Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Insights: Studio Photography

Traditionally, studio photography is an expensive business. That means that this type of photography is alien to many amateurs and even some professionals. Now, though, with equipment prices falling, almost anybody with a modest budget can set up a mini studio within their own home. The question is, why would you want to?
Photography studios give photographers a high level of freedom and flexibility, with the ability to control aspects of the shoot which cannot be done so outside. This includes the background, lighting and equipment. Photography studios are also a safe haven, away from the hazards the outdoors can bring to the modern photographer and provides a quiet environment to carry out your work.

The biggest reason you would want to set up a photography studio however is because there is huge demand for it, which leads us on to why consumers should choose studio photography for their next photo shoot.

Studio photography gives your photographer a high level of control

As noted above, everything in a studio is controlled by the photographer. This means that optimal lighting and a perfect background can be achieved, unlike the outdoors, where professional photographers have a limited window to shoot before the sun is too high in the sky and creates shadow where it isn’t welcomed!

Studio photography yields wonderful results

Although many photography studios use artificial lighting, the lighting which is on show is of an extremely high quality, and can in fact replicate day light. This is perfect for when the weather has taken a turn for the worse outside or simply in the winter months especially in countries where the weather isn’t great. Due to shelter from the elements, fantastic photographs can be captured every time and lighting, shading and background subjects can be customised by the photographer for ultimate results.

Clothing and attire is not determined by the season

If you're favourite clothes include a slick red dress and Jimmy Choo's, a shoot outside in the winter is a no go. In a studio, however, it is a go-go-go! You can wear what you like indoors and nobody will know whether it is night or day outside!

Studio photography is perfect for objects and products

If you have just created a new product, or would like photographs taking of one of your most cherished possessions, the best results will always be achieved in a studio. Studio photography is fantastic for non-natural objects because the background and the surface your item will sit on can be manipulated. If you take a look at the Apple website, or indeed any other consumer product website, the majority of photographs were taken in a studio by a professional photographer.

Studio photography is more affordable than you think

Okay, okay, so some studio photographers charge A LOT of money for what seems like an easy job. The truth is that there are many cheaper alternative studios scattered across the UK each of which only aims to please the customer. When looking for an ideal studio for a photo shoot, consider checking out Google to see if there are any customer reviews of the studio that you are interested in.

Michael Jones is a keen blogger whose career began by doing wedding photography in London but has since moved onto teaching photography and often contributes to various blogs and photography websites.

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riablahgs said...

I really want to have a family portrait done in the studio, including our little pooch. However, Dubai is not pet-friendly so we can't take the dog there. :( Bummer!

Yes, studio photography yields good results especially if it is done in a well known studio. Some are quite pricey depending on the package. Studio portraits here in Dubai ranges from US$150 - $300 depending on the package you choose.

Unknown said...

My family needs to get a family picture done soon and we need a studio taken one too.

jheylo said...

I love photography, I wish to learn more about the techniques on how to photograph nice subjects.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

To be honest we have never gone to a studio to have our photo taken. It might be time to do that one of these days. Studios are the best option for quality photography. :) Great article!

Unknown said...

yes, studio taken is still best esp if its for family's protrait

jared's mum said...

studio photographs are great mementos that is why a lot of people will still opt for one even if they come with higher price tags!

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