Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Violin

The Koreans are very ornate people, they make their surroundings pleasing to the eyes. Wherever you go in here, there are plants everywhere and their choices of building structures are quite unique. Some of their building are structured like a ship and turtle which I really love. They are also known for love of music. My wife took the picture of this violin replica in front of the mall that we went to the other week.Have a great day everyone and thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My new Site

Hello everyone. I'm in the process of creating a new website called Sailing Through Life and if you would please take a peek , I would really appreciate it. You can leave your url on the comment section so I can add it to the list. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fascination with Bugs and Insects

The other day when our princess was watering her flowers, she noticed something odd with the plants. She had never seen the unique camouflage that nature affords to some of its creatures, so this was a big deal to her. She thought she saw the plant move and then discovered it was an insect.

At first, she thought this magnificent creature was a moving leaf.
Then she thought she saw one of the branches moving.
She asked me why the bugs look like they are leaves and sticks and I explained that God gave them the ability to camouflage themselves as a form of protection from birds and other animals that would love to munch on them. When I was a child, I was very intrigued by animals of all types and I'm glad that my little girl shares the same fascination.

I'm Still Standing

Hello everyone. I'd like to update you all on my medical condition. I was released from the Samsung Hospital yesterday at my own request. They ran numerous tests on me but were unable to find any problems or abnormalities. They wanted to keep me overnight to administer pain medications and to monitor my situation further but I asked to go home.
Besides, if I'm going to be lying around in pain, I can do that just as easily at home as I can in the hospital. I was released to my Primary Care Physician and he prescribed some strong pain killers and allowed me to go home. They were unable to find any problems other than my blood pressure was a little high (most likely from the pain).

I had originally told Rose that I thought I might be having a heart attack because of the immense pain in my chest and my inability to breathe. My EKG readings were normal but my BP was high. I have my own theories as to what may have happened and the doctor told me that either could be possible. I feel I either pinched a nerve in my spine that affected my diaphragm and produced a lot of pain or when I was washing the car, I could have inhaled some of the chemical I was using to remove the bugs and tar from the front of the car which could have affected my breathing and caused the pain. Again, the hospital was unable to locate the cause of any problems.

My doctor told me that he was concerned that a bigger problem may be in the earliest stages of development and just aren't showing up on the tests. God only knows. I will be going back for a follow-up and some more tests this week.

I will be having a check up tomorrow and hopefully, they will be able to tell me what caused my inability to breath that day.

Thanks be to God, I am still standing!

Friday, August 21, 2009

One sunny day

Our children definitely love being outside. I took them outside the other day (Rose does not want to go out when it's hot because of her skin lol). Here are some snapshots of our turkey butts eating their Popsicle. EJ is making faces on the first pic, ornery kid!

Don't you just love it when your kids get along? It's seldom hahaha. They oftentimes disagree because of conflict of interest.
Our neighborhood..
Thanks for dropping by folks! I got out early from my training today so I am very happy! I got to update this blog..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things to be thankful for!

Last Thursday, I received an email from my online school that say:

APUS – Final Clearance for Graduation

Dear John,

You have completed all stages of the Graduation Audit Process at this time. We are pleased to announce that your degree will be conferred on 8/15/2009. Your two official transcripts conferring your degree will be sent out two weeks after your conferral date. Your official diploma will be soon to follow approximately four weeks after the conferral date.

Thank You and Congratulations!

Graduations Department

I know, some of you might raise an eyebrow if I told you that I just have now completed my associate degree (at my age). I did not give much weight on the importance of having a degree then, not too much inspiration I guess. But having my kids and my wife, it did inspired me to continue with my education. I am also determined to finish my bachelor's degree next year after my retirement.

First of all I thank God for giving us the courage to carry on despite of difficulties, for giving us inspiration everyday, and for giving us what we need!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Toast to our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Here's some photos of our simple celebration of our 6th year of being married. I have been so blessed and lucky for having a wife like Rose. Thanks hon for being my loving wife and mother to our kids!

She prepared some wine for us to toast. After a while her face got so rid and she slept the whole night lol..

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Precious Moments With My Angels

I love spending every chance I get with my family. I love playing with my kids during my time off, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment and a complete sense of happiness, especially if they are running around very happy. Their giggles and laughter are music to my ears and in a sweet melody in my mind and heart. I feel bad for those children who are neglected by their parents. I also feel bad for the parents because they have no idea what they are missing. The regret they will feel in later years will be deep. Material things are nothing compared to the precious time spent with your children. You should always find the time to play with them, especially when they really want your attention. One day, when you're old and gray, you'll be asking them for attention and the amount of time you afford them now will be reciprocated.

These photos were taken last Sunday at the Park.
Rylie flying high and crashing into daddy...I need to learn how to get out of the way.
My baby boy has the style and grace of a pro soccer player.

My little princess is always calling out from her castle. "Daddy...look at me."
This video clip was taken down at the pier-side in Chinhae, where we love to hang out on the weekends when the weather permits.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


to the blissful marriage.
I thank God that I have found you
that He gave us two precious angels.....
Thank you for marrying me six years ago.
Thank you for loving me for what I am.

Thank you for being YOU
I love you!


Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Haircut Time!

When we woke up yesterday, our two little ones wanted to play outside so I took them out and played. It was hot yesterday so they were sweating a lot especially our son. We decided to give him a haircut and since it is summer, my wife asked me to make it a little bit thin.

Here's a photo before we cut their hair.
I am glad that EJ did not resit at all, maybe this will be a start of a smooth hair cut time hehehe.

After we cut his hair, my wife gave him a bath and then he wanted to help cleaning up the hair on the floor.

Do you see the white spot? When his mom was putting some powder on his body after the bath, he asked for some and put it in his head lol..
My wife cut a sort length of hair from Rylie's back and then she gave her a bangs.

Presenting.... Our princess and prince with their new hair cut.. EJ was not n the mood for picture taking!

And Oh, I just want to thank you all for always coming by my blog. This is now my 1,000 post and I am inspired to make entries because of you who keep coming back and sharing your time reading my posts! God bless!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacation Bible Study

I volunteered to drive the children going to Daegu for the VBS (Vacation Bible Study) last Tuesday. I'm glad, because I got to take some pictures of my daughter and the other kids doing activities together. This is her very first time attending a social activity like this. You might have already read about this on my wife's blog about our daughter being in this summer program.
These were taken inside the base chapel at Camp Walker.

outdoor activities.

The children were placed into groups which were easily identifiable by the T-Shirts they were given to wear. The shirts were a bit large for the little ones and some didn't wear their shirts because of this.

Our daughter is very independent, we are very proud of her for doing so well her first time in this type of environment.

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