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How to Keep My Bouquet Fresh until the Wedding?

A bouquet of wedding flowers is a very important aspect of the wedding ceremony, whether it is a grand celebration or an intimate gathering of a few family members and close friends.  Bridal bouquets play an integral role in the celebration and has been a tradition for centuries.

A wilted or drooping bouquet of flowers is a genuine fear for any bride who is preparing for her big day.  However, flowers that are properly prepared will last throughout the ceremony, the photo session and wedding reception. When appropriately stored, the bouquet will remain fresh for a minimum of 12 hours.

One way to guarantee that the bouquet stays fresh throughout the day is having it delivered as close as possible to the time of the wedding.  However, if you or a family member decides to take on the task of making the bouquet, the following guidelines will assist in the execution and keeping the wedding flowers fresh afterwards:

Making A Wedding Bouquet

Choose flowers that have sturdy stems such as carnations, roses,  lilies, peonies and hydrangea.  Purchase between 8 and 12 fresh flowers to make the hand-held wedding bouquet.

After processing the flowers, place them into a container of water that is clean and sterile. Use a flower sealant to spray the blossoms as an added method of keeping the flowers fresh.

Choose three blossoming flower stems of the same height and use floral tape to wrap around them, covering 1 or 2 inches of the stems.  Ensure  that the tape is placed approximately 4 inches below the blossoms.

Put between 3 and 5 more flowers at the sides, ensuring that they are slightly below the center blossoms and use the tape to keep them together.  This will give the bouquet a slightly rounded appearance.  As an option, sprigs of ivy, statice, smilax, leather leaf or baby's breath can be added to the outer edges and taped into place.

Place the bouquet into a container of 2 to 3 inches of water in order to keep it fresh.  Use floral sealant to spray as an optional boost.

A few hours prior to the ceremony, use appropriate colored ribbon to wrap the entire length or a section of the stems.  Use corsage pins or hot glue to secure the end of the ribbon in place.

Keeping the Wedding Bouquet Fresh

Teleflora's Lovely Orchids in Mississauga ON, Euro Flowers
Keep the stem hydrated by allowing them to remain in water until close to the time when the bouquet will be taken down the aisle.

Prior to the wedding, store the wedding flowers in a cool room and keep the bouquet from freezing temperatures or heat sources.

Avoid using your fingers to touch the blossoms as this will prevent bruising and handle the bouquet with great care.

On the bridal table, strategically place a decorative vase with about 3 inches of water to place the bouquet of wedding flowers for the duration of the reception.  The wedding bouquet will serve as a centerpiece, which looks quite stunning and remains fresh and hydrated.

Sam Moser is a freelance content writer who has written almost exclusively for the web since graduating from the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. For him, who has been attending different wedding ceremonies, nothing beats the Mississauga florist in flower arrangement.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Lighting a Candle

Lighting a candle/s when my son is getting hyper somehow helps to calm him down. It makes him take a nap too! I also love lighting a candle when I am frying stuff in the kitchen because it eliminates odor.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sun Exposure

Having indoor plants is an advantage but during winter, it is a bit tricky because you can't bring your plants outside for sun exposure.  The best place to put your indoor plant is by the window where sunlight can still shines through.  Some of my indoor plants died but these two that I put in our dining room  window is doing really well.
Ms. Burrito was  asking me when are we going to put the  patio furniture out.  I told her that as soon as it warms  up a little, we would bring it out.
We brought our  patio furniture  inside because I did not want it to get damaged  outside with the harsh weather.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Colored Pencil

My kids are very expressive  with their feelings.  Sometimes, they show their appreciation to us with their  hugs and kisses and  by telling us that they love us and sometimes they express it through their arts.  My Kindergartner always comes home from school with a drawing for me.  It  warms my heart!
We got this set of colored pencil for our son during his birthday and he was very happy. It inspires him more to do arts.

Color is KULAY in Tagalog/Filipino language.

Legs Up

Our newest fur baby, Bolt, is a
He  whines and whines  while  changing positions to sleep in his dog bed.
We fund out that he is more comfortable sleeping with his legs UP!
A Photo a Day # 156
-My challenge to update this blog daily-
originally published on 6/15/12

Monday, March 25, 2013

How to Make Huge Sums of Money from Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling has become a booming business nowadays because it can be started with very limited funding. Yes, ordinary people can turn other’s trash into gold.

