Thursday, October 10, 2013

Siling Labuyo or Casicum Frutescens

My house plants are back indoors as the weather is getting colder.  I put them out during summer time so they could accumulate the needed sunlight before the cold weather rolls in.   The plant in a red  planter is the peppers that my father used to grow in our backyard.   It's called sambalas in our  dialect but called siling labuyo in Tagalog.  A friend of mine gave this to me.  I think this is the pepper they call cayenne here.

Here's the pumpkin that  Ms. Burrito has carved by herself.  I have a butternut squash so I  connected them together lol.  We put our 30 pounds  pumpkin outside but we keep this inside.

Anyway, just showing you some of my indoor plants.

7 Smart Readers SAID::

nadine said...

The pumpkin looks so cool! I envy you for being able to keep plants at home!! And they're really nice to keep a healthier environment at home :)

MzBaker said...

I love the pumpkin! how cute to put it on top the other. lol gives him a neck

Genefaith said...

i love having indoor plants..they keep our living room fresh and lively!

jheylo said...

Gotta do all you can to save those plants :) that pumpkin is curved well.

Unknown said...

what a cute display inside the surely are excited now for the coming trick or treat

jared's mum said...

when my son is older, i would really love to put some plants indoor, too, to make sure we are inhaling only fresh, clean air.

wow, that pumpkin sure is a star!

Unknown said...

I wan't to grow siling labuyo too but haven't found the right seeds yet.

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