Thursday, February 27, 2014

God Works for Good

I love this religious wall hanging decor that I saw at Hobby Lobby.  What do you think of this quote that was taken from the Bible?  
When my paternal grandparents were still alive, I remember  we would wake up  at 4 or 5 in the morning and do the  novena   prayers  and singing as a family every time we  sleep at their house.  My Lolo (Grandpa) would  read the Bible and we would start the praying and singing.  At our own home however, we never had a Bible.  My father  used to tell us that  belief in God can't be measured  in reading the Bible or praying often.  He said that when you  want to  talk to God, you can pretty much do it  anywhere.  All you need is your sincere self.  Growing up, we only go to mass once a year during  the  fiesta at our place. My father was not as religious as my   grandparents were but I respected him for that because I do believe that he was right.

A Newbie Guide to Converting Your Loft into a Liveable Room

Is your family outgrowing your home? There comes a time for many people that the space available just isn’t enough. Two solutions present themselves in this situation; either move house or extend the one in which you live. Extending sideways may not be an option if you have no land around your property. If you have no cellar or basement, extending downwards is ruled out. So, as they say, the only way is up!

If you are lucky enough to own a house with a large roof space, stunning results can be achieved with a loft conversion. The loft often covers the entire footprint of the house so there may be space up there for two or more rooms. Since it is at the top of the building, there will be no pumping system needed for drainage from a bathroom

We will take a look here, at the process of converting your loft. The only assumption made is that the floor beams are a suitable size and strength for the job.

It is always advisable before beginning any of this work, to ensure that it will meet the local planning regulations and, more importantly, the fire codes.


There are some wonderful, easy to fit windows available for the sloping roof. The first job is to get some light into your loft. If you are not confident on ladders, call a builder in for this job. It is not complicated but is a little precarious.


Suitable access will have to be arranged as a priority The existing loft hatch can be converted to one of the new insulated drop down loft panels that are available. This can be used in conjunction with a pull down ladder. Alternatively, you may decide on a more permanent solution such as a staircase.

First Fix

The first fix is the process where electricians and plumbers install the main pipework and cables. This must be done before the floor is laid. When the frames for dividing walls are built, there may be more first fix work required.


Insulation will need to be laid between the joists and roof beams. Use insulating board between the beams that easily cut with a saw and wedged in place. 


The floor can now be installed. Tongue and groove chipboard panels are well suited to this job.


After the floor is complete, the internal walls can be constructed. Once the frames are in place, recall the plumbers and electricians if needed.


Your plasterers can now set to work boarding the loft and skimming it with the finish coat. By now your loft is really taking shape.
It will only take a day for the plaster to dry enough for you to continue with the project.

Second Fix

Second fix is the process where the tradesmen come back to install all of the fixtures and fittings such as lighting, power, and bathroom fittings. Trimmings are also installed, such as skirting boards and architraves.

Within a matter of weeks, your loft conversion project could be complete. It is now a usable space that has added value to your home with relatively little disruption. It may well be a self contained apartment that the children will fight over the right to move in.

Images by flickr.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Kind and Nice Neighbor

One of the many factors why I don't want to leave the area where we live now is  that we have great neighbors.    Most of the folks in our street are veterans so they are really nice.  It's always a pleasure to live in a neighborhood  that is  safe to live and  you know who your neighbors are, let alone get along  well with them.  Not many people  have that luxury, am I right?

Here's one of our neighbors, snow blowing our driveway.  He has a  snow blower so when he does his  driveway and side walk, he does all of sidewalks and driveway in our street.  Thanks a lot Bob!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter Blues

This Winter is by far the most  unpredictable.  One night it's snowing and the next day it's warm.  Even the weather are getting it wrong sometimes.  The snow is melting now which makes the ground super wet.  I feel bad for the  ants because  they are dying as their house gets flooded. They are trying to  escape the water and  gets in the house but you don't want them nesting at your home either.  I am afraid that  if a lot of them dies, that it would  somehow affect the plants when Spring comes.  Anyway,  I took these photos  on the first week of February.
Do you see the distorted face of Winter?