The best way to get into the said business is by becoming a scrap metal dealer. It should be noted that there is a vibrant market for scrap metal in the US and it is good time to sell the said commodities.

Good Ways to Collect Scrap Metal

To deal scrap metals and earn profit, interested individuals simply need to know how to collect them. This is because more scrap metals easily translate to more money! Getting a hold of the said commodities is quite simple because sometimes, they can be found scattered everywhere.

Some of the most notable places to look for scrap metals for scrap metal recycling are public roads since car parts, water pipes, cans, and other kinds of junk can be found there. Interested individuals can also check where their neighbors throw their metal trash on a regular basis and collect them on disposal days.

Transporting Scrap Metals for Recycling

After collecting scrap metals for metal recycling, aspiring dealers will need a huge truck with a substantial amount of storage space to store their goods. Those who do not own one can rent a unit during delivery days. While it may mean shelling out some money, it should be noted that the return of investment can be very immense.

Tips on Trading Scrap Metals

To obtain optimum revenue, aspiring metal dealers need to check out the companies that purchase scrap metals at substantially high rates. This undertaking is relatively easy and hassle free because online searches can be performed to find metal recycling centers that offer good rates for bulk scrap metals.

It should also be noted that individuals who have scrap aluminium, steel, and iron in their possession will certainly get bigger revenue.

It would be best to classify the scrap metals that will be sold according to their type. By doing this, sellers can sell scrap metal recycling centers that are looking to purchase certain types of metals.


Scrap metal recycling is a good way to earn cash without the need to shell out huge sums of money for capital. Some might be surprised how so many people leave scrap metals in their homes. Those who possess entrepreneurial instinct should not waste time but make efforts to earn money from other people’s junk.

Foot with a Face

Here's a simple craft that you can do with your kids at home.  Depending on what material you have at home, this is very easy to make.  It's my daughter's traced  foot shape.  If you don't have  the soft material, you can use a ribbon and just use a felt paper or whatever  you have.
Give your foot a face.  A fun project with kids.

Classic movies

If you are  looking for the cheapest place to buy cigars, just look it up online and one of the results will be the Famous Smoke Shop.  Cigars always reminds me of classic movies especially those western  genres.  Anthony Quinn is one of my favorites.    My FIL has this old cigar pipe down  his basement so if I get the chance, I'll take a photo of it and show it to you!

Easter Treats

These are just some of the treats that  the Burritos got from their Easter Party in school.  Lots of  sweet treats and believe me, I put them  away because my son has the tendency to just keep eating  them lol.
 I like the bunny and carrot erasers.

How to Protect Your Home from Terrible Weather

We know us Brits are famous for talking about the weather, but we have had an awful lot to talk about over recent years. However, there are steps you can take to protect your home from terrible weather.
1. Winter Weather
Lag Pipes and Water Tanks: Freezing water can cause major problems within the home. Lag the areas that are at risk and repair leaking taps to reduce the risk of frozen water gathering in pipes which could burst when the thaw starts.

Keep Your Home Warm: Maintaining a constant temperature in the home can reduce the threats of cold weather. Consider keeping your central heating on low throughout the day and night in extreme temperatures. Also ensure you have adequate insulation in your loft and roof to stop warmth escaping.

Clear Your Gutters: Falling debris, especially from Autumn leaves, can block gutters and cause them to overflow. This will concentrate more water on your roof and foundations which can cause problems.

Check for small cracks or breakages: Small cracks in chimneys and roofs can become much bigger when frost sets in. Take a look around your home and carry out those small repairs to avoid even greater jobs in the future.
2. High Winds
Check for Loose Tiles: Tiles that are cracked or loose can easily be blown off in high winds. This will expose your roof and could create damage to neighboring property. Ensure your roof is in a good state of repair and make regular checks to identify any potential problem areas.

Check Fences and Boundaries: Loose fence posts can be particularly vulnerable during high winds. Ensure all fences are in good repair and there are no signs of cracks or wood rot. Try to cut back branches on overhanging trees which may fall on your home when the winds come.

Clear Away Debris: After the winds have died down, clear away debris as soon as possible. This will allow you to identify any repairs required and stop blockages that could lead to potential flooding.
3. Flooding

Flood Defence Systems: If your home is at high risk of flooding then investing in flood defense systems can reduce the level of flood damage. Items such as flood guards, covers for ventilation bricks and special 'non-return' valves for drain pipes are all readily available. Alternatively local councils may provide temporary flood defence systems free of charge but only when the potential threat is sufficient.

