Friday, April 16, 2021

Spring Flowers in my Garden 2021

Spring finally showed up in my garden.   The weather is still semi-winter on most nights but I’m glad to see some flowers blooming in my yard.   That daffodils have more blooms this year, I’m hoping it will get thicker every Spring.   I noticed that there are some that grew back in my flower bed along the drive way so hopefully next year they will bloom.  I think the former owner planted them there because I did not plant any on that
I planted additional Spring plants this year including these beautiful crocuses.
I also created some mini gardens as focal point in some parts of the garden especially by the Mary Shrine.

The Judas tree also bloomed thicker this year, I’m hoping that all the branches will have flowers next year.

My husband picked this blue flower from the store so I planted it by the mailbox where there is white and pink phlox growing, I wish the pink one is red so we’ll have red, white and blue in there.   I will see if I can find a perennial with red flowers and I’ll replace the pink one.  If I’m not mistaken, this  plant is called lithodora.
This statue of Mary was from our first home, I decided to bring it here.   My daughter repainted it few years ago and we placed it by our back porch.  I made a bamboo arch around it last year and planted a chocolate vine, a birthday gift that my husband got me last year.  I can’t wait for it to grow thicker so it would cover the entire arch.  According to what I’ve read, the fruit of chocolate vine is edible.
We had a sudden snow in the winter and froze some of the Spring blooms including the Magnolia.  The peach tree was affected by it too.  I love peach blossom, they are gorgeous.  If only the flowers would last a little longer but qwe always have wind storm when the trees are just starting to bloom. 

Another perennial that I added in the garden is the columbine.  I have pink and purple.
I was concerned about the grapes not coming back because I didn’t see any signs of life earlier but I guess nature knows when it’s safe to grow.
I bought a pack of tulip bulbs a couple of years ago and sowed them in the Fall.  I was happy to see them grow and bloom last year but I was a lot happier this year to see them multiply in numbers.  I noticed that the tulip flowers open their petals when it’s sunny and closed them when it’s cold and rainy.  It’s amazing how nature works!

My husband’s favorite color is blue so I got some of these muscari and planted them along the driveway.  Hopefully they multiply in few years.
I bought some hyacinth from Home Depot when we got our pendant lights and planted them at the Mary Shrine garden.  I have purple and white and also had some pink ones at our front yard.

The last but not the list is the iris which I didn’t have pictures but I planted some of it as well by the driveway.  Hopefully they grow back next tear and bloom.

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