Monday, April 29, 2013

Admiral Yi Circle

This picture was taken at one of the General Yi Circles here in Chinhae. We love to come here during our family walk because the smell of the beautiful flowers is awesome. Sometimes the water fountains are also on, so our kids are into that. What I love in this area is the turtle ship on the side of the General's statue.
This was originally post on April 25, 209 when we were still in South Korea. 
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Re-posted on 3-27-12

Frigidaire Water Filter

Frigidaire Puresource water filter, which is located directly from the manufacturer at, will give you the ability to purify your water like a professional bottling company without the expense of buying bottled water every time you need a drink. As one of the most reputable names in the business, you can always trust the experts at Frigidaire to bring you top quality products at competitive prices. 

A water filter will keep contaminants from the environment out of your drinking water, but it has other advantages as well. Your cooking water will be cleaner as well which will result in better tasting food. Your food will also be free of contaminants which will make it easier to digest. You also receive a warranty directly from the manufacturer when you purchase through the Frigidaire website. Not only will you find the best water filters at Frigidaire, but you will also find all kinds of accessories that will upgrade the appliances that you use in your living space and in your place of business. When you are ready to upgrade your life without spending a great deal of money, take a look at the resources that are available to you directly through the Frigidaire website. 

Cherry Tree - Six Years After

Summer 2007
Let me show you the progression, six years after we planted  our Cherry tree.

We planted this tree when Ms. Burrito was just 2 years old. This is a tree we dedicate for her, one of the many reasons why I don't really want to leave this home that we are currently living in. My husband is really pushing for us to get a new home because this is getting small for the four of us.

Summer 2010
 As you can see in the first photo, the tree is just a twig.  We bought it online and we let Ms. Burrito helped us in planting it.  She was the one who  put the twig in the hole.  On the second photo, it was taken when we came back from Korea.  

April 2013
This year, 6 years after we planted it, the tree finally bloomed but only few of the branches  has flowers.  Maybe next year, it would bloom in full (that is, if we still live here).  
Not from our tree but  in downtown.
The only Spring flower I have in my garden, the Irises and  daffodils did not  bloom at all.
I hope you are all having a great weekend.  We will be heading out to go to Tomlinson Run  Park, take  the opportunity of sunny weather because tomorrow, it will be rainy again.

Reese's Hearts

This was the token that my daughter got from her teacher when she won the Behavior chart at their class. She also won the next round after that.  Congratulation Anak, we are very proud of you!
A Photo a Day # 92
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Originally posted on 4-1-12

Sunday, April 28, 2013


My hostas and lilies are finally coming up after a couple of days of warm weather. I hope that there would be no more cold weather surprises. I don't know what kind of plant is this red leaf-plant that I saw by the river but they are pretty.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Tomorrow will be the last day of State testing in school. My son was very anxious about it but after the first day, he said "I was scared for nothing" lol.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our Mailbox

We mowed our yard today and I did some gardening.  While looking at the  tree that we planted six years ago, it makes me sad to think that  there is  a possibility that we would be leaving this home that we bought and   maintained.  We did   so many upgrades on this already that I am so emotionally attached  in here.  My husband is   determined to find us a bigger house that would  suit  our needs.  Even my daughter wants to move as well, oh boy!

Anyhow, back to the gardening that I was talking about.   While I was  doing my stuff in the yard,  someone stopped by and asked where we bought  our mailbox because it was different from the rest that  she see in the neighborhood.  I told her that I  got it from the company that I worked with online  but since that company no longer exist, I recommended the selection of  whitehall mailboxes at Mailbox and Beyond.  The said company  also sells custom personalized address plaques, outdoor faucets, bird's feeder, personalized doormats and more.  They  provide both  residential mailboxes and commercial mailboxes. So if you are planning to buy a new mailbox, check them out.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Radishes for the Rabbits

Our rabbits love  radish so this year, we will try to grow some.  I bought a packet of seeds last year and I  planted them  last week.  They are starting to  grow now.  Hopefully, they would  do good so our rabbits could enjoy it.  
Only hubby likes radish at home so he might enjoy it as well if we get lucky hehehe.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We decided to transfer our forsythia from the left side of our yard to the right.  I am glad that  that it did not die.
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Originally posted on March 24 2012

5 Interesting materials used for iPhone cases

Iphones are a really popular phone and every second person seems to have one these days, so we want to have a cover that is unique to us. There are heaps of different interesting materials used to make them out of, so there is so much to choose from to make your phone case perfectly you. Here are five interesting materials used for iPhone cases.

Plastic with own design

One great material used for iPhone cases is the hard non-toxic plastic one. They are really affordable iphone 5 covers, and come in all sorts of different colors and you can even get one with your favorite photo, so its uniquely you. If you are an artist, or you know someone that is, you can get their design printed onto it. It’s a really stylish way to make your phone a one off design that has a bit of your own personality in it.