Use Water Resistant Products: Though it is hard to keep flood water coming into your home, it is possible to choose products that will be more resistant to damage. Avoid using chip board and other water permeable products within the home. Opt for solid wood, plastic or stainless steel which is less prone to damage. Furthermore, choose floor coverings that can be removed rather than fitted carpets which are likely to shrink if they are taken up. Keep valuable items and important documents on high shelves or store them upstairs wherever possible.

Guest Post provided by, a disaster restoration company with 12 years experience in dealing with the worst of UK weather.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Eye

I was sorting the laundry one day and my helper was investigating as well.  Caught in the act lol.  He did not  expect to see a flash so suddenly.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Icicles in January

I was suppose to post these photos for letter i in ABC Wednesday but I have completely forgotten all about it.  Anyhow, these were taken last January, we did not have much of big icicles but the cold weather is just unbearable.  It's the third day of Spring now but it is still freezing outside.
Icicles are pretty to look but it can be dangerous or even deadly if it happen to fall on your head.  Wishing you a happy and safe weekend.

Virtu Vanities

The bathroom is not just a space in the home for washing, bathing etc, it is also a place where people like to relax and be comfortable.  As every other homemaker you too need to make the effort to plan and design your bathroom in a manner that will make it stylish and functionally impeccable. Apart from maintaining cleanliness in the bathroom, one needs to see that it is well designed with modern bathroom vanities.  One could create an attractive space with the use of attractive and functional bathroom vanities. Today there is a wide selection of bathroom fittings available that can be used effectively in different bathrooms. You are assured of getting elegant unique designs which would enhance the functionality and appealing look of your bathroom.

There are many designs available in the market today and   you need to make a customized selection.  To do this you need to keep in mind certain important aspects to make the perfect choice. Most retail stores have stylish catalogs and brochures of a wide selection of bathroom vanities.  You can check through the internet, the huge variety of bathroom vanities available.   The contemporary   bathroom vanities available, offer flexibility, space and a comfortable ambiance. You can contact these online stores that retail modern bathroom vanities and get details of the items you are interested in. Enquire about the discounts or any good offers which will save you money. While choosing your bathroom vanities you need to keep the overall design of your bathroom in mind. You could select a mirror in a contemporary style which will add a classy touch to your bathroom. The sink you select should also fit  elegantly  into the overall design of the bathroom. You will need to make a detailed design for the bathroom and then select modern bathroom vanities that will be functional ,   modern and elegant in its appeal.
Pick up elegant pieces of bathroom vanities like faucets, furniture etc to fit into the overall design of the bathroom. Faucets come in a range of stainless steel or chrome finishes. You could also choose from a range of modern lighting vanities,  that will make your bathroom unique and appealing. On an affordable budget one can  transform the ambiance in the bathroom, by selecting modern bathroom vanities from a reliable online store.

The bathroom is an important place in the house where one needs to find complete functionality combined with a feeling of relaxation.  While maintaining cleanliness in the bathroom is very important, one needs to ensure that it is appealing in appearance .  When your bathroom fittings become old and shabby, it’s time to remodel your bathroom using  modern bathroom vanities. Keeping in mind the general design of the house while selecting bathroom vanities is very important.  Size is an important feature when shopping for bathroom vanities.  When you purchase your bathroom vanities from online stores you will get the benefit of modern technology combined with a classic look.  Designing  your bathroom can be an enjoyable experience that allows you to take advantage of the advances in modern bathroom vanities.  Take the challenge and display your unique creativity!!!

Dianthus Colors

 Few of my Dianthus barbatus  or Sweet Williams flower  in the garden are now blooming.  I love the variety of colors  of this gorgeous plant.

A Photo a Day # 139-140
-My challenge to update this blog daily-

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Comfortable and Luxurious Party Bus Chicago

Do you want to party hard? If yes, how is the idea of arranging a party in luxurious party bus Chicago? Party buses available in Chicago are designed in the finest style with modern and spacious interiors that allows one to enjoy a unique party atmosphere. Comfortable seating arrangements are an extra feature with arm rests, skin friendly cushions and covers give the bus a stylish appearance. The efficient drivers are another added advantage of party buses in Chicago.

