Sunday, August 28, 2011

Exercise and Pleasure

Every time we visit my FIL, we always go for a walk at his neighborhood. We are trying to enjoy the warm weather.  It also gives us the  pleasure of enjoying the beauty  of the nature and at the same time have a little exercise..
I am not sure what this plant's name is but it is gorgeous!
Have a great week ahead everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011


The photo frame below was given to me  by a very good friend of mine back in the Philippines.  I brought  it here and now I used it  for my daughter and my friend's daughter's picture  taken in Disney World.
Their friendship starts with the Moms of course who became friends thru blogging.  We introduced our  daughters through  the phone.  When they finally met  last month (first meeting for all of us), they seemed to have known each other  for a long time.
On our first day  of going to Disney, they were separated  from the  bus seats but they  kept their hands  held together till we arrived.  It's so heart warming to see how they friendship blossoms.  Now that we are back to our normal lives, they talked to each other on the phone every weekend.
The necklace they are wearing  have pendants  that are  broken into two and  has  the BEST and FRIENDS carved in each.  Do you see their tiny legs at the back of the rhino?
Here are some more of the FUN moments they have together.
Thanks to Mommy Dhemz for some of the photos I posted here.

I hope that their magical moments  could be the strong bond for them to remain Friends Forever.  And of course the same wish  applies to me and Mommy Dhemz.  Friendship connections is one of the  magic  that blogging brings!
A friend is someone whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Landmarks in Disney World's Hollywood Studio

Some of Disney's Hollywood Studio's landmarks.
American Idol Tower
Mickey Mouse Tower
Leaving the crossroads of fun.
Entrance to Hollywood Studio
Before you enter, you'll see "Let the Memories Begin" in  each  them parks at Disney World.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Butterfly Bush

My brother-in-law , Rick, gave me a butterfly bush. So I made another flower bed in our backyard for it. I added some celosia and mums.  
I thought that the butterfly bush is not going to survive but it did and it's now blooming.
Now I get to see butterflies flying around our backyard.  Will show some more photos next time.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Some of you might remember the sunflower seedlings that my daughter gave me for mother's day this year.
 We planted it together and now they are in full bloom.
I made them entertwined with each other because one was blocking our fence's gate.
These sunflowers inside were planted by our son out of the seed from the sunflower we had last year.  He spread it out  at the side of our house and there are four that  came out and live.
Sunflower attracts so many bumble bees but I love to plant them around the house.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hibiscus in Disney

Hibiscus bloom I have seen in Disney World. I took a snap of it for Pink Saturdays. Please join the fun and help us raise some amount through your comments for a good cause.
God does not always remove difficulties. He uses them for our good and His glory. Smooth seas does not make skillful sailor. It's the trials that makes us stronger.

-Nuggets of Wisdom-

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jungle Cruise

Another exploration we did in Animal Kingdom is the Jungle Cruise.  A tour guide took us to a river  boat and  introduced us to different critters.
The critters weren't real of course but it's entertaining for the kids as some spits water, moves, and make their noises.  It's educational as well as relaxing.

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