Friday, October 25, 2013

Why Soundproof Windows are a necessity in Big Cities

Soundproof windows deliver the ultimate sound barrier that allows you to reside in peace. Upscale dwellings generally come with soundproofing installed, although you can take advantage of soundproof windows for an existing structure that doesn't have this feature.

How is Noise Dangerous?
Studies show that environmental noise pollution has a negative effect on your well-being and health. Noise pollution originates from a number of sources including urbanization and growth in the population. Furthermore, the building of interconnected transportation systems, including highway and air, contribute to increased noise consumption in residential areas.

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The effects of noise pollution on your health are cumulative. For example, the cumulative effects of noise are evident in the body's response; the brain subconsciously perceives noise as a threat and often invokes a fight or flight response. Regularly dealing with unwanted noise can affect your recreation, sleep patterns and concentration. It can also increase your stress level. Reducing the noise you encounter has several benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Soundproof Windows?

Relaxing in your home, entertaining your guests or achieving a sound night's sleep can rely heavily upon your surroundings. In many urban areas, everyday sounds encroach on the homeowners or renter's private space. For example, you might experience interruptions from multiple street sounds, including emergency vehicles, utility trucks, airplanes, loud and persistent music, barking dogs or people yelling.

Soundproof products deliver serenity and freedom from the hustle and bustle of everyday life outside your door. Installing a high quality sound barrier can eliminate up to 95% of the noise that wafts up from the street. In addition, soundproof technology can lower your utility bills by reducing drafts.
For homeowners, installing soundproof windows can improve the value of the property. The property value may increase more substantially if the property is located in an urban area.

How Do Soundproof Windows Work?

Soundproof windows work just like standard windows. The product uses laminated glass with an injection of sound barrier gas between the window's panes. The gas works in two ways: to block noise and improve energy efficiency. The gas prevents noise vibrations from entering your home. In addition, the construction of the windows helps prevent incoming drafts and outgoing heat or cool air.

Generally, installation does not require that you alter your existing windows. The product uses existing space over the windowsill for installation. The installation uses some dead space between the soundproof product and the existing window. This also delivers a reduction in noise and an improvement in energy efficiency.

Getting a good night's sleep, concentrating on work related projects or simply enjoying a relaxing evening watching TV can be fraught with interruptions. Noise pollution that invades your personal space can influence your overall health. The encroachment of noise into your home can increase your stress level, decrease your resting hours and rob you of your concentration. Installing soundproof windows improves your quality of life by reducing your exposure to noise. Furthermore, well-constructed soundproof products can reduce your utility bills by delivering an energy efficient solution.

This article was written by Rachel Housing.

3 Smart Readers SAID::

Ria C said...

Soundproofing your window especially when you live next to a busy thoroughfare is the most sensible thing to do. It filters and blocks the outside noise making your home/apartment conducive to resting and relaxation.

Unknown said...

I grew up in Manila. And soundproofing is really a must there or in any big city.

Jeffrey N said...

The noise in downtown NYC will drive you nuts. I invested in soundproof windows that install right onto my walls over the old windows. Works like a dream!

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