The silicone cases are a great for iphone 5’s because not only do they look great but they will protect your phone from dropping it or bumping it. They hold it firmly together so that if it is dropped none of its inner parts will be damaged in the fall. They come in a range of different colours and can fit any phone because of their standard sizing.


The toughness of leather is a tried and true choice of material for your iphone 5 case. Having been around since the beginning of time, you can depend on your leather case to shield your phone from any bumps or drops. The stylishness of leather goes without saying and can be matched to your shoes or bag so that you always look good, no matter where you go, or who you are talking to.

Vinyl, Rubber and Aluminium

The mixture of vinyl, rubber and aluminium make a great cover for the iphone 5 and are one of the most shock resistant choices available on the market. These materials protect the phone from damp, dust and heat. There are cases made with a mixture of these materials or you can buy ones that are made of just one of the materials. The vinyl, rubber and aluminium cases are a popular choice for iphone 5 users.

Carbon Fibre

The carbon fibre cases are a great material that will protect your case while looking uber stylish. They are crafted by layering the fibre several times to produce a material that is durable and long lasting. An advantage about using this case is that it is light and portable for travelling with your phone. Available in many different colours you will be able to find a carbon fibre case that is the perfect colour for you.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Swarovski Roses

The swarovski crystal roses that my husband gave me years ago for Valentine's day.  She sent me this through mail when I was still in the Philippines and he was living  in Guam.  Life for us then, was a bit tough due to   distance but glad we conquered it all and happy that we are now together with two beautiful children.  Life is great!
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Things To Do Every Day of the Week in St. Augustine

America’s oldest European city in the heart of America’s sunniest vacation state adds up to dozens of activities and a large helping of fun. Families, history buffs, couples and those who just want to relax will find plenty to see and do here.


Get acquainted with this 400 year old city by taking in one or more of the tours on offer. Theme tours, such as the downright delicious tour of Whetstone’s Chocolate Factory and deliciously chilling ghost tours narrated by a friendly undertaker who drives visitors from location to location in a private hearse, bookable at are top draws, while narrated tours by Ripley’s Red Train Trolley and Old Town Trolley allow passengers to hop on and off  at no extra charge. 

Old St. Augustine

History is part of life here and  St. Augustine’s Old Town mixes historic sites like the Castillo De San Marcos fortress, Old Jail and Ximenez-Fatio House Museum with contemporary shops and restaurants. Other historic points of interest include Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth in Archeological Park and the 140-year-old lighthouse on Anastasia Island, whose 165 foot climb to the top rewards visitors with sweeping views of St. Augustine and its surrounding waterways.


Art galleries, boutiques and antique shops abound in the Old Town area along King, Aviles and St. George streets. They also border the beach front area along the A1A Highway. Designer and name brand outlet stores at Prime Outlets and the Premium Outlet Mall on Interstate 95 feature top quality lines like Tommy Bahama, Hugo Boss, DKNY, Jones NY, Zales, Samsonite, Kitchen Collection and dozens more. 

Go Wild

What would a trip to Florida be without lots of gators? The Alligator Farm Zoological Park on Anastasia Island has gators, crocodiles, exotic birds, lemurs, Komodo dragons and more. One of the area’s top-rated area attractions is the St. Augustine Wild Reserve, a rescue center and permanent home for unwanted exotic animals. Residents include lions, tigers, caracals, mountain lions, bobcats, coatimundis and wolves. This is a serious reserve, with no gift shops and no photos allowed but plenty of chances to see majestic animals close up. Visiting is by appointment only and reservations can be made at At Marineland Dolphin Adventure 20 miles south of Old Town, visitors can feed, swim with and observe dolphins at play in their extensive watery habitat. Reservations are recommended at

Hits with Kids

In addition to trolley tours, big cats and fearsome gators, children especially enjoy Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, the Pirates & Treasure Museum, and Potter’s Wax Museum, all in the Old Town area.  Fiesta Falls, 10 miles north, is rated by visitors as the best mini golf venue in the area.

Fun on the Water

The schooner Freedom, replica of a 72-foot blockade runner, sets out three times a day from the City Municipal Marina for a thrilling sail on nearby coastal waters. Also departing daily from the city’s marina is the Victory III, a double decked cruise boat that that takes guests on a narrated tour of landmarks and points of interest. It goes without saying that St. Augustine has several broad decked, well patrolled beaches. Vilano Beach, a five minute drive from Old Town, is lively and friendly, with picnic areas, a fishing pier, and activities like parasailing and Sea Doo rental as well as charters for deep sea fishing and sailing.

No matter how long visitors stay, there’s always one more thing to see or do in St. Augustine, every day of the week and every month of the year.