Four more weeks till Spring and I can't wait!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Things to Remember When Cruising with Kids

You've always wanted to try cruising, but now that you've got children to consider you're wondering if it's such a good idea. If you choose your shipping line carefully and follow some common-sense tips, you'll be able to start planning your cruise holidays 2014 today. You would surely love to see the world's greatest natural wonders together with your family.

Of course, the ultimate kid’s cruise ships are the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, which provide great fun for children and adults. There are a number of other shipping lines that offer special kids' activities, including clubs for youngsters, waterslides, video arcades, magic shows, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, and onboard sport.

It's great to travel with your family, but you do need to consider other people aboard your cruise ship. Embrace some of these ideas to ensure that all on board enjoy themselves:

Use your discretion as to whether your children will enjoy cruising.

You know your children better than anyone, and will be able to decide whether cruising is a good option. Some lines have minimum age restrictions, and may also have age limits on swimming pool access or involvement in onboard activities or shore excursions.

Choose the cabin that best fits your family size and ages.

Most shipping lines have detailed information and ship layout plans on their websites, and contact them to check on details if necessary.

Involve the kids in the holiday preparations and discuss expectations.

If your children are old enough, show them the different cruise options and discuss what everyone would like to do while on a cruise. Also, talk about behavior standards, and make sure they understand that there'll be lots of other people on the ship.

Once you're on board, take the tour.

Settle into your cabin, then explore the ship together, showing your children public spaces that are for kids and those that are restricted to adults. Emphasize safety rules, and attend the drills that the ship gives. Check the life jackets that are in your cabin, making sure you've got the correct sizes as well as equipment for babies and toddlers if applicable.

Keep to your normal routines as far as possible.

Young children tend to get overtired and overexcited if their schedules are disrupted to a large extent. Kids' cruise ships usually offer kid-friendly menus and meal times, so take advantage of them.

Most importantly, have fun as a family!

Honey Bees

Both of my kids love gardening as much as I do. I can't work in my garden without them helping me and I love that about them because it promotes great bonding for us.  One of the few things that my  son is afraid of though  are the presence of  bumble bees and  few honey bees when my flowers are blooming.  He was stung by one before and that left a big fear on him so whenever he hears  a buzzing sound, he immediately looks around.
I don't really know much about the kinds of honey bees but I found this infographic from that presents the two popular honey bees that I don't know about.  It is interesting to know that the killer bees  will attack you even if you did not provoke them, such meanies don't you think?  Well, it  makes sense as the are  caled killer bees anyway.  I have been stung with a bee when I wa

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sparkly & Fluffy Snow

I like it when the snow is fluffy because it is sparkly when the sunshine hit on it. I took this shot this morning when my husband was leaving.  The school was closed today and I  was glad.  It gave the kids  the time to sleep in and we did not have to walk in the deep snow that was  poured to us last night.

Inspiring Garden Tips and Tricks from the Experts

We all miss the influx of gardening programmes that used to be on the TV; whatever happened to Charlie Dimmock? It is now much more difficult to come up with inspiration for our back gardens without Alan Titchmarsh showing us how it’s done. However, there’s no need to lose hope; we have put together some of the most inspiring garden tips and tricks from the experts. Just hum the theme tune to Ground Force whilst you read, for a more authentic experience.

Space Saving Tricks

Louise Hampden, producer of Gardener’s World, gives some incredible space saving tips for those with smaller gardens. Use plant pots, bedded with your favourite flowering bulbs, for an instant impact that looks great. If you want a designer look for your garden, with limited space, then opt for just a few different plants and limit your colour palette. You can use a lot of the same plants to give the effect of a larger garden which has been landscaped. If you want to grow vegetables in a smaller space then sow two different veggies in one row; mixing slow growers with fast growers to ensure a constant supply of crop. These space saving tips will ensure you get the most from your garden, without having to move house!