The option of party bus Chicago rental makes it simple and easy for one to enjoy party without any difficulty. This bus rental service understands the need of both comfort and luxury. Choosing party bus rental in Chicago is affordable. If you are planning to travel to a place just for the sake of enjoyment, make sure that everything happens in a cordial manner. The most important thing to take care of is the luxury of the guests attending the party. Make sure that the bus rental services in Chicago have all the facilities for your guests. No matter whether you are arranging an annual gathering, alumni meet or making arrangements for a silver jubilee function, party bus Chicago rental services will be helpful for you.

Driving can be a tedious job especially when you want to enjoy. In such situations, the party bus Chicago rental services solves all the issues. With this bus rental service, there is no need to drive as they offer an experienced driver along with the bus. So, you can enjoy with your friends and relatives freely. The party bus rental service in Chicago offers different types of vehicles like limo, SUV etc. So, you need to just make a choice which vehicle would you prefer for your party. The party bus rental services Chicago comes with dependable connectivity along with courteous staff members who assist you in making the party more enjoyable.

You can give a special touch to the party with the best bus offered for rentals. Arrange the most stylish bus for your party and give your guests an ultra-special comfort. There are many who want to arrange a special party in a party bus Chicago but are not able to do because they do not have an idea about the things that they should do. The first important thing is to find a reliable company that offers party buses for rentals in Chicago. You will find information about such companies in newspaper classifieds and online too. If you are choosing a company online, be sure that it is a reliable one.

The next important thing to ensure is whether the driver of the bus has a valid license or not. It will be better to go for an experienced driver. Choose a bus that comes with modern light arrangements, coolers loaded with drinks for the convenience of your guests.  Most of the party buses available in Chicago on a rental basis include sound stereo system, Plasma TV and a dance floor. While looking for a party bus in Chicago, look for one that has above mentioned features.  

Image source by

Mardi Gras

This photo was taken a month ago when Ms. Burrito's class had their Mardi Gras party in their classroom.  Mr. Burrito was sick that time so he  did not able to  attend the party in his class.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

HP Printer Ink Cartridges

Printers are just one of the many useful home and office equipment that you can invest in. They can be very convenient to have around at home and can be used for a variety of purposes. Your children do not have to go to a commercial printing shop just to have their research papers and essays printed. They can conveniently finish their school projects at home. You can use your printer to print coupons that you can use on your next shopping trip. Printers are also very handy to have around especially when you want to make hard copies of your documents and files that you have on your computer. If you see an interesting article online that can provide practical and useful tips, you can print also print it so that you can have something to refer to from time to time. You can print all the documents that you want and create your own personal files.

 If photography is one of your hobbies then you need to invest in a quality printer. You can print your own photos and give them away to friends and family members or add them to your personal collection. There are printers such as those that have HP printer ink that can create stunning photos. 

Hosting a children’s party at home? If you would like to save on some of the usual expenses, then you can use your printer to print your own invitations. Printing them can also give you more control of how your invitations will look like. You can customize your invitations and print as many as you need. You can also use your printer to make party souvenirs and giveaways. With so many types of printers that are available in the market today, you can easily choose one that can fit your budget and your needs. Some printers can even be used for other purposes such as to scan, make copies of documents and to send and receive fax messages. There are trusted brands that are also being offered at affordable prices. Look into commercial stores and online shops so that you’ll have an idea of what your options are.


I used to  play scrabble   when I was in college and one word that I can still remember is "xerophile".  One of the priest that I played scrabble with   used this word.  According to the online dictionary, xerophile is plant adapted for life with a limited supply of water, you may compare  compare hydrophyte and mesophyte.  Now, I searched for   any kind of plant that belongs to xerophile but I found a different thing.  Cactus and bromeliad belongs to xerophytes family. 
I took  these photos of the cactus  flower at my SIL's garden a few years ago.
This one was taken  during our last visit to Pittsburgh Zoo
A Photo a Day # 173-179
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Three Essential Organic Gardening Supplies

Utilizing organic gardening supplies is an important component of developing a garden that brings about fresh vegetables and fruits. This means that individuals who will use the mentioned goods will grow garden products that do not contain harmful chemicals and toxins.

It should be noted that the chemicals, toxins, and other harmful elements that are utilized in fertilizers and pesticides can penetrate garden products. While the total amount that can be absorbed by a single plant can be very minimal, in the long run, the miniature amounts can accumulate and therefore cause a myriad of health complications.

That is the reason why, aspiring gardeners need to educate themselves with regard to the appropriate organic gardening supplies that they need to utilize in their own garden.

