible reflection of how they are being raised. We both hope that we can live longer so we can guide our children to be good citizens and that they would have a good life to enjoy with their own family in the future. I feel pain for teens that are misguided as they turn to doing bad stuff sometimes. Although there are facilities that can help them such as the Advanced Health and Education, an addiction treatment center in New Jersey. Parents should be proactive in learning the types of addiction conditions, signs and sources of addiction, the dangers and risks from addiction, and the availability of drug addiction treatment centers. Places such as the New Jersey drug abuse treatment centers have been helping people who are battling with certain addiction at their facilities.

I hope and pray to God that my children will be guided and that they won't fall for things like drug abuse. No parent wants to see their children get involve with drugs or drinking.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scrapbooking is Done for Now

I finally got done with the scrapbook that I started last month.   have been putting it off  until yesterday, I got tired of looking at it in our  craft table so I did not turn on my computer yesterday morning and concentrated in finishing it.  So glad I did because I don't have to see it on top of  our table lol.
I still have one more project to do though.  I am planning to surprise my husband  with a scrapbook  that is just for him and I. 
 The two scrapbook that I finished yesterday was for my son and daughter.  I compiled their school activities and  stuff.
Whenever I see  a scrapbook on sale, I always  make sure to grab some because it is so much fun  making it with the kids.  I never had any memento of my childhood as my family  experienced  fire and   super storm which literally burned down and washed away  our homes.  I never had any recollection of how I look like growing up.  That's why I am so obsessed of documenting my children's milestones.  I hope that they will appreciate these stuff when hubby and I are now here anymore.  

New Zealand Obsession

You must be thinking that I am obsessed or something about New Zealand because you see different articles I post from my blogs about it. The thing is, I really love reading about this particular country. It's geographical beauty is just very charming and there is something about it that draws my attention every time. But hey, they say that when you dream, make it big. So call it obsession but I am not letting up my intent interest about the beautiful New Zealand. 
File:Basin Reserve.JPG
Photo Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Basin_Reserve.JPG

​How to Protect Your Home When Away Traveling

Though most are fairly well informed about the safety essentials of traveling, many individuals and families seemingly forget how important it is to secure their home while on vacation. By taking the extra precautions to ensure that one's home is well protected, travelers can gain the peace of mind that they need to relax and enjoy their trip. Whether you are planning to travel abroad or you are simply going to visit some relatives, there are some very basic methods or ways to go about guarding your property. Every family should be educated on any vital information about home security systems.
How to Protect Your Home While Traveling

Prepare Ahead of Time

When enthralled in the excitement and anticipation of leaving for a vacation, many people tend to think of securing their home as an afterthought. This is a massive mistake. Crime reportedly increases significantly during the holiday season. With the influx of money from holiday shopping and so many families away from home, there is a vast array of contributing factors involved in the incline of crime rates. If you and your family plan to install a new home security system or possibly updating an older one, be sure to prepare in advance in order to allow yourself time to get familiar with the new system and its features.

Most security system analysts recommend that you permit yourself at least one to three months to get adjusted to your new home system of protection. One tip that often goes unnoticed is the cancellation of newspapers and/or mail. These types’ actions alert numerous people that you will be away from home and for what length of time. It is advisable to have a trusted friend or neighbor to retrieve these items. Despite your choice, this fundamental step should be completed at least a week ahead of the scheduled departure.

Use Precautions with Social Media

No prospective traveler should broadcast their vacation plans via social media websites. Travel plans should strictly be on a need to know basis with trusted friends and family members. Due to the excitement that surrounds a trip, this can be quite difficult for many individuals. However, this is information that is best kept in a tighter circle. Travelers should never adjust email messages to illustrate that they are out of town.

Additionally, individuals and families that are on vacation should be very cautious about posting any travel plans on social media outlets such as Twitter or Facebook. By broadcasting your absence to a multitude of people, you can potentially put your home in danger. However, keeping a minute amount of friends or family members in the loop discreetly can actually work out favorably while you are away.

Lock Down Your Home

One of the most basic steps to ensuring the safety of your home is securing each and every entry point. This can range from the obvious like locked doors and windows to more intensive security measures such as locking service doors or pool gates. It is also recommended to install dead bolt locks wherever possible. By effectively securing your home with the most fundamental necessities, you will substantially decrease the chances of a break in.​

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post Cards #Birthday

First of all, I would like to greet my  son a Happy Birthday.  May God bless you with good health and bright future.  Happy 7th Birthday, we love you!

On another note, I compiled  all of the postcards that I received from friends from all over the world.  I don't really collect postcards but I treasured  each that I get from the mail.  

I found this postcard album from Listia and it is now full. I will look for another one because I still have some in the box that I need to put in an album.

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