Thursday, September 20, 2018

Five New Hobbies You Could Try This Month

Variety is the spice of life, and as such we should all be trying to gain new experiences and learn new skills. Yet, life can be busy and there’s not always time to dedicate to finding new hobbies in your local area.

Chances are, there are many more activities right on your doorstep than you’re aware of — it’s easy to be blinkered and only see what you’ve seen before. Why not set yourself a challenge to try one or two (or more if you can!) If you’re stuck for ideas, here five new hobbies you could try this month

Get crafty at an art workshop

Now, you might be thinking: “I’m not an artist.” However, everybody is creative in some way, and perhaps you’ve just not found your personal channel for this inventiveness as of yet.

Looking in your local area, you’ll find plenty of different art and design workshops run by competent and friendly teachers. While some of them may be set up as six-weekly courses, there will also be others that are taster sessions, lasting only a few hours, to allow you to dip your toe in the water.

Take up a new sport

Joining a sports team — whether to play for fun or competitively — is an ideal way to exercise, have fun and make new friends in your neighborhood. Perhaps you played a lot of soccer as a kid, now may be just the time to reconnect with your past sporting prowess! Look for local fun leagues and head along to a meetup, just to see if you’re still game.
Explore your musical talents

If you were less of a sporty kid but enjoyed playing music, you could look to reconnect with your musical interests.

There’s no denying that learning a new instrument costs money; guitars, drum sets or any other instrument doesn’t come cheap. Luckily, some music teachers will provide an instrument for you to practice on first, so you only need to invest in the hobby should you wish to take it further.

Another great way to get back into music is by attending a concert. Check listings to find a ticket sale for an event in your nearest stadium or concert venue.

Give back by volunteering

If something a little more altruistic piques your interest, you should ask around for volunteering opportunities in your neighborhood community. You could do anything from teaching children to read, helping out at a soup kitchen, working in a community garden or befriending an elderly, isolated person.
school volunteers
Stretch your green fingers

Whether you’ve got a backyard or not, these days there are lots of mini gardening setups to grow your own fruit and vegetables around the house. Not only might you find it fun, but you’ll also be saving money on your weekly grocery bills — plus, eating food you grow yourself always tastes better! If you manage to yield an abundance of crops, you could invite friends over for dinner made entirely from your new hobby, or offer some of it around to your neighbors. Again, another great way a new hobby can bring friends together!

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