Wednesday, September 16, 2020

This Gardener Got In trouble Today

 There is a small piece of grass along our fence from our neighbor's side and it is a bit difficult to mow.  Every time we cut the grass, the lawnmower always catches on the fence so I thought of just removing the grass and plant a low maintenance plant (yucca) there.  So I got done removing all the grass and halfway done planting the plant when our neighbor told my husband that the planting has to stop.  He informed us that that side of the yard is his property.  When we bought this property, we asked the owner where the property ends and he told us that it ends where the concrete driveway of our neighbor is.  Our fault was not having our property surveyed, we took the word of the former owner and that was a big mistake. 

I felt sick when he told my husband that because I worked on it for two whole days and our neighbor  didn't tell me anything.  He should have stopped me on day one since I was there the entire time.  I know it's my fault for assuming it was our property but still, the fact that we are the one mowing it, I thought they would be okay with it.     I hope and pray that they don't sue me for invading their property.  We promised that we will put the grass back.  

Anyway, now I want to hire a surveyor to mark our property line.  My question is, do I have to keep mowing that side of the yard since it’s theirs?  

Yep, the gardener in me got in trouble today and I feel bad for not asking their permission first.  It might have been a different scenario if I had asked.  I would have not wasted my time trying to beautify their side of the fence. I have to remind myself that not all people like plants and that I do understand.  I consider myself lucky that they did not call the police on me for trespassing.

My husband said that the guy was friendly at first then switched to being  straightforward and said "The planting has to stop, it's my property".  Oh well, I tried (and failed miserably).  Lesson learned.  

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