Create a border

Many gardening experts will tell you that the best way to protect your garden from the elements and nosy neighbours is by creating a border. There’s a whole range of ways you can do this; from planting shrubs and bushes to building a brick wall. Elizabeth Roehrig, an expert at Country Living magazine, recommends fencing in your yard for the best visual appeal. You can use concrete fence posts to get the most from your border, especially if you’re worried about your fence being blown away in the winter. If you want to spruce up your border then you can paint fencing panels and walls, or use trellis to cover with foliage. 

Prepare for Spring

Expert gardeners from the National Trust have put together an incredible guide on how to prepare your garden in time for Spring. There are plenty of tips for what to do when the winter weather starts disappearing, including: 
  • Pruning and shaping the plants and shrubs that have overgrown during the winter 
  • Digging and turning the soil, to loosen it and prevent water logging or from freezing over 
  • Cleaning and sweeping any outside areas that aren’t lawn or soil 
  • Getting your spring bulbs ready to plant outside in either pots or directly in the soil 
  • Check for moss and dying grass in your lawn, before you start mowing and weeding 

These tips come directly from the head gardeners who look after some of the most amazing National Trust gardens in the UK, so you know they’re the right people to take advice from!

You don’t have to look far to find the expert advice from the gardeners who know best, with many national newspapers having their own garden agony aunts and uncles. Pick up some ideas from your neighbours gardens too, just don’t get caught peeking over their new fence.

How To Get Rich In 2014

Here's some good news for a change: Last year there were a record number of millionaires in the world. According to the World Wealth Report published in the Daily Telegraph, the number of people with fortunes over $1 million rose by 9.2% to over twelve million people. Apparently, if you are looking to get rich in 2014 then you have chosen a great time to do it. You might not join the club of millionaires right away. But opportunities to make fortunes nonetheless abound across the globe.

Create a Plan

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail: Most people never realize great wealth because they simply did not have a concise plan to help get them there. Experts all agree that you need to set your personal goals, and you can start by establishing exactly how much money you will need to feel rich. Next, set a date by which you want to have achieved your financial goals. Once you have a concrete amount in mind and a deadline for yourself to reach it, create milestones that you want to achieve along the way. This will help you to keep track of your progress and will motivate you every time another milestone has been passed successfully.

Learn From the Best

You don't have to re-invent the wheel. Reading the biographies and self-help books of successful entrepreneurs is a great way of learning, too. Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich-And Why Most Don't by Donald and Robert Kiyosaki is a source for invaluable information on the topic, for example.

Aim high – Stop Being Creative

There is no “one way only” to making a fortune. However some wealth creating vehicles will be more suitable than others. Contrary to what most people expect, you don't have to come up with any exotic new ideas to earn a lot money. In fact, brilliant new concepts are more likely to get you in trouble.

If you are going for being a millionaire, then a straight-forward well paying job is still the best ways to achieve your goals. You might be surprised by the range of jobs that pay over six figures and that many of them do not even require a college degree. Forbes recently published a lost of unusual jobs that pay more than six figures and offer good advice as well: Depending on your job, location makes a big difference. Saving becomes an important issue quickly, and you need to save a lot if you want to reach your financial goals in a reasonable time-frame. Aim to put aside between 40 - 50% of your gross income and take advantage of tax friendly retirement accounts and pension schemes.

Open a Business

Opening a business may be one of the most reliable ways to make a fortune. The key to establishing a successful business venture is identifying an unfulfilled need in the market, large enough to translate itself into high financial return for your company, which will help you reach your wealth goal. Again, rocket science is hardly required. Opening up a pizza parlor at the right spot is still a great business proposition, for example.

Many people are choosing to set up online businesses because of the ability to reach an international audience quickly and the relatively low start up costs. There are many services that make doing business online easy, for example eBay, Etsy and Amazon are three great places where you can sell products without needing a website of your own. However, if you do want your own representation on the net, sites such as Shopify will help you to quickly establish an eCommerce website without needing any programming abilities.

Start Today

Another key reason that people fail to increase their wealth is because they simply put off starting. If you want to get rich then you need to take action today. That might mean setting up a new savings account, opening a brokerage account, starting to call contacts in your network or registering a company name. Make it a habit to write a to-do list every night, clearly mapping out what needs to be done the next day. 

