Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Storage Solutions for Your Office

In the day to day running of an office, it seems to be a lot about paperwork and keeping information organised. For some businesses there will be a requirement to keep hard copies of files and paperwork for tax purposes, which could mean that there is a lot of paper work to store in a small amount of space. Storing everything in an office in such a way that it is easily reached again when needed is so important to having an office that runs smoothly. Here are 5 storage solution ideas for your office.

Filing Cabinets

The trusty filing cabinet is a tried and true one to keep paperwork stored so that it is easily accessible again. If you have a reasonably small number of files then this system will work excellently, and definitely be the answer for short term filing requirements. If you have a lot of files that will need to be kept over many years and added to each year you might need to think about going with something a little bigger.


Shelves are a great way to store all sorts of different things in an office. Shelves make use of wall space that might have gone unused, and are great for storing books, and other small items for easy access when needed. A shelf system is easy to install and will mean that you will be able to keep your desk clear, while still being able to access things easily and see where they are on the shelf without too much trouble.

Mobile Storage

A mobile storage unit is basically a small filing cabinet on wheels. It is a great option if there are a number of files that will need to be shared among different offices in a building, so that they don’t need to be carried (which could be heavy!), but can be wheeled from office to office.

Compacter Storage Unit

If you have the space, and have heaps of paperwork or goods that will need to be kept in a place where they are easily accessed, a rolling compactor storage unit is a great option. The campactor storage units are on a roller which allows you to store in each section and roll open when needed. They come in a range of sizes including an option to have ones that lock. They can be rolled open to access files/goods in each one and rolled back out of the way again as needed. For larger units there is a mechanical mechanism that can be added so that they do not have to pushed or pulled across manually.

Exterior Storage Unit

If you have a lot of files that you don’t need to access very often but will need to store for a number of years, such as ones that may be needed for auditing purposes, then an exterior storage unit might be the way to go. Storage facilities such as Fort Knox Gold Coast have storage units available which will allow you to lock your files away in a safe, dry place, and access them when needed.

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Evelyn@Business Storage Services said...

Fantastic write up!!! Your storage tips and ideas sound helpful. Thanks for making such unique and well written post.

jared's mum said...

i remember when i used to have a regular 8-5 job, keeping my desk tidy is really quite a challenge what with all of the things i have to do in a day. filing cabinets and similar storage is really a must to help anyone organize in the work place.

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