Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rain and the Cardinal

We had a rainstorm a couple of days ago and  last night.  The photos below ere taken when we were visiting my father-in-law.
Dad's neighbor's back porch.  
Here's the shot of the rain water  hitting the ground.
Then the next day when we went and visited him again, I saw this cardinal.  I turned off the fire in the stove  where I was cooking some snacks, grabbed my camera and snapped some shots of this  male cardinal.
He realized that chubskulit is stalking him so he flew away.
I was using my point and shoot camera  so the sudden   movement of the cardinal made this capture.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heights and Speed

Just by looking at the structure of this attraction makes me dizzy.  Speed and heights are certainly not my cup of tea.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paint Brush

I bought me a set of paint brush a couple of days ago because I wanted to use the remaining stain that we have left when we painted the outside part of our fence.
As you can see, only two and a half panels  were covered by the left over stain.  It looks good though.  Hubby said that we have to buy another bucket to paint all of it.  The problem is that it  cost so much so it has to wait hehehe.
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Fireplace Mantel 123

I'd say that a home with a fireplace is really inviting.  I remember when hubby and I  were on the market  in finding our first home,  fireplace was  one  of the must haves that we had on the list.  However, we did  not find one as we love this house  when we first saw this.  This house does not have a fireplace but has a huge living room and spacious kitchen which I really love.  The good thing about fireplace  is that you can just add it as feature in your home.   

I was browsing the  selection of Fireplace Mantels 123 and learned  the difference between an electric fireplace and a  gel fuel fireplace.  Both of the two has each own advantages and  disadvantages.  With electric, you don't have to  deal with cleaning as you do with gel fuel one.  The gel fuel can heat larger rooms and you can experience a real flame crackle.  You can also place it anywhere because it doesn't require outlet.  So it depends on  what  use you need for a fireplace, but it is all available at the said online store.  Before I close this article, I want to leave  a note that right now, FirePlaceMantles123 offers a free ground shipping   for selected items, so check them out.


Athena's  is always  filled with blooming flowers ever summer.

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Home Decorating

I finally  decided to  put an alternative in order for my curtain to stay up.  I got tired of the velcow getting undone over and over again.  Sometimes decorating my home is such a challenge for me especially if I don't have the right material to use but since I don't have the fund yet to buy the  one that I  need, I have to use what is available.   The good thing is that, I know a  good place to get  those window treatments for an affordable price.      Drapery Rods Direct offer  a huge selection of discount curtain rods and drapery hardware.  

The photo you see on this post is a image I borrowed from the site to  showcase the Drapery Poles by DRD.  The photo also gives me ideas on what kind of  window treatment will I get  next time.  I like the simple and clean look of the setting which is really pleasing to look at.  Right now, aside from curtains we also have  window blinds that's why we have to use this customized wooden  box to  put our curtains around.  It's a pain, so I am  really looking forward to getting rid of this wooden boxes and just use metal rods.  It's easier and it's cleaner to look at.  I also would like to get rid of the window blinds.  The website I mentioned above offers tips on how to find the  right product that you need in  decorating your windows.  Their "How to" center   has a lot of different tips  and ideas that  a homemaker like me could really use as a guide.  So if you are looking for some tips about window treatment,  just  click any of the links I have provided in this post. You may leave a tip or two about the topic  on the comment section.  


As frugal as I am, I always makes sure to save the seeds of my flowers  to plant the next year. Buying plants every year is an additional  expense but if you can save the seeds, you won't have to buy again the following year.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

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Shadow Shots

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Firework Display

 After we spent time with  the family  last July 4th, we decided to go home but on our way home, the firework downtown started so we stopped and watched for a while.
This looks like birds doesn't it?
This one looks like the head of a rooster.
This one looks like a fish.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Updating Your Bedrooms and Bathrooms

When you live in a place for a long time it’s easy to fall into a rut and not notice when things have become drab or outdated, especially in rooms that are not common areas. Since we spend almost a third of our life sleeping it simply makes sense to make the bedrooms as attractive, functional and restful as possible. When planning on refreshing a bedroom it’s a good idea to consider a lot of  bedroom d├ęcor and designs and designs because you can make a big difference even by doing something as simple as rearranging the furniture.

Mirrors are another great way to instantly change the look of a room – with a new bathroom or bedroom mirror  you can open up the space and make it feel larger than it really is but you can also use mirrors to reflect light from a window or skylight or to cover an unsightly area.  Mirrors need not be large – one interesting idea is to invest in five or six small mirrors in interesting shapes and sizes or beautiful frames and create a collage on one wall. Another option is to place two large mirrors on opposing walls so they reflect one another; this is both visually interesting and quite practical when you want to see an outfit from all sides.

There’s no hard and fast rule that a bed must be placed directly against a wall – one innovative way to change the look of a bedroom is to float the bed in the middle of the room and place a dress or bookcase behind the headboard which can be accessed from the other side. Another idea is to place the bed on an angle in a corner of the room; a lamp or plant can be placed in the corner behind the headboard or it can be left empty for an airy feeling.

Enjoy Life

I took a couple of shots of this beautiful bird's bath that my BIL Rick has in their yard.
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Friday, July 6, 2012


My zinnias are now blooming.  Zinnias are very easy to grow and maintain and they are very colorful!

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