Vanessa Matthews a lover of human expression and a freelance Travel Bloggers lives in St. Augustine, Florida

Sunday, April 14, 2013


God made everything out of nothing, but the nothingness shows through.
-Paul Valery-
A Photo a Day # 81
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Originally posted on 3/21/12

Seamless Shape Wear

I weighed myself after eating breakfast today and surprised to find out that I lost 2 pounds and 2 ounces, yahoooo!  I am not celebrating just yet because my  goal has not been reached yet.  I want to be able to  fit into my dress again without worrying about my love handles showing up.  I always wish that I have a Seamless shape wear so I don't have to worry about  the  unpleasant bulge of  unwanted  fats from my  waist.  I am challenging myself to  get rid of this before summer time.

It's frustrating to see  some bumps in a wrong place of your body especially if you don't have the Best back smoothing bra and cami.  It  would be nice if  I can wear my dresses again confidently without  worrying about the undesirable flab showing at your waist or tummy.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Google Page Rank

I am so glad that this blog  is finally giving me some tasks ever since its page rank of 3 has returned.  It used to have a PR3 when my husband  was still active in blogging and maintaining this website but when he started going to school,  he kind of neglected this and the PR  has gone.  I took over and nurture it and now it's back to where it has been.

I am a work-at-home-Mom and my  job is  writing/publishing articles  for different clients online  so page rank is very important.  If Mr. Google will  give back  the PR3 of  my other blogs, I think I will do good with my blogging this year.  So please Mr. Google, would you please Grant  my  wish (lol..wishful thinking)?  

And oh, before I forgot, Thank YOU for  always visiting, without YOU, this blog won't have a life.  So  Gracias for taking time to leave your thoughts!

Tips for Keeping Your Kid Safe When Home Alone

Letting your child stay at home alone is a rite of passage that many kids look forward to. It signifies that you trust their judgment and that they know what to do if an emergency arises. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, "it is estimated over 40 percent of children are left home at some time." However, as much as you may trust your child, it's everyone else that you have to worry about when your kid is home alone, which is why leaving children home alone is often scarier for parents than for kids. Here are four tips to help keep your kids safe when they are home alone and to give you some peace of mind:

Protect Your Home From Intruders
No matter how safe your neighborhood is, installing home alarm systems provides a priceless sense of security for both you and your child. Some new alarm systems even have smartphone apps so you can remotely access a live feed to security cameras in and around your home and make sure everything is OK. Be sure to thoroughly explain how the security system works to your child and that they know the alarm code.

Prepare for Any Scenario
Have candid discussions with your kids about how to handle various problems that could arise when home alone. Does your son know what to do if his little sister tries to pick a fight with him? What should your kids do if a neighbor knocks on the door? Are your kids comfortable making a meal for themselves if they're hungry and you are running late? Write down a list of any unusual scenarios that you can think of and review how to handle them with your kids. Make sure to leave a list of important phone numbers in a highly visible spot, such as on the refrigerator, of the following emergency contacts:
  • 911
  • Local police
  • Local fire department
  • Pediatrician
  • Grandparents
  • Close neighbors
  • Aunts, uncles and cousins who live nearby
  • Your mobile number
Secure Any Dangerous Items warns, "no matter how well your child follows rules, be sure to secure anything that could be a health or safety risk." Lock up alcohol and any drugs, including prescription and over-the-counter medication that could be abused such as cough syrup and sleep aids. If you smoke, put all cigarettes, lighters and matches away in a safe place so that your curious child isn't tempted to experiment. If you have any guns in your home, those should be unloaded and locked up with the ammunition locked and stored in a separate place.

Clearly Define the Rules & Consequences
Sit down with your kids and have them help you write a list of rules for when they are home alone. By inviting them to actively participate in deciding the rules, they'll be more likely to understand and respect them when you are gone. Explain the consequences of breaking the rules, so your kids know exactly what will happen if they disobey. With open communication and a little preparation, you can help your kids stay safe when home alone. 

Daffodils & Tutorials

Here are some of the latest sketches that our 7 year old, Ms. Burrito has done.   Our daughter has never had a formal  lessons  for  arts but we let her watch video tutorials on youtube about music and arts. I know that there is a tutoring online about  arts and other  subjects but for now, our daughter is contented in learning through the free tutorial videos.  
She is working on another sketch so we could  display it on the other side of the daffodil frame at our kitchen.  We bought her another set of paints  because she ran out of   paint so I think in few more days, she will be done with it.  She also want s to  enter that contest  about the upcoming  anniversary of our state so she will be busy doing that.  I don't see any Spring blossom outside yet so I am contented of looking at the man-made  Spring blooms inside our home.
 If you ever need  some help on  tutoring your child/children, check out Tutorsville Online Tutoring services.  For a very reasonable price, you can get the help that you need.  You can improve your  grade by taking advantage of their tutorial services on subjects that  needs improvement.  Check them out.

