Friday, October 30, 2015

Pretty Liittle Things

I saw these cute  items at a friend's house.  Can't help not to take photos of them.  I love this decorative candle  holder.  I am a sucker for thisng like this, they are so unique!
 If I see one of this from the store, I would definitely get me one.
This decorative handsaw is also very pretty.  I love the country scenery they painted in it.  I think this is from Colorado as her family is from there.
This would be a cute s display to any man cave.  When we travel, one thing that I tend to collect is  magnet.  IT's a good reminder  of our memories from that place we've visited.  Shadow Shots

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I wish to Visit London Someday

Oh the weather today is crappy.  I wasn't able to do my morning walk  because it  wasn't worth getting wet and getting sick.  The bright side of a not-s-hood  of a weather is that, I get to sit in front of my desk and  enjoy bowsing    these beautiful London Apartments.  Why, you may ask?  Well, if there is one place I wish I could visit someday, it is London.  I know that  it would be  impossible but there's nothing wrong of  dreaming right? 

London Apartments are really  beautiful based from what I have seen online.   It would be really nice to have a vacation there even fopr ju0st a week!  It would be awesome to explore  its beauty and experience  other culture.  I told my husband that if we ever play lottery and win, traveling to Europe  would be on my list.  It's nice to know though that there are people that can help you to have a relaxing stay in London if you ever visit. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pressure Washed and Stained the Fence

nON October 7th, I dug out all the hibiscus bushes inside our backyard and  re-planted it  outside along the  back fence.  I decided to do it because my husband mentioned that our backyard is being over-crowded by flowering bushes, so I solved  his issue.  I am glad I did it too because three days later after that, our neighbor's son gave us a full bucket of wood stain.  He said that his wife did not like the stain he bought for their deck so he gave it to us.  The outside part of our fence is stained/painted with this color but the inside part isn't.  So it was a blessing that he gave  us that.
 So the next day, hubby and I pressured washed  the  fence.  Our neighbor Dpn lent us his pressure washer (I have  awesome neighbors!)  That's why even though my husband has been trying  for us to leave this house, I totally hate the idea because it is seldom you find good neighbors.
 So anyway, we got it all cleaned out.  The green stuff that was  growing in the fence are all gone and it looked like new again.
 It was hard to clean the bottom part because there are plants.
 Glad we had a sunny day that day, we were able to washed and let it dry.
 The next day, I started staining the fence.  My goal was to finish it before sundown because it was suppose to rain that night and it did.
 Here's how it looks like.  It's not the prettiest color that I would prefer  to choose but it will  protect the fence so I didn't mind it at all.
 It rained that  night after I stained the fence so I was worried that it washed away the stain but it seems that it was able to dry out before it rain so I am glad.
 I just wish that it did not rain that night but glad  that I got it all done.
 It looks better now.  Got all the green stuff out and  was able to treat  the wood.
 The stain was not enough to cover all the  panels so we have to do this next time, if we can find the right kind that he gave us.
Hopefully, the fence will hold up for more years.  I love having the fence around our house  because it provides privacy and it keeps our dogs inside our property.  Painting it  with plants around was hard especially the bottom part.  My body was painful after  a whole day work but it's worth it.

Capture the Moment Now and Make it Perfect with Adobe Photoshop Element #BestLifeEver #PSE

Capturing photos of my family is  my number one  hobby as a Mom.  If you are a regular visitor of my blogs, you can tell that I  love taking photos.  I post pictures straight from my camera without alteration because I just don't have the  knowledge for  technical stuff.  I am not really a techy-type of  person so I find it hard to use application such as adobe and other apps.  But I accepted the challenge to get this Adobe Photoshop Elements because I know that my daughter love to tweak on photos and videos so ithis would be perfect for her.  
Capture the moment now. Perfect the photo or video later. It’s easy with Elements.” That is what I plan to do.  It's great to have ut  because the Elements lineupis is all about simplicity and sharing with both your photos and  videos.    This is awesome for the non-professuional photographer like me or those just getting started who want an easy way to organize, edit, and share their photos and videos.
Transforming  your ordinary photos and  videos just like the photos  are just some of the neat and cool things you can do with Adobe.  You can make quick edits, add artistic touches and cool effects like a pro or transform your photos and videos to impress by your  friends and family. I always wanted to try to edit the imperfections in photos such as removing the  camera shakeand  clearing the haze from landscape shots with the touch of a button.

