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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Botanical Garden at Bellagio Hotel in #LasVegas

One of my fondest memories of our Las Vegas vacation last year was discovering the beautiful display of conservatory and botanical gardens.  We happened to  go inside  their lobby when we used their parking garage to watch the fountain show.  In addition to the fountains at the front of the resort, the Bellagio conservatory and botanical garden is one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas. I am so glad we decided to see the fountain show because we discovered this beauty.  I love gardening so this was my piece of  paradise.  
Even if you are not horticulturally inclined, you will love wandering through this place. It features hundreds of natural trees, shrubs, and flowers. I love the architectural elements that are displayed in a creative and unique layout, it's truly visually stunning. A must see if you are in Vegas. Even if you don't stay at the resort, try to go and see this place, you will love it.
We went there  for the show and decided to go back there again during the  daytime the next day.
We  originally looked at their   accommodations prior to going but  they were fully booked and the rate is way too high for our budget.  But  seeing their resort, you'd understand why they charge so much but hey, we still got to enjoy it even we didn't stay there.
I am just glad that it is open for public, It's awesome!
It's a great place to cool down too when you are doing sight seeing in Vegas.  It's funny, when we  were strolling during the day, it was too hot so what we would do is go inside an establishment and  enjoy the cool air and  then when our bodies are  refreshed, we would go out again.
Their display  changes according to the season.  Here are some  gorgeous ones for different seasons.
So guys, if you are going to visit Las Vegas,  I highly recommend you go check out Bellagio's conservatory and botanical garden, it's  beautiful!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Staircase Display: Captured Memories

 A month ago, my computer stopped working.  I had to bring it to a computer technician to fix what was wrong with it.  My husband suggested that I should just get a new one but I did not want to because all of the pictures I have taken last year was all there.  It was  so odd too because the night before it crashed, I  uploaded  800 plus photos  at Shutterfly to avail their unlimited free prints.  Glad I got it done before my PC decided to  fail me.
It took me a while before I finally arranged all of the photos in an album and put some in the frames.
I decided to decorate our staircase with  the frames I  filled up with new photos.  I always find  some photo frames when I go to the  thrift store.  I guess some people buy the frames thinking of printing some of their  photos but they never got to it so they donate it to  stores like Goodwill.  I always find the unused ones and reserved it for my future project just like this one.
I got some of these unique displays at TJMaxx, they always have  pretty little things for good prices.  Some I got from thrift stores as well.  You don't really have to spend that much when decorating.  It's a matter of looking through deals and sale.  
I love little things with encouraging phrases on it.  It serves as a reminder for us everyday.
I love this one that I found at Goodwill.  They have short phrases.  Some are funny and some are very inspiring.  It would be a great gift for Father's Day.  I  inserted a photo in it.
I told my husband that I am preparing our home with  reminders so that when we get old and can't remember things anymore, we will have things to look at and may help us with our memories.
I bought this one two years ago but never really had a chance to do it right away.  But now, it's on the wall.
A lot of these frames did not cost a lot which I am happy.  
"BE YOU", I am not sure if you can see the  gold writings in this one but it says  "Be YOu".  I thought, it would be a good  display to remind us everyday to live life to the fullest.  
The plain staircase has now some things to see.  Captured memories are the best things to use  when you want to spruce up a wall at home.  
Having the free  unlimited prints from Shutterfly is nice, I just wish the shipping doesn't cost that much lol.  It still  worth it though.  Once in a while, whenever I miss the times when my kids were little, I would open up  some photos albums and look at the great memories we captured.  I am wondering, do you still print the photos you take?  Do you still  put  or arrange them in a photo album.  

Friday, April 20, 2018


When we visited  Disney World few years ago, I was   elated to see some bamboo  in their landscape and I thought, I wish we could grow it where we live so when I saw a house in our neighborhood with a lot of bamboos, I was excited.  Few years later, we owned that homed.  Unfortunately, the former owner, dug out most of the bamboos in his property.  Bamboo is very invasive so I can understand but I wouldn't mind having it   since it is far from the house anyway.  Luckily, they are starting to come back up.  So you see, bamboo is very resilient so it is ot easy to get rid of them.  
"The bamboos are evergreen perennial flowering plants in the subfamily Bambusoideae of the grass family Poaceae.  Did you know that bamboo can be used to create musical instruments such as flutes, xylophones, drums and chimes because of its resonant quality?"
Last year, a guy chopped down some of the bamboos in the adjacent property from ours and they left the small ones laying around there.  I  gathered  it and made  trellis out of it.  Or you can just erect a dried bamboo and it will serve as the  climbing trellis of your fruit such as this blackberry I planted by the fence.
On another note, I save this  piece of the branch from the crab apple that we tore down last year.  This serves as the  stand for some of my potted plants.
Spring is taunting this side of the world, one day it's warm and the next day it's snowing so we still have a long way to go before we can fully enjoy the nice weather and the blooms from our garden.  
Even the daffodils that just starting to bloom are now wilted  because of the freezing temperature that we have had this week.  Anyway, here's how the bamboo looks like  when it is snowing.
Even  on winter, they look  beautiful.  I love  looking at the bamboos because it reminds me of home.  Bamboo is an essential  part of the housing to where I grew up so I have great memories with it.  I won't get rid of the ones that starting to grow in our property because I want it to be a barrier  from our home to the public property  close to us.  It also a  safe haven for the birds.  I love watching the birds all flocked together in there  every night.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Redecorating Our Master Bedroom #HangoutRoom

