Monday, June 30, 2014

Shasta Daisy

The day lilies that I planted   around my  mailbox did not do really good this year so I bought some Shasta Daisies that I found on sale.   I am not sure if Shasta Daisy comes back every year but for now, I am happy that I planted something  to dress up my mailbox.

Bootie Flower Vase

My daughter got this bootie figurine at a garage sale for free a couple of weeks ago.  She originally got it to put some pens  or other things from her art stuff but it was too small so I just  used it as a vase for  the small flowers that we have at home.  I just love it when you can find something that you can use without spending too much.
Isn't it pretty?  

Sunday, June 29, 2014

How To Get Through Life

Sleep as much as you can...
Read books that you enjoy...

Play with simple things...

Do whatever you want -- whenever you want...

Look for affection when you need it...

Get serious once in a while...

Forget about diets....

Show some affection...
Get angry once in a while....

Change your looks...
Above all, be happy,
regardless of what

your challenges may be...

Have a great life!
May your troubles be less, your blessings more,
and may nothing but happiness 
come through your door.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


These are some random photos I took when we were having a tour inside the Googleplex or headquarters.  I can say that it was beautiful inside.  Everything is unique.  Even the walkways have different patterns of bricks and very  decorative tiles.  

Employees  were very nice  and friendly too!

Sweets for your sweetheart

This cookie cake was provided by the 3rd grade home room mom during the end of the school year picnic at Hanover park.  Perfect treat for the 3rd grade sweethearts who will be in 4th grade soon!  I  am worried  who will be teaching these kids this year, I don't know yet who will be the teacher because the former one has left.

Railway, River, Etc..

Another random shots I took during our recent trip to Kennywood this year.  It's amazing to see the transformation of ones place is just by observing to the old buildings and other infrastructure when you   are driving.
I always admire the  beauty of the river in downtown Pittsburgh.
We passed by one of the old buildings of Heinz.
We often wondered what is the  huge building on the other part of the road.  It might be a hotel or a church, who knows.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Do you make new year resolution every year? Did you make one that you really accomplished? I don't make promise/resolution that will do this and that, I just see to it that I do my best to achieve whatever goals I want to pursue. How about you?  Hubby and I  are trying to   stay fit  and we have been working on that this year.  I am so glad that we are a team in  doing this as it sets a good example  to our children.

Another thing that that I am keeping in line this year is straightening out our finances.  We do trim some  cost but we don't really  sacrifice the need  of our family especially our kids.  One way of  doing that is to eliminate unnecessary  expenses, I do spend some dollars  do  through thrift store.  Say for instance this  fruit basket decor that I bought for $4 only at Goodwill.  I like it because it matched our kitchen appliances.
I like it that it has the  fruits in it already so I don't have to buy them separately.  Such a great deal!

Treasure Each Day

Having children is  wonderful.  They  are   our most precious gifts from God Almighty.  Not all people are given the chance to become a parent so if you are one, treasure each and everyday that you get to spend with your kids.  Time flies and you can never go back to the time lost.  Photos below were taken when we went for a bike ride .
These two are the most  important things that happened to me.  I love them to bits!

Dad's New Flag

Dad's flag is  so shredded up so we decided to give him the flag that came kwith our flag pole that I reviewed sometime last year.  We did not know that the package came with a flag so we went out and bought one for us.  Since we aren't using this, we gave it to Dad on Father's day.  He was very happy!

Experiment with Dry Ice

When I  had the opportunity to review some ice cream that a company sent me.  It came with some dry ice so  my super inquisitive  kids did some experiment our of it since hubby said  this is something they use on stage to get the smoke effect.  So here we go!
It was really cool the see the effect when you pour the water in the dry ice.  It boils and then made that smoke  effect.  My daughter thought it was the coolest thing ever.  

Google Photo Booth

One of the many fun activities that the kids can do during the Doodle4Google  event was the free photo booth.  It was always  filled with lines of kids wanting to have their photos taken.  The cool thing was, you can enter the email and they will send you the copy via email and you also get the hard prints.
Here's our Burritos.

Joy Ride

Driving around relaxes my family so most of the time, we go for a ride even just around our area.  Hubby has this habit of  browsing  properties for sale  and then he would ask us if we want to to go for a ride  which we always agreed to.  These shots were taken on our way home from  Steubenville Ohio.  The view from  across the river  was  gorgeous, here's Follansbee WV  hill.
Here's another set of photos when we went for a joy ride at the country club in Marland Heights, Weirton.
Looking at the beauty of nature is an enjoyable  hobby we do most of the times.  We love outdoors!


Sometimes my wife would pinch my nose because of my snoring, she is a light sleeper so every time I snore, she wakes up. Snoring, kicking, stealing the sheets, and differing bed times can get in the way of a good night's sleep. In fact, nearly 25 percent of those in relationships sleep alone because their partner interrupts their sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation.
Above  paragraph was written by my husband when he was still blogging.  Both of our kids are like their Dad, they snore when they are so tired!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We rode bikes together with friends, the Veltri family at the back of the church  a couple of weeks ago.  My son tried to keep up with Dominic but he fell on the bike and got a minor scratch.  We got to  have fun, work out a little bit, and catch up with the family after the school break.

Before we parted ways, we took some photos of the beautiful sunset.

It was such a nice  get together.  I hope we could do it again.

Crab Apple 2014

One of the many things that I look forward to seeing during spring is when our crab apple tree at the backyard blooms.  They look beautiful and they also smeels devine.
It's a bummer that they only  bloom once a year and the flowers does not last very long especially if the weather is windy.  The flowers starts to fall when teh win blows.  It looks beautiful to watch when the flowers are floating in the air though, they look like snow flakes of sort.

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