Indoor Plant has Bloomed

I was so surprised to see my  indoor plant  bloom.  I thought for sure that this would not survived when I transplanted it  at the end of the summer last year.
 Do you see that mighty bulldog on top of my  planter?  That is one of my husband's project in art class when he was a kid.  My FIL gave it to us  when we came back from Korea.  He also gave us  the other dog  figurine.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happiness is Butterfly

"Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, 
is always just beyond your grasp, but which, 
if you will sit down quietly, 
may alight upon you."
-Nathaniel Hawthorne-
A Photo a Day # 71
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Originally posted on 3/11/12

It Can Be Done: Small Bedroom with Big Furniture

There are a number of situations in which you might find yourself stuck with the always tricky task of trying to fit a handful of large pieces of furniture into what looks like a teeny-tiny, little bedroom. Maybe you've just moved to a new place and you had to downsize, or perhaps you have inherited a lot of nice furniture but found that it’s simply too big.

It is always going to be a struggle to fit it all in, especially if you’re trying to stop your room looking all cramped and crowded! We have a few tips to help you with your Tetris-like furniture rearranging task, but here’s one for before you start – make sure the pieces don’t completely fill a side of the room (if that’s at all possible), as having an entire stretch of wall covered is one of the worst things for making an area seem over-crowded.
Photo isn't mine
Starting Off – Time to Plan
First of all, walk into the room and just take a look around. This works best when the room is completely empty, so go ahead and do that if there’s stuff still inside. You’re going to need it emptied out anyway, if you want everything to fit in nicely, so you might as well do it now.
Looking at how much space you have, decide how much of the furniture really needs to go in this room, and how much you think you can squeeze in. Do you really need that elaborate Queen Anne dresser? Yes, it’s gorgeous, but it’s massive and unwieldy – if you find that you’re struggling when the dresser is involved, get rid of it.

You can even whip out a tape measure if you want to, though this isn’t strictly necessary.

Decision Time – Bed
The bed is the most important thing – it’s called the bedroom, after all. Decide where it will go before you do anything else. Don’t obstruct any doors, and put one end against the wall. You’ll want at least two feet of space on each of the other three sides, if that’s doable.

Decision Time – Smaller Furniture
Next, it’s crunch time for any smaller pieces, like nightstands and drawers. If you are pushed for space, you only need the one nightstand, and it’s best not to squeeze it between the bed and the wall. Whether your furniture is custom-made or from internet sites like doesn’t matter – more stuff means more clutter, it’s as simple as that.

Other bits should go against the shorter walls if you can manage that, especially if they’re more tall than wide. Wider pieces are better suited to the long walls.

Decision Time – Storage and Bits & Bobs
Get some under-bed storage boxes, if you have any space down there – they save on clutter in a big way! If you have a laundry basket, put it somewhere else, as they’re simply not essential. The bathroom is a good alternative.

As for pictures and mirrors: the former make the room feel smaller, whereas the latter make it seem bigger. Do with that what you will!

Hollywood Tower of Terror

The setting of this attraction is quite   scary.  It involves  viewing of short film then you  are plunged into  momentary darkness then an elevator awaits for a trip that would  make you  screaming on top of your lungs.  You would feel  fear in every drop of the elevator  so if you are a thrill seeker, this attraction in Disney World is the one for you.
A Photo a Day # 64
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Originally posted on 3/4/12

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Going Green with Solar Energy

We use fossil fuels for our energy needs more than any other type of energy source. Indeed, oil, natural gas and coal account for more than 80% of the world’s energy consumption. What’s wrong with that? For a start, fossil fuel reserves are not finite and are in fact rapidly diminishing. If we continue to consume oil at the current rate, our known deposits will be gone by 2052, an increase in gas to fill that gap will result in gas reserves being fully depleted by 2060, and coal deposits could have vanished by 2088. In other words, we could have run out of fossil fuels in under 80 years and in that time prices will rocket to astronomical figures.

It is not only the depleting reserves of fossil fuels and rising prices that should lead us to look at alternative energy sources but the damaging environmental impact they have. In order to generate electricity, fossil fuels are burnt in power plants, releasing noxious gases such as carbon dioxide and monoxide, sulfur and nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons - all of which hang in the air as smog, polluting our planet and damaging the health of all living things. Carbon dioxide also heavily contributes heavily towards global warming, altering the Earth’s climates and causing a range of catastrophes thanks to extreme weather conditions. For a cleaner, greener, energy-sufficient planet both now and in centuries to come, we need to turn away from fossil fuels and look towards the energy superstars of the future - renewable.

Renewable energies are not only infinite but do not pollute the planet. They utilize the planet’s natural resources, harnessing the power of the natural world. One such renewable energy that is readily available for both domestic and industrial use is solar power, the fastest growing renewable in the world. If we could utilize the full potential of the energy emanating from the sun’s powerful rays, they would provide us with more energy in one hour than the entire world needs in a year. Of course, we haven’t as yet developed a method to fully harness the sun’s massive power but solar panels are constantly being updated and improved and efficiency is increasing at a rate which reveals our imminent need for a clean, green and renewable energy source.
Solar panels transform sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells, most often manufactured from silicon, which convert the photons in the sun’s rays into an electrical current. It is a noise- and pollution-free method and utilizes a source which will never run out. No harmful gases are created, meaning cleaner air and absolutely no contribution to climate change.
Although solar panels are initially expensive, the power generated from the sun is completely free and this, combined with government rebates and incentives, should end up saving you money in the long term. With the promise of saving money and helping to save the planet who wouldn't want to go green with solar energy?

