Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Environmental Drilling Solution

If you are a blogger and an avid participant to memes,  you will always  have an eye for things around you that  you can share for  different letters every Wednesday.  I spotted some of the  entrance (enter) and exit signs  in some of the establishments that we passed by last weekend.  Eye Center, Bob Evans, and Environmental Drilling Solutions are few of them that  I've seen and captured.


If you are a music performer, you always want to make sure that the stage lighting will highlight  the performance and won't interfere  with how you perform on the stage.    This is  crucial especially if you are  performing in a big  stage as the crowd wants to be able to see  their  idol and you want to make sure that you are giving what the fans wants, and that's to  see a glimpse of you!  I always think that musician has a very  easy  job but I think that it is more than that.  They do have so many things going on and so many things to consider when performing live on the stage.

Jigsaw Puzzles as Wall Decor

One of the many things that we enjoy doing as a family is  putting together   a jigsaw puzzles.  We have so many puzzles at home  and we invested   time on the big ones that I thought, why not put them in frames.  I finally hanged them  on our basement wall yesterday.
Below are the individual titles of each set.
1.  Playing with the Wind was completed on December 26.  It took us three days to complete this.  Not the entire 24 hour though, we only  work on these during our family times.

2.  Stone Ground Corn Mill was completed sometime last year.  I forgot to write it down.  I couldn't find a big frame for it so I used a cardboard box to mount the whole ting in.

3.  Family Sunset  was completed in March 4, 2012.  This one only took us 1 day to complete.

4.  Good Little Shepherds was completed on March 2, 2012.  It took us two days to complete this one.
I still have some to complete but I have been putting it off lol.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roses made of Soap

I've seen this box of roses at Dollar Tree.  They are air freshener and  made out of soap!  Pretty neat isn't it?  Not only that it's pretty, it also smells so good!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothing Keeps Cool Like a Polar Bear - Sticky Post

I can't wait till  this Winter or Flu season is over.  I am so ready for Summer.  For me, Summer is the great season of all.  You can have fun outside and not contain inside the house. My family love outdoor adventure so whenever it's  Winter, we  are bummed out.  We still try to go out and have fun with the snow but it's risky doing that as  the chance of having a cold and catching  a sickness is very high.  Right now, my daughter can't go to school because she caught and nasty bug.  She's been  sick for three days now and I feel so bad for her.  

On the lighter note, I am  very happy and excited that I was given a chance to  work with Polar Bear.    The said  company has  different collection of Polar Bear Coolers (as shown in the photo below).  They are available in different sizes and colors.

I chose the 24 Pack Red (as I love the color red).  My husband wants the blue one but I insit that we should get the red one lol.

Here is their product's description (copied from the website).

Cooler Specs

All Polar Bear Coolers are made the same. There is only one style. It comes in 4 different sizes and a number of different colors and may be called a boat cooler or golf cooler, but they are all made the same and they all meet the following characteristics.
  • Heavy duty luggage grade 1000 denier nylon outer shell. 
  • Specialized open cell foam air trap design. 
  • Leak proof / Sweat proof Dura-Temp liner. 
  • Heavy duty #8 weatherized rubber-coated zipper. 
  • Padded shoulder strap. 
  • Side release buckles, heavy duty built to last. 
  • Side pocket with rubber coated zipper. 
  • Velcro wrap around handle. 
  • Zipper pull-tab / bottle opener. 
  • Will keep ice for at least 24 hours in 100-degree heat. 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Thanks a lot  Polar Bear!   Cooler is a must have during summer time and please bear this in mind, Nothing Keeps Cool Like a Polar Bear.

Disclaimer:  Product mentioned above was received for free in exchange of  an honest review.  No monetary compensation has transpired in this  article.

Organizing Nuts and Screws

My husband always calls  his Dad every afternoon when he gets  home from work.   He feel bad that his Dad  no longer drives  which is  must be very hard for him.  He told my husband that he has been cleaning his garage and  organizing all the t-nuts and screws that he finds.  He said that my husband can take all of them and stock it in our garage just in case he need them.  He keep telling us that  he  feel like he won't be staying any longer,  which is very sad.  I hope it's not the case.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dining Room

This is our dining room.  The former owner of the house turned one of the bedrooms into a formal dining area.  We only  use  it when there is a party at home which is very seldom.  We are planning to turn it into a bedroom again if we  can't find a  new home that would accommodate the four of us.  We have a big kitchen so we really don't need a dining room so let's wait and see what we  come up next.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wellness Check Up

These photos were taken  at the doctors office when I took my daughter  to their pediatrician for a wellness check up last December (2012).  I hope that you are having a joyful Christmas.  
When I was in College, one of my Theology teacher would always  shorten some words like  Christian into X-tian, Christmas into X-mas, and Christ into Xt.  It seems wrong but I liked it as it made it easier for me to  take down notes.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


When we were in South Korea, hubby and I purchased some Asian decors such as framed Japanese ladies made, four-season Asian flowers, vases and more.  When we came back here, I  hanged them in our hallway walls.
When it comes to decorating, I go as my  eyes pleases.  Sometimes I put things in a place and then the next day, I removed them.  Just like the decors I put on top of the piano.
I replaced them with these.
The other side of our hallway wall.
So there it goes, our Asian-Inspired walls.

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