Friday, October 11, 2013


We were teasing  our children a while ago that we  will be ,moving  soon because   their Dad has accepted a new job assignment.  They told us in unison "Nooooo, we don't want to move!" They are so against leaving this  place as they love their school and their friends.  I guess that is the hard part when you live in a friendly  neighborhood.  You get to  love  it that  even a slight  change scares you.  The place where we live right now is just perfect  in raising our  precious children.

PotsAnyhow, I  was talking to a friend   a couple of days ago and   they are  planning to  buy a house   somewhere  so they are on the look out for  mortgage company.    I mentioned that looking it up online could greatly benefit them as there are so many companies like Christchurch Broker who lend their  financial help to  people who are in need of financial  services.  You can even  find a loan to finance    your new business or any home improvement such as buying your  new  Kitchen equipment.  There are also places who offers services that would let you do a  Rent to Buy option for  appliances or furniture that you need.  Speaking of kitchen  equipment, I will be shopping for new   pots and pans soon.  My dear husband has been asking me to buy a new set since he doesn't like the set that  we have right now.

By the way, come next month  will be  a busy month for me so I will be slowing down with my blogging stuff.  I will just finish my  commitments on product reviews and I will take a   break for a while to concentrate on something  very important.  I hope that I can do it.  You might  noticed  a  lessen posts to my active blogs in the coming weeks starting next week.   Hopefully the outcome will be positive.  I just need need more self confidence.  I know that I can do it but I have this nervousness in me that once it strikes, I can't think straight and then everything just  crumble down.  That's why I really need an ample time to prepare myself.  Its now or never so  I really need to focus.  Wish me luck!

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WE said...

Yes, its very difficult to move once you settled down in a place for long time. Especially, for Kids its tough leaving their friends.

Grace said...

Im back here in your wonderful blog, Rose. I am so impressed to see you are on here. Two thumbs up to you. I'm trying to get back to my blogging.
Anyway, in response to your post, I think I am weird because I love moving frequently. I know it is stressful though. I just love living in different places.
As usual, its always a pleasure to be here, and hey, your kiddos are so big now. Wow! Good job, mommy.

Diane said...

Of course we wish you luck. Hope all goes as planned. Take care Diane.

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