Renewable energies are close to journalist and copywriter Emily Buckley’s heart and none more so than solar power, surely the future of energy for the planet.

Love Thy Neighbour

All our neighbors are really nice. The kids are so close to three families that we always talk to. They are all very fond of our son because he is very sociable.  One of our neighbor was mowing his grass yesterday so Mr. Burrito jumped in and "helped."
A Photo a Day # 122
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Originally posted on 5/1/12

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money

 Everyone is constantly looking for more ways in which they can increase the amount of money that they are able to bring in from their regular job, and as a result, many interesting ways to make money have really come to the forefront in recent years. The unusual ways to make money that you have available to you will allow you to take up some of your free time and earn money while doing so. Some of the unusual ways that you can earn money in addition to your normal job include; 

 Offer Services 

The easiest and most efficient way for you to begin earning money outside of your job is to offer services to those that would like them. Take an inventory of the skills that you have, and the objects that you own. Are you a good writer? Can you make websites? Do you own a pressure washer or a lawn mower? Any of these will allow you to offer services to other individuals and earn money through doing so. Take inventory to figure out what services you could potentially offer, and begin spreading the word about your new side job. 

 Mow Lawns 

Although it might seem like the type of job that a teenager would do, there is actually a lot of money that you could potentially earn by offering the service to elderly neighbors. By taking your time, spreading the word about your new lawn mowing services, and also looking at all of the different potential clients that are in your area, you can create an excellent side-business. 

 Sell Your Belongings 

If you are in dire straits, another thing that you can do is to sell your belongings. If you have numerous belongings that could really fetch a good amount on Craigslist or other websites online, you can sell your belongings and earn a great deal of money that you could dedicate to other areas of your life throughout the process. 

 Walk Dogs 

Do you have a large number of dog owners in your local area? If you live in the city or another densely populated area, it can be very difficult for people to find time to appropriately walk or exercise their dogs. Many are forced to take them to the dog park in the city, and it could potentially provide you with a high quality opportunity to earn some money. By walking dogs for others, you can earn hundreds of extra dollars per week. 

 Donate Blood 

There are many organizations that will actually pay you to donate blood. A little bit of blood can go a long way in terms of the number of lives that you could potentially save. With literally dozens of ailments that require blood transfusions, donating blood can provide you with a decent regular income, although there are limitations on how much you can donate in a given time period. 

 These five tips can help you to make money in your spare time, and increase the revenue that you are able to bring in on a monthly basis, while allowing you, in some cases, to build a high quality side business.

Some Blooms in my garden

My pink roses are now in full bloom and so are the lupines.
Our rabbits love these roses.  I picked some every morning and gave it to them.
A Photo a Day # 141-142
-My challenge to update this blog daily-
Originally posted on 5/19/12

How To Fit a Gate Spring

Seeing a flash of blue sky between the clouds this weekend, my wife and I leaped on the opportunity to head to our nearest DIY store and pick up some garden furniture ready for the summer. We were thinking of getting a new set of table and chairs and maybe a barbecue to replace the disposable ones we used all through last summer. We paid up and got it all home, and then opened the gate to get it all set up, and realized our gate spring was broken, meaning our gate didn't shut automatically. Not ideal when you have a garden full of expensive new furniture and forgetful teenagers in the house!

Another trip to the DIY shop later and I was back at home with my new gate spring. I’d never fitted one before, but it turns out it was much easier than I expected, and took no time at all. Obviously we wanted to make sure our garden would stay safe and secure, and even after testing it lots of times over the next few days we haven’t had any trouble.

Ours is a left hand gate, so first I fitted the top bracket to the door, about a third of the way down, and the bottom bracket to the post about a third of the way up, so that the middle third of the gate had the spring stretched over it.

I tested it a couple of times and it seemed to be secure, but the spring tension seemed a little tight, meaning the gate didn’t quite shut properly. I decided to adjust the tension to make sure the gate was able to shut. To do this, I inserted a metal peg that came with the spring into the adjuster on the bottom bracket and placed the tension adjuster bar into the upper adjuster, which I then turned until I reached a better tension.

Using the other metal peg, I secured the upper adjuster and made sure the spring was working. I opened and shut the gate a few times and everything seemed to be in working order. The real test was later that evening when my youngest son decided to hold a camping party with his friends in our back garden. With what seemed to be a constant stream of children arriving through the gate, we wondered if it would stand up to the challenge. However, one camping session later and our gate is still operating immaculately! Now, where are my barbecue tongs...

Jack Fairman is a home improvement enthusiast who always has several DIY projects on the go

Monday, April 8, 2013

Save our Planet

Ms. Burrito brought this home and did some lecture to her brother about saving our planet.
A Photo a Day # 144
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Originally posted on 5/22/12

Where’s the best place to sell your clothes?

