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"The Anthers contain pollen sacs. The sacs release pollen on to the outside of the anthers that brush against insects on entering the flowers. The pollen once deposited on the insect is transferred to the stigma of another flower or the same flower. The ovule is then able to be fertilized."

The Anthers and the filament are collectively known as the Stamen or the male parts of the flower.  
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Unknown said...

exquisite macros!

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Amazing captures!

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Meoww said...

Wow! BEautiful macros. Never can grow tired of flowers!

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Jessica said...

beautiful flower Sis :-) beautiful picture :-) Dropping by from RT2

lanie said...

beautiful shots, look like painting.
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Wonderful core of these perfumed lilies!

Unknown said...

gorgeous lilies! hope you can visit my My Ruby Tuesday here.

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