It is a little bit of time invested that will eventually turn into a big reward. Don't wait – start today!

Highlights of the Mommy Manual: Top Tips to Care for Your New Baby

Within every single second that passes, four new babies are born around the world, according to the US Census Bureau. This means that four women either become new mothers or are able to add another bundle of joy to their growing families. For many mothers, though, the birth of a newborn baby can easily mark the beginning of a journey that is filled with unanswered questions in regards to properly caring for their new son or daughter. There are several tips that can be followed closely in order to lighten the load and achieve this goal successfully.

Maintain a Nap Routine

A common belief and major misconception is that newborn babies should not follow a naptime schedule or routine throughout the day. Contrary to popular opinion, however, having a healthy naptime schedule will make it much easier for your baby to sleep peacefully through the night. Babies that are overly tired will find it very difficult to fall asleep and remain in that state. Once your baby has reached the age of two weeks, studies have confirmed that this is an ideal time to establish a structured sleeping pattern for your child.

Keep Your Baby Stimulated

Remember that the first few years of your child’s life are the most important when it comes to their mental, physical and emotional development. It is not surprising, then, why so many parents rush to baby stores to find the very best toys, board games and educational movies for their babies to watch and learn from each day. However, studies have been able to confirm that basic games such as patty-cake as well as peekaboo are highly effective as well and will not cost a dime. Not only will your child be able to bond with you during these playtime sessions, but he or she will also be able to grow mentally from the consistent interaction and active stimulation.

The Value of a Dry Bottom

Diaper rash is something that almost every baby will experience during the early stages of their life. This condition can be caused by any number of factors, including a wet diaper, newly introduced foods or even an adverse reaction to medicine. The best way to treat it when it emerges is by keeping your baby’s bottom as dry as possible. After you change their diapers, make sure that their butt is completely dry. Even if they have to stay naked for a few minutes, this will go a long way in treating and preventing diaper rashes.

Do Not Panic

New parents are known for panicking frequently, especially when their babies are very young and relatively small. Even though your baby is delicate and fragile, you can cause more damage than you think by panicking frequently when caring for them. Keep in mind that your baby is going to make mistakes and have frequent accidents in such areas as mobility, motor skills, and language skills as well as in their diapers. When these incidents arise, take a deep breathe, stay positive and do whatever is necessary to care for your child’s needs.

Are You a Hoarder?

Hoarders are a rather amusing little piece of the culture, fun to look at, fun to examine and think about but no one really considers that it might be happening to them. How many times have you seen one on TV who insisted they don't have a problem even as garbage rose to around their knees? Here are some easy ways to tell if you might be suffering from the latest cultural epidemic. So you can get rid of the mess all around you and live a happy normal life. Answer these few simple questions with yes, and you really do need these items around you.
Image source :

If Someone Else had it would you Judge Them?

It's easier to see something in others than it is to see it in yourself. Seeing the things around you through the eyes of others is a good cure for self-interest. When you encounter the item in your day to day life, think about how it would be if some random person had told you they do the same thing. Would you think they were strange? Would you try to take it off them? If the answer is yes to these things then you simply lacked the self-awareness to judge your own inclinations. Don't feel bad, it happens to a lot of people.

Have you used it?

When was the last time you used this product? The rule of thumb can be from anything from one year to five but either way you should probably set up a deadline. There are a surprising number of items you 'use all the time' that never actually get used. Give yourself a standard, an amount of time that, if an item hasn't been used, it needs to be thrown out. If not disposed of completely then at least dealt with in some way. Hoarders will often make excuses based on eventual utility and need, so these things need to be stuck to.

Do you need it now?

This is a more important question, whether or not you're going to need it in the near future. If you aren't going to need it right away maybe you should consider a temporary form of storage. Take everything you don't need and put it in a storage system. There are a variety of short and long term options that will allow you to keep the things you won't need right now, while not letting yourself get bogged down or run out of space. For more information on your options visit

Being a hoarder can be a big problem, or it can be in interesting and strange little personality quirk. Either way it is best recognized and treated rather than ignored or excused. Hoarding makes for mess, germs, pain and disorder that ruins the lives of people. Knowledge is the first step to dealing with a problem, so answer the questions and develop and understanding of your mental state.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Birthday Wish

I wish that  you will be blessed with  great health,
so you and I can witness how we raised our children,
so we can both see what life we have built together
Happy Birthday 
and I promise to  love you 
"till death do us part"!

