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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Memorial Day Project #DIYlandscape #RedWhiteAndBlue

Last year, we did so many projects  during  holidays and this year, I would like to do some also.  I wasn't satisfied with the work I did in front of this grotto last year so I thought of redecorating it and add some stuff.  So on Memorial weekend, I decided to revamp it.  
These scorpion grasses or popularly known as forget me nots have pretty little blooms with  white, blue, and yellow color.  I love how low maintenance  they are and  they do come back every year.
I bought two of these Elijah Blue Fescue  are great addition to this project.  The slender, wiry blades of blue is a pretty character to any  landscape project. This ornamental grass is a tidy evergreen that is very tolerant of a wide range of sites and conditions. This plant is the kind of plants I love planting because it is one of those “no fuss” plants which is perfect for the low maintenance garden.   There are plants that I love but I don't buy it because  you only get to enjoy one season then they die.
Another addition to this  project is this echeveria agavoides that a friend of mine gave me.  She has one big garden bed full of succulents.  I traded it with some hostats which I have plenty of also.  That's one way of  saving some money when  planting some  ornamental plants, see if you can trade some of yours  with your friends.
Of course, I have to have blue star juniper in the mix because they are low maintenance as well and they are pretty.
I believe this plant is called strap leaf plant, they have purple blooms.  I can't wait till it blooms.  Correct me if I am wrong but I can't remember the exact name of this plant.
I used the plastic planters from the plants that I bought previously instead of throwing them away.  I just remove or cut off the bottom so that the roots will go  on the ground.  It's a way to recycle and avoid  stacking them in the landfill.  I wish the store would buy  those containers back.  I have so many of them.
I also planted some  snow carpets  along the border.  They are also perennials so let's see if  they come back next year.

These pretty little plants are freely growing in my yard so I thought of incorporating it  here although the yellow doesn't   go along  with my red, white, and blue theme, they're still pretty so it counts lol.

TIP:  If you're like me who likes to save money on mulch and gardening soil, always wait  till holidays like Memorial Day or Mother's Day because it always  goes on sale.  Instead of paying $3.98 for a bag, you can get them for two dollars a bag or 5 for $10 which is a big difference.  Lowe's and Home Depot always  have it on sale during  special occasion.  The same thing with gardening soil, when on sale, you can get 4 bags for $10.  

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Spring Garden at Point State Park

The Point State Park in Pittsburgh has a Spring Garden where you can see different kinds of interesting plants.  It's a relaxing part of the park adjacent to the   river side where bikers  and walkers go to.  I love when a park offers this kind of   feature because  I  for one,  enjoy learning about plants.  It's very educational for me.
Here are some of the plants that we  saw there. I have seen foamflower plant before but I have no clue what it was.  The foamy appearance on its bloom makes it a favorite   feature by butterflies and other  creatures that enjoy its pollen. 
Did you know that the foamflower leaves  were used to make an astringent  was for mouth sores and other wounds?   I  also like that it is a perrenial.
Before I introduced you to the next plant, my son was fascinated by  this tree.  We saw an insect that looks like a hornet that keeps digging in and out of the tree.  It's amazing how much  he could do.  I mean look at the bottom of the tree, that dust  pile says a lot.
Another perennial plant  we saw is this wild blue phlox.  I love different kinds of phlox plants but I have never knew about this one.  
The phlox that I've had in my old house before  crawls into the ground but this one  is upright.  It's bloom is gorgeous too.
I have always wonder what an elderberry looks like because we bought a jelly one time at an Amish store but I didn't know what an elderberry is.  Did you know that the raw berries and other parts of this plant is toxic?  You can only use the purple berries, otherwise, it will make you sick if you  try to use the raw ones.  
Okay, I probably seen white snake root but I never knew what it was.  It said that this native herb poisons the meat  and milk of cows  that grace on its leaves and blooms.  That is  a dangerous plant  for farm owners.  As you can read in the photo, thousands of European-American settlers, including Abraham Lincoln's mother, died from this  "milk sickness".
So yes, aside from  the Fort Pitt Black House, this is one of my favorite part of our Memorial Day adventure in Point State Park.
We cooled down  to this area after  a hot sun exposure at  the fountain.   
I mean it was probably boring for my kids but I enjoyed  this stroll here in the Spring Garden.  

