Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bike Rack Need at Home

Biking is one outdoor activity that my whole family enjoy doing during warm season. It is sad that summer time does not last very long.  Before when our kids  were just starting to  learn how to ride a bike, hubby and I just walked with them but last year we decided to buy our own since they  are big enough and can keep up with us when riding.  Our neighborhood is a great place for all of us to  go bike riding, it is safe  for the kids.   
Bike riding always reminds me of the country we  used to live for two  years  before coming here because   everywhere you go, there would be bike racks available as so many bike riders just come and go.  
I like it that each of us has bikes  because not only  it promotes good health for the four of us but it is also a great bonding for the whole family.  Our son is the dare devil type who wants to  do tricks that makes my heart sunk  sometimes.  Our daughter is the  cautious one who does things  according to what we told her when riding a bike.  Anyhow, I wish to  have  our own bike rack inside our storage so  our bikes would not be scratched when we store it.
  Bike  rack is also known as  bicycle stand according to Wikipedia which stands for parking bicycles.  Bike racks  are  visible on parks  or in trails and even on public places  so bike riders can securely park their bikes while  they  go  somewhere or they take a break.  

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MzBaker said...

Leo's Autism has affected his ability to ride a bike! He has never rode a bike and has had two. We try, but never was successful with that. I sure wish we could get him to ride one though. Maybe one day when he's older it'll be easier. I dunno but looks like lots of fun I used to love riding my bike all over the neighborhood!

lencilicious said...

With all your bikes, I really think you need stands to keep them well and organize. It's our problem here in apartment. Our bikes kind of park in our hall way.

riablahgs said...

With your love for biking and the number of bikes you have sis, I do reckon that a bike rack must be in your next purchase. :) Also get one that you can install on your car...

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