Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home Improvements This Winter: Top Three Investments

When times are tight, the idea of winter fuel bills will inevitably fill many minds with dread. Keeping warm this winter is essential but it’s natural to worry about how much more you’ll be spending each month so that you and your family stay warm. With Christmas just around the corner, the idea of spending the money you have on energy bills instead of festive gifts is bound to make you feel a little downhearted, but with plenty of energy-saving tips and advice you can ensure that your utilities are as inexpensive as possible.

If you do have a little spare money saved up in a slush fund, or you’re enthusiastic about the Green Deal initiative, you should take a look at some of the home improvements that are available which would be an investment for you and your family – not just for the winter, but for years to come as well. Here are three of the top investments worth considering:

A new boiler – If you’ve had your boiler for a long time, it won’t be as efficient as it once was, and with new models available that aim to reduce your energy consumption and save you money, a new boiler could be just what you need. Where can I get a combi boiler from? There are plenty of providers and dedicated engineers who can install your new boiler just in time for the cold spell – take a look here to learn how to know if you need a combi boiler or whether a conventional alternative is the way forward.

Newer boilers are considerably more energy efficient than their older alternatives and while you may think that yours still works perfectly, chances are it’s not as efficient as it once was.
Whatever you do, invest in an annual boiler service so that you can be sure that your boiler is working as well as it is able to.

Double Glazing is an expensive commodity but something that can be appreciated for years to come. It’s not something that many people can afford off the cuff, but the improvement is certainly worth saving for. Double glazing saves a fortune on heating bills because the heat can’t escape through your windows. Plus, it will block out noise pollution, too!

Insulation in the loft and cavity walls can help to save on your heating bills while keeping your home constantly warm. Insulation in the cavities of your walls is usually fitted as standard, particularly with newer homes, while loft insulation can vary in standard and quality.

Check what your loft insulation is looking like – if it doesn’t meet regulations of 275mm, it’s easy enough to top it up. You can buy insulation from DIY stores and if you have someone “handy” in the family, you won’t have to pay for someone to come and fit it for you!

Home improvements like these may not be as exciting as shopping for stocking fillers, but if you want to save money each month, they’re the way forward.

By Roxanne Wells

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