Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Southern Wind Gets Underway

The Southern Wind is headed for Honduras.  No, I'm not talking about another tropical storm that is destined to wreak havoc on this beautiful country, I'm talking about a medical team known as the "Floating Doctors" that are bringing health and well-being to the people of Honduras.  Floating Doctors utilizes a 76-foot expedition sailboat to deliver medical care around the globe, while minimizing the carbon footprint left behind.  

During their four month Honduran expedition, these doctors, along with a skilled medical team, plan to educate the people on good health practices while also treating medical conditions and vitamin deficiencies.  They will combat disease and other health-related issues with an arsenal of traditional medicine, cutting-edge technology, and an unstoppable altruistic approach.

To find out more about this expedition, you can visit them at or go to their facebook page  Exciting and informative videos, as well as pictures and articles, will be posted to offer a glimpse into what they are all about.  These medical professionals are "taking it to the streets" and you're invited.  So come along on a journey of goodwill and learn why helping those in need feels so good.

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