I think we will go back to this park next time because we did not get to see the museum but  that will give us an excuse to go back there.  I hope you learn a little bit from the featured plant on this post but you probably know  all of these already if you were born  in the US.  I am still learning a lot of stuff 13 years  after I migrated here in the land of the free.  

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Is Your Shirt Made of Rubbish Removal?

Twenty years ago, even ten years ago, if you had asked someone, "Hey man, is your shirt made of rubbish removal," you may have quickly ended up with a black eye! Today, with the social consciousness of the importance of recycling our rubbish rising, a shirt made of rubbish removal is a source of pride and the wearer is usually glad to talk about it. In fact, recycled garments have given the phrase "making a fashion statement" new meaning! It's been turned into "using fashion to make a statement!" 

No where is this more true than the new third kits (third uniforms) being sported by Premier League's Manchester United! While these new kits are a shiny navy blue with gold trimming, a color scheme fit for royalty, they were made from recycled rubbish removal plastic in our oceans! Although manufactured by the sports giant Adidas, the ocean plastic used to make them was collected by Parley for the Oceans, a conservation organization with a core mission to rid the oceans of plastic rubbish.

The images of these new rubbish removal uniform kits were not supposed to be debuted to the public just yet. However, they've been leaked out in time for all the fashion gossip magazines and websites to get ahead of the story. Of course, this was a leak that was truly worth leaking because it is BIG NEWS and could potentially have a huge impact on ocean plastic rubbish removal. We applaud the leaker.

As the winner of twenty League titles, twelve FA Cups, and five League cups, the Manchester United team members are sure to get these new upcycled kits noticed when they wear them. In fact, they're sure to get international acclaim, not just local notoriety. This was a very smart way to draw awareness for the need to upcycle the plastic rubbish removal ending up in our oceans into something useful... and to slip this conservation message into the mainstream with no one balking.

Adidas, as a company, has pledged to eliminate all newly produced plastic from its supply chain feeding into its new products. Last month (April 2018), it was announced that they had sold one million pairs of athletic shoes made with plastic debris that Parley for the Oceans collected off the coast of West Africa. This was a enormous milestone but it begs the question, "What's happening to those one million pairs of shoes made from rubbish removal at the end of their life?"

Honestly, the real test of the impact this will have on the world at large over the next generation will be what happens to these recycled rubbish removal kits after they're all worn out. Will they be binned and headed to the landfill or recycled again to make brand new kits, closing the recycling loop. Perhaps some of them could be upcycled to make souvenirs for the fans. How would you like a necklace or pendant made from the uniforms of your favorite all star all pro athletes? 

In fact, this is true for all garments that are currently being made from recycled plastic. If these recycled rubbish removal garments end up being binned, it negates initial effort. As citizen watchdogs who care about the fate of our planet, we need to not only be "following the money" but also "following the recycled plastic and other recycled rubbish removal!" What is the ULTIMATE FATE, not just its secondary fate, of these recycled garments? 

As professional athletes wear their uniforms made of rubbish removal on the field, fans will have something new to cheer about even if their team loses the game! But... they will also have something to protest if these same rubbish removal uniforms don't get one hundred percent recycled again! As Rachel Maddow is fond of saying on her MSNBC nightly news broadcast, "Watch this space!"

As celeb models boldly parade rubbish removal fashion down the catwalk, may the glamour shots not be fleeting! May these fashion photographers and reporters follow the entire lifecyle of these recycled garments. Where do these recycled rubbish removal garments end up eventually? Are they recycled over and over again? This would be the ideal process for the fashion industry to achieve. We, as citizens, can help make that a reality by asking the companies that produce recycled rubbish removal clothing very simple questions like, "Do you collect these recycled garments at the end of their life and recycle them again?" We can also ask, "What percentage of these recycled garments get recycled again?"

If enough of us ask these sorts of questions, companies producing these recycled garments will know we care. They'll know we're watching the FULL life cycle of recycled clothing and we'll give our business preferentially to companies that figure out how to create a perpetual closed loop of recycled clothing. Just think, you can help just by looking up their corporate website and sending them a quick email, or perhaps even better, tweeting your question(s) at them in a public way.