-Little Wide Feet-
A 45 word poem I composed just for YOU!
We love you!

How To Choose a Wedding Photographer

Planning your wedding may be one of the biggest events in your life, allowing you to get creative and spend an entire day with your love, family and all of your friends. When you are planning your wedding without the assistance of a professional, choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you have to make on your own. Selecting a wedding photographer that is right for you can be done by preparing ahead of time and understanding the style you want to come through in the photos once they have been developed.

Choosing the style you want for your wedding is nearly just as important as finding the right photographer, especially if you have a set look in mind that you want to capture. There are many different types of photograph styles that can be implemented at your wedding, whether you are seeking a more fine art and portrait-style take on the events, or if you are looking for a more documentary-based style, capturing your guests with a closeup angle. 

Consider Your Budget

Before you begin comparing photographers you are interested in hiring for your wedding's photographs, consider the budget you have available and in place to spend on working with a professional. Having a budget in place is a way to ensure you do not overspend when looking for the right fit for your big day.

Research Locally and Online

Research wedding photographers both locally and online to get an idea of all of the creative artists there are available near you. Get referrals from local photographers to find trustworthy professionals with experience in your area. Comparing photographers online is often quicker and gives you more results to work with when choosing the right option for your wedding.

Review Portfolios

Be sure to review the portfolios of any photographers you are interested in working with before choosing one to hire to take on your wedding. Whether you want to have your ceremony, the reception or all events captured within photos throughout your wedding, comparing portfolios is a way to get a true sense of a photographer's style before making your decision. It is vital to compare portfolios to ensure the photographer you choose understands the style you are interested in based on experience with their own past works. When reviewing portfolios, be sure to compare different color styles as well as black and white style to find a photographer who understands your own vision.

Set Up Interviews Selectively 

Set up interviews with photographers who are not only understanding of the vision you have for your wedding and the style you want to implement within your photos, but with a professional who is also affordable and falls within your budget. Additionally, it is highly recommended to work with a photographer that you get along with personally. Finding a photographer who meshes well with your own personality is a way for you to easily work together in ensuring that all of the photos of your big day come out as planned, whether you are seeking close-up shots or action shots of your guests dancing and entertaining one another all evening. 

Compare Available Packages

Comparing available packages from each photographer or professional company you are interested in hiring prior to making your selection is also recommended, especially when you are on a tighter budget and looking to get the most value for your money spent.

You can compare photographer packages by requesting to see the options you have available in person, over-the-phone or even by accessing the photographer's official company websites, where you can view package details and prices. Ensuring you get high-quality photos and enough value for your money is essential before choosing a photographer you want to work with throughout your entire wedding. 

Knowing how to choose a wedding photographer that is right for you and the wedding of your dreams is a surefire way to feel satisfied with the outcome of your wedding photo albums. The more time you spend researching various local photographers and photographers online near you, the easier it is to find a professional who has the same sense of style and eye for design as you do for your big day.

One last tip- just to be sure, you will want to familiarize yourself with the photographer's insurance coverage in case something unexpected happens.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweet Flower of Love

Sharing you one of the flower shots that I took last summer.  I can't wait till the  weather gets warm again so I can go out and tend my garden.  Sharing below the  photos are inspiring quotes I got from Brainy Quotes.  
A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, 
and man cannot live without love.
-Max Muller-
"Mama was my greatest teacher, 
a teacher of compassion,
 love and fearlessness. 
If love is sweet as a flower, 
then my mother is 
that sweet flower of love."
-Stevie Wonder-

Weekly Expense Log Planner

I love  the Weekly Expense Log Planner that I got  from one of the companies that  I worked with. This helps me track down our expenses so we won't go over budget.  Aside from that, I can also  jot down important appointments and school activities of my kids that I have to attend to.  I just love it when companies give out imprinted promotional products that you can use from your day to day activities.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pretty Little Things

