Thursday, October 27, 2011


The end of learning is to know God 
and out of that knowledge,
to love Him and to imitate Him...
by possessing our souls with true virtue.

Just like the  fading cosmos below, everyone of us will fade   in due time.
Photos were taken at my BIL's garden the last time we visited him when he was still breathing last week He passed away yesterday due to stomach cancer. May you rest in peace Dave!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Volunteer Work

These pictures were taken last April 29th when we had our community relation project with the local community. This is called beach clean up. Korea is a very good host that is why we always try to do some community service like teaching english in elementary schools, adopting a community to clean or planting smetree with the locals.

Here are the garbage we collected on the river side.

An old post from two years ago.  (Originally posted on May 4, 2009).


We went for a walk at  our neighborhood and found a good Number of mushroom or fungus growing at our Neighbor's yard.

 Aren't they neat?  Nature is really amazing isn't it?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 "Faith sees the reality that the human eye cannot see."

Isn't amazing that when you have faith, things are different?  Some see no difference but I definitely can.  How about you?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Glass Collection

Our neighbor has a big curio full of collectible glass.  I asked permission to take photos of it, wish I could take photos of each lol.  I love the pair of orange shoes!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

George's Treat

I checked on our pet George last week and saw an amazing thing about nature.  It was kinda  morbid but neat in a way because I get to see him eat the treat that he caught.  What got me is that I saw the grasshopper's inside of stomach or heart still breathing while George was  munching on him.

I feel bad for the grasshopper  but I know that  the praying mantis (George) is just trying to survive.
There are so many insects in my mums so George stay there.  We visit  and check on him everyday.
Can you see his teeth?  This is my very first time seeing a praying mantis  eat so it's pretty amazing.  For some of you, this occurrence is just ordinary but for me it's extra ordinary hehehe.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Okay folks, you be the judge on what kind of birds are these as I am not good in naming them.
These were taken in Animal Kingdom during our Kilamanjaro Safari  tour.
THere were just so many of them and it's beautiful to see  them fly around.
So do you think these beauties are flamingos?

Jeju Do

This is one of the many shots we took during our last vacation when we were still in South Korea. We did an island hoping in Jeju Do or Jeju Island. It was a lot of fun out there! I am actually missing being in the Land of the Morning Calm.  The kids are asking us when  are we going back there and visit again.

Hand Painting

Our daughter love watching the Barney show and in one of the episodes,   the kids used their feet  for painting. Well, when we went to Homeplus the other night she asked us to buy her another set of paints. When we came home, she immediately opened them out and she used her two hands to paint instead of using the paintbrush. We  asked her why she preferred to use her hands and she told us that she was going to use her feet but she said that it's going to make too much mess so she chose to use her hands.. Hmmnnnn good thinking...

Originally written and published on January 28, 2009, when we were still in Korea.

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