Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Five Great Ideas for Family Living Rooms

The family living room is usually the main hub of a home. It is the place where the family can come together to socialize, watch TV, play games and relax in. The purpose of this article is to look at five easy and practical ideas to help spruce up family living rooms, making them comfortable, stylish and a nice place to spend time in.


One idea you could look at, is to make sure the family room is uncluttered. Focus on the sort of things you'd normally keep in this room and provide suitable storage for them. Built-in cabinets could be useful to store DVDs, and if you have children, toy boxes and chests could be very useful, and can double up as seating. If you use the family living room as a study or the children do their homework here, you could also put in a built-in desk or work station that can be folded away when not needed. 


Another way to make the family room a friendly and stylish place to be is to create a sense of light and space. Using curtain ties help increase the amount of daytime light coming through a window. Wall lighting can also spread artificial light around if the room is naturally dark and make it brighter and more uplifting at night time. 


You may want to make this space as cosy and as comfortable as possible, to create a refuge from the outside world. Having lots of throws, rugs, blankets and quilts in the room can help with this. You can also add lots of soft and oversized pillows, putting them the sofas, other chairs and on the floor.


Even though the family room may have to accommodate a variety of needs and purposes, the space can still be highly stylish and not just functional. Ideas to achieve this include adding subtle hints of warm colours such as orange or earth red to a neutral coloured room. You can try two-tone cushions and fabrics and select striped fabrics for blinds and curtains. A textured rug can also look good on a neutral coloured carpet. Plenty of accessories such as vases, lamps, picture frames and bowls can also help capture the right style you're looking for. 


The family room might also be the main place for the family pets to spend time in. Furniture can suffer from such hazards as claw marks and scratches, dirty marks and animal hair when pets are around. To try and cut down on mess and damage to the style you are creating, using hardy materials like leather and microfibre for sofas might be a good idea. Both are easy to clean, and pet hair does not collect on them. 

There are plenty of innovative ideas to create that perfect family living room. Just a little imagination and focus can help capture the style you want to achieve. 

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