Saturday, January 26, 2013

Photo Canvas

 I worked with two companies who offered me  free canvasses  in exchange of my honest review about their product and services.  The big photo canvass that measures 16x20  is from Mailpix and the three small ones is from other company that I previously worked with.

I was disappointed  with the crappy job I did on cropping the photo  on the big one.  I had a little difficulty doing the project at Mailpix.  For a not-so-technical-savvy like me, it took me a while to figure out how to  do it.  I like the tools at the other company better because  it is very user-friendly and  uploading and cropping your photo is not hard.  But I take full responsibility of the end result of the   product  because I did not pay attention to what it would look like when printed.

What I would suggest is for Mailpix to have a preview feature where they would present  the final  look of the project before  finalizing it for printing, that would be great.  Or they could even make suggestions how you could  improve your project.  Other than that, I think that  the quality of the materials they use  is worth the money you are paying for.
Anyhow, both companies offered high quality  photo canvasses.
Thanks a lot Mailpix! If you want to  get connected with them and get some updates of their deals, follow them  on Twitter and like them on Facebook.  Turning images into Memories is what Mailpix does best.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bathroom Upgrade

The bathroom upgrade that we  started  last November is finally done.

  • We removed the old and rotten vinyl flooring and laid some tiles that  looked like  hardwood floor.  
  • We removed the existing toilet bowl and put a new one. 
  • Replaced  the sink and put in a new one with matching cabinet.  
  • We bought an oval shaped medicine cabinet but when we  unwrapped the package it was broken so I suggested to just use our old one and painted it.  Glad that the husband agreed as it saved us more than a hundred bucks.
  • We also install new towel rack and  tissue holder which matches the new lighting fixtures that hubby installed.

I am so glad that we did an upgrade to the bathroom even if it wasn't an over-all  renovation.  It look fresher and clean.  With some finishing touches, I love our bathroom no more than ever.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rug Cleaning

I mentioned in one of my recent posts in one of my blogs  that I did not like the  item that my daughter as a gift during their Christmas Party.  The main reason of that is  the fact that it is very sticky and  stains the carpet  when you drop some on it which is not good.  That's why I don't recommend that kind of product for kids.  

Talking about rug cleaning, our carpet is due for one this year.    It's time for  us to  pull out the  steam vac from the  storage area and  use it.  For those who  prefer to have a rug cleaning company to do it for you, you can check the Green Choice.  As the name  of the company states,  they use natural and organic products when they do their cleaning services.  Such a great way to have your home clean right?  Not only that your home will b clean, you also contribute to mother nature  for not using  harmful or strong chemicals for cleaning.  Kudos to GreenChoice for doing so.  To find out more details about their services, just visit the link I have provided in this post.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Shots

It's been freezing here over the past weeks. My Burritos were hesitant to go back to school today because they got used to being cozy at home during the vacation.  Snow in the ground is still thick but at least  it's not snowing anymore today.
I was delighted when I zoomed  my camera to take this  shot, I love the reflection of our home in it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Greeting Cards

Every year, I put all the greeting cards that we receive from friends and family on the mirror in our hallway. I call it the Holiday Wall of Friends and Family.  Cards came from our family and friends in Germany, Japan, Philippines, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.    
Thank YOU for remembering us  during the Holiday season! 

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