Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Burst of Orange in 5 Pieces


Every girl has her own little black dress, her staple clutch or purse, a must-have pair of high heels and an array of popular perfumes in her dresser. Black, gray, white and beige are staple colors when it comes to choosing wardrobe essentials and accessories, but what about trying out something fun and refreshing?

A pop of color is necessary once in a while and you’ll definitely get tons of compliments for bringing out the fun side in you. Check out 5 pieces of orange clothing and accessories that will reveal your fun side.

1. Orange Colored-Pants

Colored pants are getting a call-back these days. These are alternatives from your usual denim jeans get-up for any casual attire. An orange pair of pants can be your main piece of clothing for today’s outfit ensemble. If you’re not much into adding accessories, a pop of color is enough to make a bold statement. Pair it with a white statement top and you’re good to go.

2. Orange Sling Bag

A small sling bag is any girl’s go-to bag. It’s easy to carry plus you can fit your most needed items like your mobile phone, wallet, lip gloss, and maybe a tiny bottle of fragrance. Your old, boring and basic clothes need not be trashed - they just need to be styled. Bags not only act as storage but as an accessory to your outfit so might as well use them stylishly.

3. Orange Perfume

Boss Orange Sunset by Hugo Boss for WomenA lot of perfumes are widely available in the market today. With different fragrance bases, notes, bottle designs and colors, you get to pick various perfumes you like. For a burst of orange, you can try Boss Orange Sunset for Women. It’s a summer, fun and flirty fragrance that highlights Bergamot, Mandarin, Rose and Vanilla. Now that’s a yummy scent for someone who loves the citrus feel of summer.

4. Orange Nail Polish

Guerlain Nail Colour Long Lasting High GlossOne exciting part of being a girl is you have every excuse to get your nails done either in plain colors or through nail art. You can even change your polish as often as you want - it really depends on your mood or on the occasion. For a splash of something orange, you can use Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish in 80 Sunset Orange for a vibrant feel or Guerlain Nail Colour Long Lasting High Gloss in 115 Orange Braise if you want the color a little subdued.

5. Orange Sneakers

Who doesn’t love sneakers? They’re just the ultimate comfortable footwear for every season. Unlike bulky running shoes, you can wear sneakers with almost any outfit. Turn to your trusted Converse sneakers and you’ll find out that black, white, red, and blue are not the only options (though they are the easiest colors to pair with). Grab an orange pair of Converse or maybe some Nike high cut sneakers for the colorful orange energy boost.

Don’t be afraid to add some more color in your wardrobe. Add some vibrant clothing and accessories to make that bold fashion statement.

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