I love  going to craft  store because you get to see pretty little things that is nice to have but it's not really worth the money lol.
These are the things that makes you  say "Ohhh, those are gorgeous!"
The things that I am tempted to buy sometimes are picture frames as I have a lot of photos.  But on this  particular day, I did not bother.  I just admired them.
Even with 50% discount, you look at the price and you say "still not worth it".  Just to be able to see its beauty is good enough  for me, I don';t need to own any as I have the most important thing at home, my FAMILY!

Parenting, Kids, School, and More...

My kids woke up early today, for some reason, they are so enthusiastic to go to school on Fridays even thought that means they have to take tests.  I am very impressed of how my children are doing in school, they are making  a good impression to the teachers which is really awesome.  As a  parent, I always want my kids to do good not just in academics but as a human being.  So far, all I hear from theirs are good.    They always tell me that my kids are well-behave, well-mannered, and smart leaders.  I am not bragging but can't help to share the  joy I feel as a mother.  I do hope that they will continue to shine in school.  So far, they haven't  touch the  subject for making  really good essays but when they do, I will be using as a guide for them. 
The great joy about parenting lies not only on their accomplishment but the part when they come home and  they  give you  hugs and kisses and  their excitement to tell you what happened in school.  It's a  magical feeling for us parents.   I am glad that my children are very expressive of how they feel.  If something is bothering them, they always tell us.  It's easier for us to  address the issue because they trust us.  I hope that  it will stay that way till they are grown up, that our bonding won't fade.  I can only hope and pray.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Colorful World

Another colorful shot that I took of my lovely lady enjoying her awesome time at Hobby Lobby.  She wishes she could  so many things from there lol.  I told her to just  h it to the moon as it is not going to happen.  It was a great place to feast your eyes on.  So many beautiful and neat things to see.  I was  kind of scared that my son would break something though but glad that he didn't.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chairs, that's what we need down our family room in the basement.  This is one of those things that I have to save for so I can buy one.  It would be nice if I can have one for a product review, wink.  On the serious note the past couple of weeks has been very  cold  out here at  my neck of the woods so the school was closed.  Keeping my two active kids busy was a bit of a challenge.  Gladly, we have many puzzles, board games, and some crafts to do.  The reason I want to get  a bean bag is for the kids to use when  are  having fun doing  puzzles or board games.  We tend to use our throw pillows in the floor to sit on when we play.  A bean bag would be much more comfortable, a sure the kids would love it.

Moving on, I can't wait till Winter is over.  I miss being outside, I miss doing my walks and runs outdoors, and definitely miss   gardening.  Gardening is my therapy when I am stressed, it is  my form of stress reliever  aside from  taking photos of nature and  go out running or walking.  I am hoping that we can have one of those   Garden Sheds that I have been looking at at the garden center  in our local store.  It would be so nice to have  a place  for my gardening stuff.  

Sigh, we have so many projects lined up this year and I don't know if we will be able to do it all with so little money  in our savings.  Looking at the selection of  office desks at , I've seen a beautiful  chair  at their display that I really liked.  My office chair is  slowly deteriorating.  This was given to me by my FIL so it was basically a used one when I had it.  I did not mind though because it saved me  some moolah in buying my own.  Now, I need a replacement for it as   is not comfortable to sit on anymore.  

The blogging income is becoming scarce nowadays so I can't really rely on my online gigs to buy   what I need for doing my job.  In fact, the reason I have a new computer is because my husband  gave it as a gift for me last Christmas.  Oh boy, I am going to need a lot of  tasks to write before I could  get  all these.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Angel made from Beads and Safety Pins

I got this  angel  Christmas tree ornament from Listia.  I  was intrigued on how they created this particular angel.  It is made of beads and they used   safety pin to hook the beads,it's pretty neat I think.  This is my first time seeing this kind so I thought it  would be nice to have one.  My daughter  love to try making this so this is a good pattern for her.
I like how crafty other people are.  They come up with this unique  way of creating things.

