Monday, October 14, 2013

Social Media Packages

Doing product review is fun. I get to try different products that I never tried before. I don't go through a website where bloggers have to go to bid for products for review. Whenever I like a product that I see from other bloggers, I just contact the company directly and send them email for my product review proposal. Some are very easy to talk to but others will give you a list of requirements to do before you can even get approved so I tend to avoid the latter. I encountered a couple that asked me to submit a media kit which I don't have so I told them to just ignore my request. I was thinking of getting me one of those Social media packages but the cost just makes me back out. Besides, I don't really plan to do it for long time, it is just something that I do enjoy at the moment. 

 For those of you who are looking for Social media reseller or white label email marketing, HubShout is the best place to check for it. It is an online portal that offers reseeling program for SEO, white label social media, resell SEOI services and other SEO reseller programs. All of their services are delivered by US-based resources so you can easily contact them. What I noticed though based from the emails that I have been receiving with this relatyed subject, most of them are from India. It is nice to know that HubShout offers services froom a US-based resources.

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