Many of us are bound to have a wardrobe full of unworn clothes that take up an unnecessary amount of space. Some may be old spur of the moment purchases while others may be cherished items that remind us of a special time. Though in most cases probably all been worn on only a couple of occasions and rarely since. It is sometimes difficult to decide what to do with those unwanted garments. 

Simply throwing them away is one option, but this great for the environment. Donating to charity is another alternative. However, if you’re the one who’s in need selling clothes for cash is now easier than ever. While there are obvious places to market your clothes, very few options are guaranteed to deliver a worthwhile return. 

 The worst places to sell your clothes 

  •  Online auction sites. While this may seem like the best option, there are several disadvantages to auctioning off your clothes. As this has become an increasingly popular option, there is a massive amount of choice and variety, meaning more competition for sales. A buyer could find a better alternative to what you’re offering meaning your item remains unsold. Even if you do manage to sell an item, most auction sites charge a listing and final price fee resulting in less profit for you. 
  •  Car boot sale. Nobody likes getting up early on the weekend to stand in the rain hoping to make a few pennies. You’re not assured of a sale and with every punter looking to barter down your asking price, you will probably receive less than expected, too. 
  •  Yard sale/local press. Both of these options have the same problem: visibility. The chances of someone looking for the exact item you are selling are extremely low. You’ll be lucky that someone walking past your house or flicking through the local newspaper is looking for a particular item of clothing.  

The best place to sell your clothes 

Known for buying CDs, DVDs, video games, electronics and old technology, now buys your unwanted clothes. It's an extremely simple process that gives you an instant price thanks to its Valuation Engine. Simply enter the brand and type of garment in your possession for an immediate result.

 Once you have gone through the clothes you want to sell, sending your unwanted garments is easy and above all, free. Either use the site's ‘send’ service or drop off your clothes at one of 5,000 dedicated shops - usually located within one mile of your own home. A fully insured courier service is also available, which will arrange to collect the clothes at a time and on a date that suits you. 

Once items have been sent and checked, you can choose to be paid by bank transfer, cheque or e-Vouchers. If you're feeling generous, musicMagpie also has a range of chosen charities that you can donate the money to as well.


According to

"The Anthers contain pollen sacs. The sacs release pollen on to the outside of the anthers that brush against insects on entering the flowers. The pollen once deposited on the insect is transferred to the stigma of another flower or the same flower. The ovule is then able to be fertilized."

The Anthers and the filament are collectively known as the Stamen or the male parts of the flower.  
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Originally posted on 6/3/12

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Choosing the Perfect Window Shutters to Enhance your Windows

Premier shutters for windows are not as difficult to find as you may first imagine, and there is a vast array of suppliers online. The windows throughout your home need decorating correctly to ensure that they enhance your house, and showcase your style. Therefore, choosing the best shutters is essential to guarantee that your home looks and feels stunning. 

 Dressing windows can be daunting as there are several different items that you can use, including curtains, blinds and shutters. Shutters have become more popular as they are incredibly versatile, and provide the ultimate window dressing for all homes. Regardless of age or style of your home, you will find that there are shutters to choose. 

 Selecting the best premier shutters will not only enhance your home, but also help to reduce your heating bills.  As the winter months, approach, you will want to ensure that the heat that is produced is kept within the home. However, you need to ensure that the shutter are made from quality materials, and are fitted correctly. 

 There are many different shutters to choose, and the selection process can be daunting, however, shopping online can save you time, effort and money. You can browse at your leisure, and take your time with the decision regarding the best premier shutters to purchase. You will be amazed at the array of choice that you have for the shutters. 

 Many shutters today are used purely for decorative purposes; however, this does not mean that the quality should suffer. By choosing a top shutter manufacturer, you will be guaranteed top quality shutters at an affordable price. The company can help you to plan and design the shutters that you want for your home, and help you to choose how many to purchase. The manufacturer will be with you at every stage from selection to installation ensuring that the shutters are fitted correctly. Premier shutters will not need to be replaced as often as traditional window dressings, making them fantastic value for money. The shutters will continue to enhance your home, retain the heat, and protect you from UV light. 

If your windows are varying sizes, you may think that having shutters will be impossible, but there are shutters of many different sizes, guaranteeing that every window can be dressed correctly. This style of window dressing is not the cheapest option, but you will soon discover that the quality of the premier shutters is worth the money. Shutters are excellent for all times of the year, and allow you to decide how much sunlight to allow entering your home, and ensuring that privacy is never an issue. You will also find that as the temperatures soar in the summer months, they help to keep your home cool and comfortable. These multipurpose window dressings are perfect for all times of the year.

