Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Flowers #MayFlowers

Here are some of the blooms I have this month.  My magenta rose is starting to bloom  along side with the cleamtis.  I am planning to plant more of this rose because when they bloom, they are beautiful!
 They are not tich like the other roses that I have but they are equally gorgeous!
 They bloom in bunches and not a single stem so I don't get this for my flower vase inside as   the bunch doesn't bloom altogether.
 My Multiflora Rose is also blooming.   You have to constantly trim this kind of rose because  it grows so quickly and it will  use all the space in your yard.  I keep this baby trimmed all the time.
According to
"This is the rangy, small-leaved shrub with sprays of one-inch white single roses in June. This rose is native to Japan and Korea, but has been used extensively in the U.S. as a "living fence." It wasn't such a great fence, since in our mid-Atlantic states it has become an invasive pest. It's also very prevalent along the Maine coast — beautiful in bloom, but a real problem to contain."
If you love pink roses, this is the rose for you. Itmakes a wonderful hedge, or plant just a few bushes where you want to add color to your landscape.   This grew  so tall last year so I cut it down short  which  explains why there aren't so many blooms this year.  I love its fragrance.

 I have two colors of peonies, thwhite ones with a little shade of red in the middle and the  dark pink ones.  Ants love this flowerm they are outrageously beautiful in bloom .  Theor  lush foliage can last all summer long. An interesting act of this  perennial ism they may live longer than  we do.  It says that it can thrive for 100 years. The plants require little maintenance as long as they are planted properly and establish themselves. 

I used to have different kinds of dianthus but  when I transpalnted them, this is the only color that survived.  
These small blue flowers  are beautiful.  They are called Myosotis scorpioides or forget me not.  I planted this in front of  Virigin Mary statue at our backyard.  I hope to grow mo]re of this.  
 Aren't they gorgeous?
I love clematis, they have variety of colors but Ionly have this pur[ple ones. I love it because they are very easy to take care of and they  grow back every year.

Shadow Shots

Friday, May 29, 2015

Amazing Bar Tricks That Will Win You Free Drinks All Night

There’s only one thing better than going for a drink and catching up with your friends. And that’s getting all the drinks free! One guaranteed way to ensure you drink for free all night is by teasing everyone with bar tricks. We all love a good magic trick, but it’s even better after two or three drinks! We think you’ve got the skills to blow your friends’ minds with bar trickery. We’ve rounded up the very best bar tricks on the planet to amaze and delight fellow pub-goers.

None of these tricks take too much practise or research. They’re quick and simple and you can execute them in any local bar or even your man cave. The worst that happens is you might spill the drink on yourself! All that’s left to do, is set the wager high and show off your tricks! If you’re lucky, your friends will keep betting against you, and you’ll keep coming out on top. Ready to wow your friends and grab some free drinks? Let’s take a look.

Whiskey and water - This is, by far, our favourite bar trick. Mostly because when you do it, even you’ll be amazed that it works! Start with two shot glass. One filled with water, one with whiskey. You then bet your friends that you can make them switch glasses, without touching the liquid. Naturally, they’ll shout ‘impossible!’ and the bet is on. Simply place a playing card over the water. Pick it up, turn it upside down and place it on top of the whiskey. Slowly remove the card and the whiskey will magically switch places with the water. We don’t know how this works, but it’s amazing!

The bottle and dollar - This trick is cool because your friends actually get to have a go first. Buy a bottle of beer and finish it off. Once it’s empty, turn it upside down and place it on a dollar bill, or any currency note. Tell your friends that you can pull the note out from under the bottle without it falling. You can even offer them to try it! They’ll whip the note, and the bottle will come tumbling down. Now it’s your turn. Just roll the edge of the note into a tube. Keep rolling and the bill will slowly come out from under the bottle. Easy!

Guess the card - It’s a trick as old as time. You offer a fan of cards to your friends and ask them to pick one. Tell them that if you guess correctly, they have to buy you a drink. They won’t be able to resist the wager, and you’re on! Naturally, you guess the card right, and you get a free drink. To pull it off, you will need a magic card set, specifically for bar tricks. But, it will quickly pay for itself after a few rounds!

Take these tricks with you next time you go to the pub and amaze your friends. You’ll go home having barely spent a penny.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Air Filters Delivered to your Door by FilterSnap

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours.  

Subscription boxes is a trend with most of the businesses nowadays.  The first  subscription box that I know is   food, then  the undies, then beauty products and the new one I discovered is subscription for air filters.  I actually liked this idea because it will remind you  when it needs to  replace your air filter already.  The normal time to replace it is 3 months so I am glad that FilterSnap is doing this kind of service now.
My husband  like how  heavy duty it is compared to the ones that we used  to buy in the store.  You too can subscribe, your first air filter is free but the rest, you have to pay of course.  We compared the old one we have to the one that FilterSnap sent us and we saw the big difference.  FilterSnap has quality frame and  it has more pleats than the store bought.  The more pleats an air filter has, the better because it can trap more pollutant. 
FilterSnap make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you ordered the wrong size, they will send you the correct size wpth no shipping  charge.  If they mess up your order,  they’ll work extra hard to fix it.  If in case the filter is damaged in shipping,  they will send  you a replacement for free.  With this illustration, you can sum up why you need to try FilterSnap:
Thank you FilterSnap!

