Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cuddle Buddy

It is so funny  reading my children's wish list for Christmas.  They have different kinds of stuff including their Mom getting pregnant again wahhh.  They won't light up  with the idea that  just the two of them  are enough to complete the family hahaha.  Sorry to disappoint you kids but Mommy is not going to need a Belly Belt no more.  At my age mow, pregnancy would be  a bit harder.  My husband is actually entertaining the idea of the kids but I said  that two is  enough for us.  It is not easy to prepare for their future you know.  Especially that  only one of us has a permanent  job.  I mean I  earn a little bit at home but  that is not enough to  supplement   their future needs.  I hope that my kids will understand why  just the tow of them is perfect for us.

Anyhow, I also have my own  Christmas wishlist, I would like to have one of these bean bags  that I saw at Cuddle Buddy website.  Even my kids want a bean bag at their room too so I hope that Santa would grant our wish.  I think that the bean bag would serve as my son's  stunt aid if I buy one  hehehe.

How about you, do you have your  Christmas wish list yet?  Does it include  one of those fitness  Swim Spas  online?  I find this  swim spas really interesting and  very useful.  The photo below  is the myswimgym that I really like.  I think that if I have the resources, I would definitely want to have one like this.  Not only that you can use it for relaxation but you can also use it for fitness purposes.
I have been finding different  unique stuff online as I browse of possible  Christmas gifts that I would like to  buy for the holiday.  Time flies , don't you think?  It is  the middle of October already that is why I am starting to   plan for the Christmas stuff.  When BER month comes, days just slips by so quickly.  You will hardly notice the  days have gone by especially if you are so busy!

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