 There are so many incredible benefits to having the shutters in place, and once you have chosen the ones you want, you will be delighted. Shopping online can sometimes be a struggle, but with shutters it is an enjoyable experience. Log on today and choose the perfect shutters for your budget and taste, ensuring that you spend your money wisely.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Egg Shells

Hubby find it weird sometimes that I still take photos of the things that I have to throw away,  like this egg shells.  I just think that you can find beauty in  most odd  places or things.  You might disagree but it is my  opinion hehehe.

Natural and Organic

carpet cleaning servicesI have been behind with my blogging stuff lately, I am trying to do my best to  manage my time but it seems  that there's not enough time to do everything.   We have  two dogs that lives inside the house  so I have to vacuum at least twice a week in order to clean up their hair from the carpet.    I admit that having a pet is awesome but it is  like having  a baby at home.  It's a constant chore taking care of them. 

 Anyhow, back to the cleaning part, if you ever need an area rug cleaning services for your home or for your business, you should check out Green Choice.  They have a discount of  almost thirty dollars for deep shampoo cleaning of your rug.   This company uses natural and organic cleaning materials because they do understand the impact  of using chemical-based cleaners to the homeowners' health.  I commend  companies like  Green Choice for caring  so much for their customers and for thinking about the environment while  providing the services.  That to me,  is very commendable.

As a customer's  point of view, it is always a plus when a company thinks about the welfare and safety of their clients rather than just thinking about their profit.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Woolzie's Dryer Balls

I was very busy yesterday here at home.  It was my children's last day of Spring break so I decided to do some Spring cleaning with their help.  I vacuumed the floor and the  Burritos helped me  dust all our furniture.  We organized their room, cleaned out their "Rock Lab", put away some of their toys, and organized their books.  

I washed all our bed sheets, blankets, and even washed all our pillows.  I thought I will be able to  do all my laundry but  did not finish it last night, so today I continued doing it  as soon as my  kids left to school.  I finally got done, clothes  were folded (but not put away, yet).  I am taking a break for now as I was pretty exhausted  with my sit ups exercise.  
 Anyhow, I am currently using the FREE dryer balls with natural fabric softener that Woolzies have sent me to try and review.  With all the major laundry that I did yesterday and today, I can honestly say that I like this very much.  For one, it reduces static which  I really love  because I am prone to  static shocks.  One box of these dryer balls contains six and you just toss it in the dryer along with the clothes and it work its magic.  These balls are guaranteed to last for up to 1,000 loans.

Aside from the feature I have mentioned, here are other things that you can look forward to  using  Woolzies Dryer Balls:
  • Softens naturally
  • Reduces drying time by 25%
  • Helps Eliminate wrinkles.
  • Chemical free
  •  Safe for people with wool sensitivities
  • hypoallergenic
  • Handmade from fine New Zealand wool.
Woolzies Dryer Balls are 100% eco friendly which is good for us and good for environment as well.

By using  these noise free dryer balls, you got to save energy and money and you also protect the environment by using the natural  fabric softener.  Now that I have tried this product, I would definitely buy this from the store and use it instead of the regular fabric softener that I normally use.  Thank you Woolzies for  introducing me to an eco-friendly product.

Now you can also have this $30 value non-toxic dryer balls from Wolzies  by liking Wollzies on Facebook and following them  Twitter.  Just indicate in your comment that you have liked anbd followed them.  Also leave your  email info so I can email you when you if you win.   This giveaway will end  on April 15th.  Thanks for joining. 

Disclaimer:  Products were given for free and no monetary compensation was given in facilitating this review.  Opinion  is 100% mine.

Using a Tub Chair to Enhance the Look of Your Room

leather tub chair pvc red 45 degree.Quite often it just requires one new piece of furniture in a room, to give the area a lift and feeling of change. A good example of this is introducing one of these faux leather tub chairs in a contrasting color to your existing room decor.

These tub chairs are modern yet classic in design, come in a wide range of either fun or neutral colors  and are most importantly comfortable.

Add a Splash of Color

There are many different vibrant chair colors to choose from. A bright blue or plum purple shade can work very well with cream or neutral decor, adding some interest whilst still keeping an understated feel. A bright yellow or spicy orange can warm up a cooler color palette, or drab looking brown surroundings. Adding a colorful chair is a great way of accessorizing a room without compromising the whole existing color scheme of the room.

Choose a Chair for Comfort

While one must consider the color  style, and design of the new chair for enhancing the look of a room, comfort is the number one priority for a chair that cannot be ignored. The tub chair has a deep bucket seating shape, which is perfect for sitting comfortably with a drink, or relaxing with friends or a movie. It's clean lines make it an ideal chair for keeping good posture and so a practical choice too.

Add a Chair with Classic Style

By adding a piece of good solid design to your existing room decor, you are investing in a look that will last. Fashions come and go, but a good chair design will stay timeless.

Choose Solid Quality Chairs

The tub chair design has a good sturdy wooden framework, which is then covered in a high-density fiber material, before being finished off with the top fabric which is the one which gives the overall look and finish. It is good to know that not only are you adding to the look for your room, but also to the quality of the furniture in your home.

