Thursday, October 3, 2013

Recycling Empty Containers

Instead of throwing our  the empty tin from the candle that we burned, I cleaned it up and made it into a container for my kids rubber puzzle pieces.  This way, I get to  keep those small pieces in one  container and  at the same time, do not contribute  to  pollution if I throw the tin away.    I plant to tinker the tin  but  it's okay as plain for now.

Another  empty container that I recycled is the  sprinkle  bottle.  I love that it has four compartments and that I can  organize my paper clips according to colors.

The last but the not the least are the empty  tins from the mints.  I put my daughter's eraser collection inside.

How about you, do you recycle?

9 Smart Readers SAID::

becca said...

what a great idea always goof to recycle

MikiHope said...

Ingenius--I generally save the tins from coffee then buy more coffee in bags and transfer it to the tins--every little bit helps!

jheylo said...

THat's one way of saving Mother Earth :) we do recycle containers too.

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz said...

We love to recycle and reuse.

Ria Cervantes said...

I like those ideas sis! I actually recycled the candy confetti jars for my arts and craft supplies so I can make use of the built in dividers. And those mint canisters, are they Altoids?!? I should have kept my Altoids tins too. That's a great way to keep smaller collections in neat and order manner.

Catherine L. said...

What a great way to use empty containers! We reuse a lot of our containers to store craft items.

nova hedges said...

Very crafty, you can always make something great out of something that was no longer in use.

Tingting R. said...

Good idea. I am the same way, I recycle everything. My husband is not keen about it.

April M. said...

I love recycling to the point that hubby thinks I am a hoarder. LOL

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