In general, there are three essential gardening supplies that aspiring or newbie gardeners should consider. They are explained in the succeeding paragraphs.

1. Organic vegetable and fruit seeds
Some of the primary items that are incorporated into gardens are organic seeds to grow vegetables and fruits. The seeds that will be purchased need to be validated by the United States Department of Agriculture because invalidated ones may have been cultivated with the use of toxic fertilizers and other garden components.

The chemicals that the said supplies contain can also be absorbed by the seeds. For this reason, it would be best to focus on organic vegetable seeds when starting out a garden.

2. Natural pesticides and fertilizers
Contrary to many beliefs, not all pesticides and fertilizers need toxic chemicals to be effective. Some of the most prevalent natural pesticides and fertilizers out on the market contain garlic, onions, basil, salt, hot pepper, peppermint, and other everyday products.

In addition to using the above-mentioned commodities, regular weeding as well as cultivating insects such as butterflies and bees can help propagate an organic garden.

3. Organic soil and compost
Organic soil and compost are some of the best things that can be utilized in an organic garden. This is because utilizing nutrient rich soil is essential when it comes to developing healthy roots. Organic vegetables and plants that have healthy roots can easily tolerate pests and drought.

One of the most crucial parts of developing an organic garden is to make sure that all the necessary organic gardening supplies are present. Failure in this part can lead to serious gardening problems such as less desirable vegetables and fruits as well as poorly nourished soil. For these reasons, it would be best to exercise caution when it comes to getting hold of the essential supplies..

Waiting for Summer time

This cold season is getting into me... I can't wait till its summer again where we can go for a walk everyday and the kids can play in the playground and do the things they love outside. Usually when we go for a walk during summer days, our children fall asleep like the photo below right before we arrive home.

This was originally posted  by my husband in this blog on February 22, 2009.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Use Adjustable Beds at Homes to Aid the Ailing Family Member

Adjustable beds are considered to be one of the best ways to get proper sleep. There are different types of beds that are available at showrooms, and they are indeed useful.

Most of these adjustable beds are operated mechanically, wherein you can easily raise its height or lower it down as per your own convenience. People who are suffering from back pain or any other such kind of ailments will be surely happy with such types of beds. Typically, you can find such beds in hospitals, where patients themselves can easily adjust them as per their requirement.

Many designs and looks
With the advancement in the technology, you can effortlessly find many designer beds that are not only attractive to look at, but easy to use as well. They are quite easy to operate. These beds come with various adjustment options. Few of the beds are attached to the stimulators that can be used for massaging your back.

If you think that such beds are going to cost you a fortune, then you are wrong. These luxurious beds are available at affordable prices and cost you less than the conventional flat ones. There are many companies that sell such beds including the king mattresses from their websites.

Medical benefits
These days, people prefer buying such beds for homes, as they have many medical benefits. Some of them are certified by FDA, and is recommended for people who suffer from various health issues. This bed has benefitted many people, and now they don’t have to struggle a lot to sleep peacefully. Medical and healthcare professionals also recommend their patients to use these beds, especially for all those who are confined to bed due to some illness.
Following are few of the conditions where you can use this adjustable furniture:
  • Acid reflux disease - Adjustable beds are recommended for people who are suffering from this medical disorder. Such problems can cause heart burn, which can be quite irritating. People can adjust these beds to help them control this medical disorder.
  • Degenerative spondylolisthesis - Hectic lifestyle doesn’t give enough time for people to take care of themselves. Back ache has become one of the major issues, and needs special care all the time. This piece of furniture will provide you with enough support to rest your back in a proper position. This reclining cot can be easily adjusted into different positions, which will help you in controlling this pain. It will also provide additional support to your knees.
  • Spinal stenosis - In case you are suffering from this medical issue, then it would be better if you sleep in reclining position.
  • Osteoarthritis - These adjustable beds will easily support your joints. This means that your joints will not have to bear too much of pressure while lying down. If you are suffering from Osteoarthritis, then these cots will relieve you of pain and no further damage will be done to your bones.
It is recommended to read the specifications and understand their functioning, before purchasing these cots. That will not only save money for you, but will also help you in purchasing the best products for a lifetime. 