You can let the new Guided Edits take you through the process to create the ultimate photos and videos.  U haven't perfected it yet but I am starting to love this application hat we have in my PC.  I got so many photos that I want to  edit and I just need to find time to do that.  You can create and share   lasting memories in scrapbooks and cards that show your personal style. This makes sharing photos and video sharing easily via  Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more. There are tons of cool things you can do with Elements 14 such as editing  and viewing high-res 4K movies for the ultimate cinematic experience.  You can also make a splash by easily adding animated titles and transitions.
Daughter  played with their photos and thought it was cute.
The best thing is to be able to find and organize your stuff fast.  Imagine  an easy access of every memory at your fingertips.  You can get this for $149.99  at  Best Buy.  This would be a good option to give as  Christmas gift this year.  Another thing that I love about this is, it would be easier to make  cards and calendars using your own personalized twist through the help of  Elements 14.

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Single Control Bar Faucet

With all the houses that we viewed recently, nothing can top the size of of our current  kitchen.  Our kitchen mught be outdated but I like it because it  has a very  big size and I could have a  good size of  island in the middle if we would have to renovate.  We have been planning to renovate it but the budget is just feasible.  A contractor gave us a $40k+ estimate with made me cringe lol.
This photo isn't mine, it is from Pfister
But anyway, I  got one of these Ashfield collection serioes of  Single Control Bar Faucet from Pfister to review.  My husband just replaced our faucet last month si he didn't want t replace it just yet so I would have to update this review when he  finally  install this.  One of the   things that he  isn't fond of doing is plumbing jobs so that explained why he didn't want to  use this just yet.  
It has everything that you need for the installation.  The manual for instruction has a clear illustration which will be easier to follow.  The features of this single control bar faucet includes the  ceramic disc valve, all metal construction, and  offers a lifetime warranty which is really nice!
The box  contain the spout body, soiut mounting nut, control body mounting nut, control body, square washer, spout seal ring, round washer, and control body seal ring.  
This photo isn't mine, it is from Pfister
Since I can't show you our actual installation, I brrowed two photos from Pfister (which I indicated in the photo captions) website to show how this  faucet looks like when installed.    This would be perfect to use if we can afford to renovate our  kitchen next year.  I would really love to have an island and have new cabinets and flooring.  IT would make the value of our home  go up a lot more.   We are really considering to push that project if not next yearm in the years to come because  if we ever have to sell this home, the kitchen would be a great selling point.  

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Jotting Down my Thoughts

Writing is something that I developed ever since I was a kid. I used to make a journal from old notebooks and I write all of my thoughts there. I am not that good of a writer but I sure do love to write. With writing, I can freely express my thoughts and emotions without hesitation.  Even though I write on my blogs now,  I still do write on my planner and sort of  diary.  With that being said, I always lookd for some  great pens to use in writing.  I saw some good    usa pens at and I am thinking of ordering some.  We always  need pens at home because just like me, my kids love to write as well.  Aside from that, my husband also writes a lot with his  classes.  So it is always great to have them when we need them.  As what my husband always say, "It's good to have it and not not need  it than  not having it and need it."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Ins and Outs of Buying Your First Home

Last month  was a bit crazy for us.  We looked at   few houses  and  made a bid on one but  the owner of the house did not want to negotiate so we let it go.  Well, my husband  is still interested and  he is willing to five the owner what they wanted but I did not agree.  I mean I love the hige backyard that comes with it but the house is  tuny.  We are looking for a bigger house because the  current one that we are li-ving in is getting smaller for our family.  That's why I am kind of relieved that the owner of the house we bid on did not  accept our offer because it's not bigger than our current house.  It's funny too because  a few weeks later after the owner rejected our  offer, the real estate agent  contated us and said that the owner is willing to negotiate now lol.I still did not want to give them what they wanted and offered  the  amount we offered initially.  I guess they don't want  to sell it.

 I am okay  with our house now.  I think my husband is just tired that this house is old and we constantly have to ix things.  If I were to ask, I am fine where we at.  It's near the school and  other establishments so I am good especially that I hate driving.  But anyhow, if you are planning to buy a home, this inforgraphic  is a very helpful guide.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gardening in the Fall