If you have clothing that you want to see get a new life, and hopefully never end up in the landfill, call Clearabee for a booking. Clearabee is an on demand rubbish removal company that serves England, Scotland, and Wales. Their claim to fame is that fact that, unlike the bin men who are contracted by your local council, they take the rubbish they collect to places that will recycle, upcycle, and reuse most of it! It's a new way of thinking about the rubbish removal business and something to be applauded and supported by giving them your business.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Botanical Garden at Bellagio Hotel in #LasVegas

One of my fondest memories of our Las Vegas vacation last year was discovering the beautiful display of conservatory and botanical gardens.  We happened to  go inside  their lobby when we used their parking garage to watch the fountain show.  In addition to the fountains at the front of the resort, the Bellagio conservatory and botanical garden is one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas. I am so glad we decided to see the fountain show because we discovered this beauty.  I love gardening so this was my piece of  paradise.  
Even if you are not horticulturally inclined, you will love wandering through this place. It features hundreds of natural trees, shrubs, and flowers. I love the architectural elements that are displayed in a creative and unique layout, it's truly visually stunning. A must see if you are in Vegas. Even if you don't stay at the resort, try to go and see this place, you will love it.
We went there  for the show and decided to go back there again during the  daytime the next day.
We  originally looked at their   accommodations prior to going but  they were fully booked and the rate is way too high for our budget.  But  seeing their resort, you'd understand why they charge so much but hey, we still got to enjoy it even we didn't stay there.
I am just glad that it is open for public, It's awesome!
It's a great place to cool down too when you are doing sight seeing in Vegas.  It's funny, when we  were strolling during the day, it was too hot so what we would do is go inside an establishment and  enjoy the cool air and  then when our bodies are  refreshed, we would go out again.
Their display  changes according to the season.  Here are some  gorgeous ones for different seasons.
So guys, if you are going to visit Las Vegas,  I highly recommend you go check out Bellagio's conservatory and botanical garden, it's  beautiful!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Staircase Display: Captured Memories

 A month ago, my computer stopped working.  I had to bring it to a computer technician to fix what was wrong with it.  My husband suggested that I should just get a new one but I did not want to because all of the pictures I have taken last year was all there.  It was  so odd too because the night before it crashed, I  uploaded  800 plus photos  at Shutterfly to avail their unlimited free prints.  Glad I got it done before my PC decided to  fail me.
It took me a while before I finally arranged all of the photos in an album and put some in the frames.
I decided to decorate our staircase with  the frames I  filled up with new photos.  I always find  some photo frames when I go to the  thrift store.  I guess some people buy the frames thinking of printing some of their  photos but they never got to it so they donate it to  stores like Goodwill.  I always find the unused ones and reserved it for my future project just like this one.
I got some of these unique displays at TJMaxx, they always have  pretty little things for good prices.  Some I got from thrift stores as well.  You don't really have to spend that much when decorating.  It's a matter of looking through deals and sale.  
I love little things with encouraging phrases on it.  It serves as a reminder for us everyday.
I love this one that I found at Goodwill.  They have short phrases.  Some are funny and some are very inspiring.  It would be a great gift for Father's Day.  I  inserted a photo in it.
I told my husband that I am preparing our home with  reminders so that when we get old and can't remember things anymore, we will have things to look at and may help us with our memories.
I bought this one two years ago but never really had a chance to do it right away.  But now, it's on the wall.
A lot of these frames did not cost a lot which I am happy.  
"BE YOU", I am not sure if you can see the  gold writings in this one but it says  "Be YOu".  I thought, it would be a good  display to remind us everyday to live life to the fullest.  
The plain staircase has now some things to see.  Captured memories are the best things to use  when you want to spruce up a wall at home.  
Having the free  unlimited prints from Shutterfly is nice, I just wish the shipping doesn't cost that much lol.  It still  worth it though.  Once in a while, whenever I miss the times when my kids were little, I would open up  some photos albums and look at the great memories we captured.  I am wondering, do you still print the photos you take?  Do you still  put  or arrange them in a photo album.  

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