Don't Get Fooled By These Prevalent Myths About Money

There are certain subjects that just about everyone has an opinion on. One of those subjects is money. And while some of the opinions that people share are quite useful, the popularity of this topic also means there are a lot of misconceptions floating around. Depending on when someone hears these myths, it could actually have a negative impact on their financial health. That's especially true if a myth is repeated by someone who is actually thought of as being knowledgeable on this subject.
 photo money_falling_zpsebb75ef6.jpg
If you want to avoid ever being inadvertently tripped up by one or more incorrect statements, you'll want to read all the way through the following financial myth busting:

You Need to Be Rich to Be Truly Happy

When you get a big bill in the mail or find out it's going to cost significantly more than you expected to fix your car, it can cause you to feel a lot of stress. And as you're feeling stressed, you may tell yourself something along the lines of "if I only had more money." While people commonly think that their lives would be fabulous if they had a few more zeroes in their bank accounts, that's not what research has found.

What research has discovered is although there is some correlation between money and happiness, it's not what most people assume. Instead, research has found that once you reach the point of making $75,000 a year, more money doesn't really have any effect on happiness. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. There are many examples of both famous celebrities and rich businessmen who have taken their own lives despite having lots of money in the bank.
Loans are Never a Good Idea
 photo piggy_bank_loan_zpsce0a7cbe.jpg
One reason this statement is so prevalent is because it's often said by people of older generations. But just because someone may have created trouble for themselves by getting a loan that wasn't as appealing as they thought doesn't mean this option should be completely dismissed. On the contrary, when used correctly, a responsible loan can be a very powerful tool.

For example, if someone has a significant and pressing debt, it may be causing major stress and racking up interest by the day. Instead of continuing to live with a black cloud over their head, a much better option is to get a more secure loan and eliminate that debt. With options like auto title loans from TitleMax, it's even possible for people with less than ideal credit to get the money they need to inject some financial stability back into their life.

Getting Paid More is the Best Way to Create a Secure Future

It obviously makes sense to want to move forward with your career. However, there are two very important things to understand about promotions. First, in industries where a promotion can mean a big increase in earnings, that doesn't necessarily translate into more savings or security. The reason is so many people make the mistake of buying a bigger house, fancier cars and other expenses as their salary goes up. As a result, their budget may feel even tighter than when they were earning far less.

Second, earning more by spending more time working doesn't normally translate to increased happiness. In fact, if you look at people from a variety of industries, you'll often find that they were happier when they were doing the type of work they truly loved even though it meant they weren't earning as much.

The bottom line of both of those items is there's no reason you can't live the type of lifestyle you want right now. By figuring out what you truly want and then making adjustments that allow you to be more financially responsible, you can make the most out of your time instead of feeling pressured to make more and more money.

You Have to Deprive Yourself to Save Money
One reason many people struggle to save is because they think it's an all or nothing proposition. In reality, huge cuts generally aren't a requirement to accomplish your financial goals. Instead, by getting a realistic picture of your financial health, you should be able to find relatively simple ways to cut down your costs.

Now that you know which financial statements simply don't have any legs to stand on, you won't have to worry about ever being put on the wrong path by any of them.

Raymond Beck is a writer and father of two. While he's been a journalist for the past seventeen years, he's currently in the process of writing his first fiction novel.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Frigid Temperature

Here's an almost art design by nature. Last night, the temperature here at my neck of the woods  was 17 below which is really frigid.  We have been  letting our faucet run the whole time (just drop each time  will do) in order to avoid busting of pipes.  I'd rather  pay a bit more for our water consumption thatn having a busted pipe which costs more.

Protect The Environment! Drive An Eco-Friendly Vehicle

For all those who are sensitive to our environment and who want to do all they can to prevent wasted resources and keep our planet pollution free, there are more eco-friendly cars on the market than ever before. Top of the list in amenities and environmental friendliness is the Lexus RX 400h. On the lower priced end of the scale for those who want to be eco-conscious, but are on a budget is the Chevrolet Cobalt. No matter what your bank account will allow you to buy, there is an eco-friendly vehicle for you.

