Thursday, May 3, 2018

Botanical Garden at Bellagio Hotel in #LasVegas

One of my fondest memories of our Las Vegas vacation last year was discovering the beautiful display of conservatory and botanical gardens.  We happened to  go inside  their lobby when we used their parking garage to watch the fountain show.  In addition to the fountains at the front of the resort, the Bellagio conservatory and botanical garden is one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas. I am so glad we decided to see the fountain show because we discovered this beauty.  I love gardening so this was my piece of  paradise.  
Even if you are not horticulturally inclined, you will love wandering through this place. It features hundreds of natural trees, shrubs, and flowers. I love the architectural elements that are displayed in a creative and unique layout, it's truly visually stunning. A must see if you are in Vegas. Even if you don't stay at the resort, try to go and see this place, you will love it.
We went there  for the show and decided to go back there again during the  daytime the next day.
We  originally looked at their   accommodations prior to going but  they were fully booked and the rate is way too high for our budget.  But  seeing their resort, you'd understand why they charge so much but hey, we still got to enjoy it even we didn't stay there.
I am just glad that it is open for public, It's awesome!
It's a great place to cool down too when you are doing sight seeing in Vegas.  It's funny, when we  were strolling during the day, it was too hot so what we would do is go inside an establishment and  enjoy the cool air and  then when our bodies are  refreshed, we would go out again.
Their display  changes according to the season.  Here are some  gorgeous ones for different seasons.
So guys, if you are going to visit Las Vegas,  I highly recommend you go check out Bellagio's conservatory and botanical garden, it's  beautiful!

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