I haven't been  active in my blogs for the past couple of weeks.  I was very busy  in my garden, removing  tomato vines, rearranging  flowers and  planting  new  fruit trees.  I  dug out all the  hibiscus trees inside the backyard and transferred it  at the back fence.  I am planning to  pressure wash the fence and  paint the inside so it would brighten up our  backyard.  That's one main reason why I removed the  hibiscus  plants that were leaning against the fence.  
 I bought four blueberries and planted it in the flower bed.  I remopved all the hostas  and replaced it with the fruit plants.  Hopefully, this will come back next year, fingers crossed.
 I will be putting some of the compost on this side of the yard to  make the  groud healthierfor the blueberries..
 Some of my carrots are blooming already.  U have never seen a carrot bloom so hopefully, I can germinate some seeds from this one.
 The kale are still doing great so I will leave this as long as the weather  won't let  it grow.  I  freeze four big bags of kale  which will be good for the winter.
 I have a lot of mums in the backyard, I wish I have the other colors though.  I only have this magenta-like  one.
 The grass clippins serves as the  fertelizer for these flowers.
 Tomato vines are out but I still have the okra standing in the garden.  I didn't pick this big okra because I want to  get some seeds out of it.  HOpefully, there's still time for it to mature.
 You see the  trash bags  at the ends.  They are full of tomato vines.  I was going to chop it but it has some cherry tomatoes on it  and I don't want the seeds to grow next year in the  flower bed where I would put the  cut vines.  So I  will dispose all of it to make sure there's none left.  I mean, I don't mind one  cherry tomatoes growing in my garden as they are good for salads but whern there's lots of them, it's not good.
 Here are the last tomatoes I  picked.  It looks like I will have to can  some more.  I originally planned to freeze  them but I have no space in the freezer.
Glad, I got all the gardening done before it gets so cold.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Damage Control: Encouraging Pets to Play Nice With Your Holiday Decorations

Tis the season for giving - and remembering to keep your pets and holiday decorations safe. As if you didn’t have enough shopping, decorating, and caroling to do, you’ll need to do a bit of protecting. Protecting your pets from getting injured by decorations and protecting your decorations from being destroyed or altered by your pets. Encourage pets to play nice with the decorations, or at least to stay away from them.

The Tree

Dogs and cats are keen animals. They notice different smells, other animals’ tracks, and a huge Christmas tree that is now taking up space in the living room. Of course, your pets will be curious. They may even lick the water, bite the branches, and scratch the lights and ornaments. In a worst-case scenario, a curious cat or pup makes a few tugs at a tree that suddenly topples over right on them! To save yourself, the tree, and your poor animal from this avoidable fate, be sure to anchor the tree to the wall.

The Trimmings

Interior decorators love to see a well dressed tree, but they’re likely to go light on the trimmings, if they use any at all, if they’re pet owners. Think of an in-house pet much like a baby; you wouldn’t host any decor that could be possibly digested, obstructing the breathing of little ones. The same could happen to your equally curious and mischievous pets. If it can fit in their mouth, it’s best left off your list of decorations. When dressing the tree and home, think like a fun-loving pet and whether it particular pieces would pique your interest.

The Food

The holiday season brings opportunity for an influx of invites and a few people you wouldn’t mind disinviting.. While attendants are feeling merry and bright, they may leave their dishes and snacks unattended, especially if they don’t have pets at home and don’t know better than to leave food out in the open. Remind guests to keep food within nibbling distance of cats and dogs that are parading around the home and party area. Dog owners know that canines will eat just about anything; if they will chew a sock, tennis ball, or shoe, they will probably tear into a piece of cake, chocolate cupcake, and a host of other foods that will make them sick.

The Ornaments

Those personalized Christmas ornaments are not for your dog to chew or your cat to swat. They are meant to beautify your tree. So, to ensure that nothing happens to your ornaments or your pets, hang ornaments high enough on the tree or other places around the home so that your pets can’t reach.

The Wires

What’s a holiday without multiple sets of lights? It’s a holiday without an incidence of electrocution and fire! If you must employ decor that lights up and draws the attention of pets, be sure such is battery operated. Moreover, try to limit the use of extension cords and power strips. Unfortunately, to cats, wire kind of looks like yarn, and you don’t want your cat clawing or biting live wires!

Jennifer Watson is a full-time mom and has a constant house full of kids and pets. She likes to share her experiences and ideas online and writes for a number of family-friendly websites on a regular basis.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Lemon, Avocado, Moringa, and Pineapple

It is getting chilly here at my neck of the woods.  I am wondering if I have to   bring my tropical plants inside or are they still okay to be outside.  This is the second year that I will be bringing  them inside.  I hope that they survive another year indoor.  My lemon tree has gotten taller since last year.  I am growing some more in two pots.  
 The avocados are also doing great.  I still wonder if this plant would survive for so long in the pot.  I know that Avocado tree  is big.  For now, I am enjoying the fact that they are alive.  The moringa (malungay) you see with the avocado has gotten taller as well.  I harvested some of its leaves already and put it in a soup.
 The pineapple  are also kicking butts, they are looking fabulous.
Well I hope I can keep them alive indoors this year.
Shadow Shots

Portable Warmth: Steps for Space Heater Safety

“Baby, it’s cold outside.” You know what that means? It means it’s time to turn up the heat. The problem with that is:
A photo posted by rose (@chubskulitrose) on
The electric bill

That’s why many people are turning to space heaters, but they have their problems too. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are more than 25,000 residential fires each year that can be traced back to space heaters. So, here’s how to use them safely in the home.