When we first moved into this home, we didn't know which part of the bedroom would be best to put our bed so we put away from the windows. That was a big mistake because, the light from outside is too bright that it was keeping me awake even with curtains closed. So to address the issue, hubby and I repositioned our bed and put it on the other side of the wall.
Our bedroom is the biggest room in this house so we had plenty of space.  I asked my husband to  build me a walk-in closet on that side where I  put the  couch but it doesn't look like he is likes the idea.  Two of the bedrooms have walk-in closets but our  bedroom which is a bummer because my clothes won't fit in  the  small Mr. and Mr's closet near the bathroom.  I know, I need to  trim down my clothes in order for everything to fit so that is what I will do.
Our kids love to  hang out with us before bedtime so they would jump in our bed.  The issue is that, our bed get so crowded that we  hardly have space to  move around so I ordered an area rug to put on the floor so we could all gather around it if we need to.
My husband inherited his Dad's old military chest  so I wanted to incorporate it in our bedroom rather than buying a table.  Inside the chest is  my husband's childhood stuff and military memorabilia.   Also kept in there  the flag that  they gave us during my father-in-law's funeral as part of the 21-gun salute honor they did for him.  
We read  the Bible on Mondays and also read books on Tuesdays so we  now have an official place to do it.

My daughter brought her bean bag in our "hang out room", that's what they call it now.
 Our fur babies are bummed out because we restricted them from  coming in this space.  It might sound mean but they shed so much so what we do is hang out with them in our family room before going upstairs and in order for them not to feel left out, we  put them in their bed before we  go to ours. 

This Martha Stewart collection Camille 10-Pc. Queen Comforter Set was on a close out sale  at Macy's and I could not pass the deal.  It also matched perfectly with our aqua color theme so even though I just bought a new bedding last November< I jumped on getting this one too.
My husband said "When it rains, it pours".  He was  asking me to buy a new  bedding  last year but due to budget constraints, I held off but now that we could afford it, I went for it.  So from Hallmart collectible to Martha Stewart, our bedroom got a new look.
I still wish my husband would make a walk-in closet someday lol.  He said he has to check if we have to follow a certain code  for it but I think it is  alright.  He is right though, we need to make sure before adding anything so that when it's time to sell this house, there won't be no issue.  I still think a walk-in closet is a big plus for women when buying a house.  What do you think?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Lights

According to history,  17th century  was the inception of Christmas lights.  It is part of Christian traditions that has strongly withstood time.  The custom goes back to when Christmas trees were decorated with candles.  The candles  symbolized Christ as the  light of the world.  The Christmas trees that were  displayed publicly and illuminated with electric lights became popular in the early 20th century.  Then the  display of Christmas decorations with lights progressed from then on.  We can see  different beautiful  displays outdoors every Christmas.  

Outdoor Christmas light displays on houses was stemmed from the trend of lighting up Christmas trees during the Christmas season.   It is one of our favorite thing to do during Christmas, we take our children  for a drive around the neighborhood and enjoy the different   Christmas lights displayed by homeowners.  There's even a Winter Festival of Lights in Ogle Bay in Wheeling West Virginia, it's a beautiful display to witness.  
 My husband  gave me an early Christmas gift, a Canon Rebel T6 camera set and thought it would be great to try it outside  and capture some photos of the outdoor Christmas lights.
 Our theme  with our lights  this year was red, white, and blue. 
 We bought  most of these lights during the  end of season sale last year. 
 I think it turned out  beautifully. 
 The nativity scene was the new addition to our  outdoor display. 
 Our neighbor's yard was all lit up too.

 I always love the  maikn display of lights in our small city of Weirton. 
 Downtown posts has snowflakes and angels light displays.
I always enjoy decorating for Christmas.  We always start doing it early in November.  You might think that's overboard but  I  do that so we can enjoy the displays longer.  Putting out the decorations takes a lot of time so  I want to enjoy it as long as I can.  We have one more week left before we take down  all the decors.  Taking down the outdoor  lights would be a bit harder since the weather is getting frigid!

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