These cars are equipped to run on electricity, or a combination of hydrogen-based fuel and electricity. Both of these configurations lower the cost of energy needed to own a car, and, more importantly lower the owner’s carbon footprint. Since these vehicles are being improved upon and tested and perfected every year, the design and infrastructure of the cars continues to improve dramatically, the maintenance of the cars is minimizing, and the overall quality of the cars keeps getting better and better. Here are some other benefits that come with these cars of the future:
  • The cost per mile is averaging about $.08.
  • There is a potential tax break that is given for driving a green car which can reach up to $3,000 back from the federal government.
  • Many of the automobile companies are including the interiors when using recyclable materials, which, of course, means increased sustainability.
  • Many drivers are making the choice to be proactive about creating a pollution and waste-free world. This just might inspire others to do the same.
On the flip side, many drivers are wondering what to do with their years-old vehicle that has been an eye-sore in their yard. Some others are ready to trade in their old fuel inefficient automobile for one of these eco-cars. Still others don’t want to see their old heap of iron and steel be thrown in a landfill, further polluting and trashing our towns and cities.

There is a solution for that, as well. For those with older cars that would not make a good trade-in option, there are now companies that will buy your clunker from you. They give you a quote on the amount they are willing to pay, and then come to your home within 24 hours to pick up the car. They pay you in cash and either restore the vehicle and resell it, or recycle the parts that can be reused. Often, they use the car as a supplier of parts to mechanics.

All in all, the option to have an eco-friendly car is important to our environment. More and more manufacturers are producing automobiles that are good for the planet, good for the wallets of American drivers, and good for the economy. The fact that emissions are being lowered is another powerful plus for these cars.

So, even if being green and saving the planet is not something you think about all the time, you can still jump on the bandwagon for environmentally friendly vehicles because everyone should be aware that the price of gasoline is probably only going to continue to rise. Luckily, the price of these hybrids and electric cars is quite competitive. As they continue to become more and more popular, the price will become even more affordable.

Actually, what it comes down to is that we have to find as many ways as possible to keep our environment healthy. “Every time I have some moment on a seashore, or in the mountains, or sometimes in a quiet forest, I think this is why the environment has to be preserved.” Bill Bradley

John is actively involved in the automotive industry. When he's not blogging about cars he is working at Interstate Auto Buyers where he personally helps dispose of cars polluting the environment.

Plans for this Year

I just got done with my weekend cleaning at home. I am glad that I was able to get done with washing the laundry yesterday and folded them all last night. I put them away this morning when I wake up then after that, I vacuumed, and dusted off the furniture including the photo canvasses on the wall . Now I am on the mission to write reviews that I have in line, I received six different kinds last week so it's time to give these the ratings based on my experience. I was curious about the Photo 4 Canvas in New Zealand so I dig a little deeper and found out that they have a unique way of transforming your ordinary photo into a popart.  I have not try that kind  before and  wonder of the  companies around here does that as well.  It would be fun to  do that.  As you might all know, I am  a photo addict and I love  photo canvases.
I am  thankful that my husband took the kids to visit my FIL for now, it will give me ample time to do my reviews and hopefully I have enough time to finish  it all, I hope.   Earlier today while I was doing the cleaning my husband was also busy planning for our next getaway.  He wants us to visit Maine this  year so he is looking for the best  and cheapest way for us to get there.  Should we use the Snap Car Rentals or should we  fly?  That's one thing I love about my  partner in crime, he loves to plan ahead, so as early as possible, he is  planning to schedule  our trip so he could also  put in his leave early from his job.

Another thing that we  planned out is the home improvement  that we have  in line this year.  It is not something that we need  for Viventium Home Loans but it will definitely need some money so we have to save for it.  I am trying to cut some cost  from our expenses in order to accommodate all the stuff that we need to do including the trip and the home improvement projects.  Hopefully we would be able to realize  these plans.  I am hopeful that those year of the horse will  give us a good kick to   accomplish  things.  So wish us good luck and good luck to your aspirations as well this  year.

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