This article was written by Ashley Hawkins. She is a professional freelance writer from Alabama. You can follow her on twitter for more articles about home decor ideas. @itsmeashley2013

Mums and Zinnias

Can you tell that it's a combination of  mums and zinnias?  It kind of blend it sp you can't really tell  and the colors are exactly the same.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


When I first working online, IZEA was the very first company that I signed up for.  IZEA's  owns the Payperpost, Inpostlinks, Socialspark and other  programs where bloggers can monetize their blogs by writing  reviews and  running their ads.
Just like any other companies, IZEA started very strong.  Opportunities for bloggers  were  abundant before but now, only few bloggers are being given assignment.  I dunno if  recession has something to do with it or it's because they ventured into  stock investment or what.  
I received some Valentine loots from them this year.  I wish that I would receive more assignments from them again.


We found this bottle  at the woods when we had our family walk down there.  Things like this sparks my children's curiosity.
"Every pint bottle should contain a quart."
-Boyle Roche-
A Photo a Day # 101
-My challenge to update this blog daily-


 One of my lupine plant came back this year and it's blooming now.
A Photo a Day # 124
-My challenge to update this blog daily-

Eastern Gateway

I took a quick snap of this flowering tree at the side of Eastern Gateway University in Steubenville Ohio.
A Photo a Day # 111
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Monday, March 11, 2013


Do you see the wink of an eye in this shot?  I find this very ornery hehehe.
A Photo a Day # 116
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My FIL said that my late MIL used to love crocheting which explains why there are so many yarns at their house. He gave it all to Ms. Burrito. We also bought her a kit that she needs to manually do crochet. Using the machine is easier but it is very important that she learn the basic.

A Photo a Day # 181
-My challenge to update this blog daily-

Sunday, March 10, 2013

5 Steps To Boost Web Traffic

Increased web traffic denotes increased conversions, reactions, sales and a privileged ranking in chief search engines. Increasing traffic towards a web-site never has been complicated now. Actually, numerous things are there to assist devoid of requiring a web-developer. Constructing a web-site search engine affable is typically an issue of content. Let’s stare at chief five things that craft a major variation to search engine.


1) Content is deemed sovereign when it approaches search engines. The content on your web-page, its placement and formatting possess the chief brunt on way of ranking a website by search engines. The mainly imperative information regarding a web-site and their content is the residence in top search pages. Search engines indulge the content at peak of pages with additional weight than text auxiliary along a page.

2) The text appearing on home page must focus on theme of the web-site. Maintain home page text germane to what your site is concerned. Evade adding an extensive greeting on homepage top to ensure reliance to visitors. Take prolonged details to bottom of web-page in ‘About Us’ form. Keep the text for home page compactly pertinent to site’s intention and objective.

3) Utilize best Keywords to swell hits. Meta Tags or keywords are utilized by search engines to categorize and locate sites. These are veiled in HTML coding at peak of web-page. Taking page source, anyone might perceive these Meta tags. Confirm to observe if these words are pertinent to web-site and comprise company or owner name and all spellings of content on the web-site.

4) Remember, icon ALT tags frequently are unnoticed by web-developers. They are imperative to search engines. They are painless to affix to accessible web-pages and oblige no coding. Frequently an image merely requires to be ticked on to enter the web-site. The images ALT become visible and text is entered. Remember, image without ALT Tag cannot catch concentration of search engine.

5) Page title preserves immense significance. Page title emerges at top bar of browser window. Each page must owe suitable title as search engines never locate a web-page without proper title. Use name accordingly content on page, instead of using ‘page1.’ For instance, a fashion web-site must possess page names like fashion jewelry, fashion magazine, fashion accessories etc. It would aid search engines in finding what the page possesses. Confirm each web-page on your site to guarantee the relevancy of titles.

To form websites search engine affable never is fate or magic. Catching augmented search engine results is a technique that seems painless to pursue when you discern what to gaze for. Synqk nyc seo firm also offers services to help boost web traffic on your website. Remember, missing tiny items is effortless that may enhance web-site traffic while organizing a business but also remember that content is sovereign whenever search engines reckon your web-site.

Chrissy Stall is working with Synqk for last few years as a Marketing Agent.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nail Polished Mug

I bought two of these  plain white mugs in South Korea when we were still living there.  I use it to put the  sponges from  the kitchen sink.  Last weekend, my daughter asked me if I can paint her nails, unfortunately, the  nail polishes are all getting so thick so I did not use it  on her nails.  I was going to throw it away but then I thought of letting my daughter paint the mug.  This is how it came out.
So there,  the newly painted  mug with nail polish.  It gave the plain white mug  some colors!

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