Friday, January 12, 2018

Redecorating Our Master Bedroom #HangoutRoom

When we first moved into this home, we didn't know which part of the bedroom would be best to put our bed so we put away from the windows. That was a big mistake because, the light from outside is too bright that it was keeping me awake even with curtains closed. So to address the issue, hubby and I repositioned our bed and put it on the other side of the wall.
Our bedroom is the biggest room in this house so we had plenty of space.  I asked my husband to  build me a walk-in closet on that side where I  put the  couch but it doesn't look like he is likes the idea.  Two of the bedrooms have walk-in closets but our  bedroom which is a bummer because my clothes won't fit in  the  small Mr. and Mr's closet near the bathroom.  I know, I need to  trim down my clothes in order for everything to fit so that is what I will do.
Our kids love to  hang out with us before bedtime so they would jump in our bed.  The issue is that, our bed get so crowded that we  hardly have space to  move around so I ordered an area rug to put on the floor so we could all gather around it if we need to.
My husband inherited his Dad's old military chest  so I wanted to incorporate it in our bedroom rather than buying a table.  Inside the chest is  my husband's childhood stuff and military memorabilia.   Also kept in there  the flag that  they gave us during my father-in-law's funeral as part of the 21-gun salute honor they did for him.  
We read  the Bible on Mondays and also read books on Tuesdays so we  now have an official place to do it.

My daughter brought her bean bag in our "hang out room", that's what they call it now.
 Our fur babies are bummed out because we restricted them from  coming in this space.  It might sound mean but they shed so much so what we do is hang out with them in our family room before going upstairs and in order for them not to feel left out, we  put them in their bed before we  go to ours. 

This Martha Stewart collection Camille 10-Pc. Queen Comforter Set was on a close out sale  at Macy's and I could not pass the deal.  It also matched perfectly with our aqua color theme so even though I just bought a new bedding last November< I jumped on getting this one too.
My husband said "When it rains, it pours".  He was  asking me to buy a new  bedding  last year but due to budget constraints, I held off but now that we could afford it, I went for it.  So from Hallmart collectible to Martha Stewart, our bedroom got a new look.
I still wish my husband would make a walk-in closet someday lol.  He said he has to check if we have to follow a certain code  for it but I think it is  alright.  He is right though, we need to make sure before adding anything so that when it's time to sell this house, there won't be no issue.  I still think a walk-in closet is a big plus for women when buying a house.  What do you think?

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