Use Heaters with All of the Current Safety Features

Space heaters come with a variety of built-in safety features. However, not all heaters are created equal. The best ones will have a “stay cool” handle that, as the name suggests, will stay cool during operation so that you can move the heater around without burning yourself.

An oxygen depletion sensor or low-oxygen shutoff helps protect you from carbon dioxide poisoning. When the sensor senses a reduction in the amount of oxygen in the air due to CO2, it shuts off operation.

This is an essential feature if you sleep with a space heater in your bedroom.

Overloaded or undersized power cords are a major cause of fires. Your space heater should have a long cord (70 inches or more) which gives you ample placement options. That way, you don’t have to fuss with an extension cord that may be undersized.

If you do need an extension cord, use a 12 or 14-gauge wire, at minimum.

A thermostat in the heater will protect you from overheating the unit and the air. Turning the heater on and off manually is a pain, and you might not be able to hold a consistent temperature.

Finally, a tip-over switch or touch sensor with overheat protection is a must. These features turn the heater off automatically if it’s touched, tips over, or when the unit starts to overheat. This goes a long way towards preventing a fire.

Use Vented Combustion Space Heaters

Vented combustion space heaters are vented so that combustion products are vented to the outside. These units are meant to be placed permanently next to an outside wall. This allows flue gas to be vented to the outdoors, either through a vent in the wall or through the ceiling.

The best heaters draw in outside air for combustion. Less efficient heaters draw in room air for combustion.

Use Electric Space Heaters If You Use an Unvented Heater

If you use an unvented heater, use electric heaters. Combustion units use a fuel, like kerosene or propane. But, electric heaters use electrical resistance as the heating source.

They’re generally more expensive to operate than fuel-based heaters, but you can find energy-efficient models on this website.

For non-radiant heaters, the best types will use a heat transfer liquid like oil. The oil does not ignite, but is heated by an electric element. The heat transfer fluid acts as resistance and heat storage, which allows the unit to cycle fewer times, providing consistent heat and lowing energy usage.

Always Inspect the Heater Prior To Use

Most space heaters, especially electric heaters, are sealed units that require little or no maintenance. Still, you should inspect your unit before each use to make sure that there is no visible or obvious damage and that the electrical cord isn’t frayed or damaged in any way.

Jesse Lyons works as a department manager at a home improvement center. He likes to share his insights on living better at home. His articles appear on many home improvement and family life websites.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall TV Favorites And New Beginnings

This month ushers in the beginning of new seasons for many people's favorite shows. Some viewers may also be excited about new shows, returning favorite from times past, and there may even be a football fan or two out there just ready for the season and time spent watching the TV.

Is fall one of your favorite times of the year to watch your TV? If so, here are so returning shows, new shows, and sports highlights you won't want to miss this year!

Returning Favorite You Must Watch
Zombie fans will be happy for the return of both Z Nation and The Walking Dead. This is the second season for Z Nation, which is nothing like TWD. TWD is starting its sixth season as one of television's most popular shows.

If zombies aren't your thing, reality TV stars will be happy to know that Dancing With The Stars will be back for a 21st season, with Paula Deen, Chaka Khan, Gary Busey, Nick Carter, and an array of other stars.

Science Fiction, Comedy, and Comic Book fans will be happy about the return of Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, and Gotham, respectively. There are so many more awesome shows returning that it's impossible to name them all.

A Couple Show Are Coming Back, Again
It's these two shows returning this fall season that really have everyone talking: Heroes and The X-Files. Heroes Reborn brings back many of your favorites from the original Heroes TV series, plus a new generation of heroes that is sure to have you wondering what kind of powers you'll see this time.
The X-Files is coming back for a short stint, but it will be a mid-season addition, so don't expect to see it until the new year.

New Shows Worth A Watch
This season's new TV shows bring back a lot of familiar faces that some people with be happy to see.  If any of your favorite shows were recently cancelled you may find a new favorite in one of these. 
From Rob Lowe and Fred Savage in The Grinder, to John Stamos in Grandfathered, there are plenty of cute guys for the ladies to watch. Jane Lynch is returning with a new TV show, Angel From Hell. For fans of Modern Family and the cancelled Parenthood, there's Life In Pieces.
Photo isn't mine
Your Sports Ticket
If you've simply just been waiting for football season to start, you'll want to make sure that you have the best setup for watching games, like Sunday Ticket. Here is a package that offers you every live Sunday game available each week. Stay ahead and keep track of schedules so you don't miss any of your favorite teams or major games.

For big sports fans, don't forget that hockey is right around the corner as well. You don't want to miss NHL games and highlights either.

Fall TV is exciting, and a favorite TV time for many people. Summer is all about getting outside and having fun, but fall is all about watching football and enjoying some great TV.

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