Stylish yet Practical

Faux leather tub chairs have an easy wipe-clean surface, which makes it an ideal choice of furnishing fabric to have on a chair that would suit a living room or conservatory, or somewhere else that is used on a regular basis. However, this type of chair design can fit in most rooms and the faux leather is also a luxurious and opulent choice for a bedroom too.

Be as adventurous as you like with the choice of tub chair colors available, and really make a statement in your room of choice with a stunning piece of furniture at a modest price for the impact.

Dom Bryce is a creative, interior design blogger from the UK, who loves to be creative to bring decor to life.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

10 Top Myths About Egypt

Trafalgar Tours
Photo isn't mine
When travelling to Egypt, it’s important to avoid taking along some preconceived myths about what being in the country involves; these myths include perceptions about the danger of visiting the country, as well as the average weather conditions that Egypt has through the year. Many people also have the idea that Egypt just means Cairo and the Pyramids, as well as that Egyptians are all Muslim, and that Egypt is a very conservative country where your behavior on the street will lead to criticism.

1 - Danger

Although it has had some recent troubles, Egypt is not necessarily a dangerous country - you should follow general rules for travelling, from being careful about busy areas in large cities, to exercising caution when picking taxi drivers and long distance transport - get your hotel to organize things if you’re unsure. Don’t make a show of valuables, and be wary if you’re alone and moving through crowds.

2 - Egypt is Hot All the Time

The popular image of Egypt is that it’s a hot and dusty country with a lot of desert; while this is technically true, Egypt’s weather is actually more varied than many people expect - you get rain showers during the winter, as well as a lot of reasonably cool weather from about December to February.

3 - Egypt is Just Cairo and the Pyramids

Some people have a fairly narrow perspective on what makes up Egypt’s main sights, with Cairo and the Pyramids being high on that list - in fact, Egypt has a diverse range of different places to see and experience, which includes the Sharm el Sheikh resort on the Sinai Peninsula - this area features luxury resorts like the coral sea water world, shopping centres, diving, and tours of the Ras Muhammad National Park and conservation area.

4 - Everyone is Muslim

Although a large proportion of people in Egypt are Muslim, that doesn't mean that the country is strictly religious, or that there aren't other faiths in the country; there is a population of Coptic Christians and Jewish people in Egypt, and a generally welcoming approach to tourists from different countries and backgrounds.

5 - Egypt is a Conservative Religious Country

As noted above, assuming that Egypt is a conservative religious country is to overlook the younger generations that make up the majority of contemporary Egypt - there’s a general acceptance of tourism as important to the future of the country, and a growing progressive element within the country.

6 - Street Hassle

One myth about Egypt is that you’re always going to be pressurized into buying something on the street; this is common in larger cities, but in smaller towns and villages you’re more likely to be left on your own without receiving hassle.

7 - Most Egyptians are Rich

This myth probably relates to the perception of Arabs as having a lot of money, but doesn't accurately represent the significant amount of poverty and inequality within Egypt, which is apparent to any visitor to the country.

8 - The Egyptian Diet is Limited

Yes, you’ll find that the Egyptian diet might not be as varied as some other countries, and that you’ll see a lot of koshary and ful medammes on menus - however, Egypt’s diet varies by region, and is particularly cosmopolitan in large cities and in resorts such as Sharm el Sheikh

9 - Egyptians are Rude in Public

Depending where you go, you’ll likely experience the same occasional rudeness as you would in any other country - Egyptian people are neither any more than less rude than other countries, and you shouldn't assume that you’re going to be hassled.

10 - Women Have to Wear Veils

Again, this myth ties into the perception of all Egyptians as strict Muslims; many women do wear the veil and hijabs, but this isn’t compulsory, and you’ll likely find a lot of other Western styles of dress.

Sebastian Cowie is a travel enthusiast and has frequented Egypt 5 times so far. If all goes well, he's looking to move to Sharm el-Sheikh within the next few years.


Constant kindness can accomplish much. 
As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, 
mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.
Albert Schweitzer
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How to Sell a Phone

Technology is constantly evolving  so gadgets are pretty much being upgraded in such a short period of time.  Say for instance,  the Samsung Galaxy that I just bought   last year, it has been upgraded  already so mine is kind of outdated already.  I love my phone  so even without the upgrade I wouldn't replace it.  If you are not like me and you want the latest all the time, you should  how to sell a phone so you will get something back from your old phone.

If you are interested how your old phone's worth is, check out the link above and you will find out the prices.   You can also read the step by step  process on how to sell it.  Some of you might have  put your old phone  at your drawer when you got tired of it but you can make money out of it.  That would help you  get the new gadget that you want without  paying the whole price out of your budget.  

On the other note, my husband's phone quit working the other day. He told me that it wouldn't  turn on.  So I opened it, took out the battery, returned it again and voila, it worked.  Hubby said "Why did I not think of that?" I told him "I don't know" lol!

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