Friday, May 22, 2015

BokChoi or Petchai

 I bought a pack of bokchoi or petchay when we went to the Asian store in Pittsburgh.  As I was placking the leaves, I noticed that there are new ones coming.  So I saved the and stuck them on the ground.  I was  very pleased to see them growing because I did not think they are going to survive as the stem did not have roots at the bottom.
We love petchay pr bokchoi in a soup, hopefully we could grow some of these  in the future.  I have to find out where I can buy seeds for next year's gardening. Shadow Shots

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Perfect Pet Door

I would love to have this kind of door for my dogs.  I am glad I h got this infographic, I will be showing this to hubby so he can see if he can do it.  
This is a great step by step guide  to  make a door for the fur babies.  This would  guve the dogs easy access to come in and out of the house.  I hope hubby can do this  project.
  The Perfect Pet Door Infographic
Presented By Door Store America

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Memories on Canvas with Canvas Champ

One important  event that we just had this month  is our son's first communion. Having your first communion is a big milestone in a Catholic's life because it means that  you will be able to partake  in receiving the bread in the eucharistic celebration . Preserving the memories is very important for me as a Mom because it is always nice to look back to their  childhood life through photos. I have ordered a canvas print from and it turned out beautifully!  
Canvas Champ is another company that I worked with and they  exceeded my expecations not just with the quality of the product but  with the price as well.  First of all, they have an award winning  canvas printing technology. Ordering a canvas print s very easy, it involves four easy steps:
  • Upload the photo
  • Choose the layout and size
  • Choose the style
  • Check out.
The packaging is secure, although I would prefer if they use a bubble wrap  rather than just  using a plastic wrap.  But then agan, it doesn't really matter as the  canvas print arrived  safely without any damage.  I am just saying this because I am used to receiving canvas prints wrapped with  bubble wraps.
I love it that their online store is one of the Google's Trusted store which is a good thing as you can  be confident of your purchase through them.  Another thing that I love is the thoughtflness in including a measured  stick where you need to drill a hole for the screws.  All of the companies that I previously worked with did not do that so you have to measure for yourself where the   screws need to go.  
The hook that they have  provided is heavy duty so you will never have to worry about the canvas falling off the wall.  Another thing that I am impressed about  them is the fast shipping.  The product is being sent from India but still arrived earlier than I expected.  Customer services is also great especially the one that I  was working with, thanks Jainam!
I have to rearranged the photo canvasses on the wall and transfer some on the other wall  to get the righ proportions of the  photos.  At least for my own liking anyway.
I also love the flexibility they offer  for the source of the photos that you  have to upload.  You can get it from your Instagram or Facebook which is a great option as  most of the people now uses both  Social Media platforms in uploading their photos.  Canvas Champ not only offers high quality canvas prints but they also  carries canvas banners, peel and stick, metal prints, artis supplies and a lot more for a very  reasonable prices.  
If you are looking for a very affordable  canvas  prints that doesn't compromise the quality of the product, I highly recommend   Canvas Champ.  They  are the chma[popm when it comes to  pricing.  Here are some  comarison of my previous canvas photos from different companies that I work with compare to Canvas Champ's price.

  • 16x20x1.5 from Canvas Press is $110.31 
  • 16x20x1.5 FROM Canvas Pop is $99 
  • 16x20x1.5 from Easy Canvas Prints is $87.17
  • 16x20x1.5 from Canvas4Life is $81.99 
  • 16x20x1 from Canvas Champ is $37.08
This post is brought to you by Canvas Champ.  There is no mentary involved with this post, I do however  provided the product free of charge in return of my honest review.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring Flowers: Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Iris, and More

Our crab apple tree is  beautiful when in bloom.  I am worried that I have been seeing a lot of tent catterpillars crawling on it.  Tent caterpillars  can be easily seen because they build  tents in the nodes and branches of a tree's limbs and at the end of the limbs, you'll see  webworms.  Right now, they are everywhere   where I always go for a walk everyday and they  grosses me out.  I am not fond of worms so I don't like seeing  them marching on the ground, ekkkk.
 My sister-in-law, Jill, gave me some of her  creeping phlox a couple of years  and I grew it by our driveway.  I decided to thin it out after a year and spread  each  vine though pout our driveway.  It is beautiful  when it  in blooms during Soring time.  
 The  Lilies  of the valley are now in full bloom.  Lily of the Valley or  Convallaria majalis, is a sweetly scented but highly poisonous woodland flowering plant.  However,  it's interesting to note that although it is poisonous, it has been used as a folk remedy in moderate amounts and used by some herbalist as herbal remedy.  This is native throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere in Asia, and Europe.
 It has a bell-shaped  white flowers and has a lovely scent.  The reddish seeds  can attract children so be very careful when you have little kids and have this plant in your garden as  the poison in it  can be deadly.
 I bought two of these miniature lilac bush last year and  I was surprised to see them bloom this year.
 This Lilac busgh that we bought online  about  8 years ago, has been very shy in blooming, I only see one branch having flowers for two years now.
 I only have the purple  Iris but I love when all of them  are in full bloom.
 Thesae are easy to take care of and it comes back every year.
 Our strawberries are now  blooming, I can't wait till the flowers  become fruits!
 Our blackberry  is also blooming, yohooo.  I bought two of these but only one survived.
 I love to hang out in our back porch now because everything is green and there are flowers to see.

I can't wait for the  trumpet vine to bloom so I  can see the  humming birds visit us again.
It's amazing how nature works, plants are dead or in dormant during Winter then on Spring time they sprung up and make everything  looks luscious again.

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