Monday, October 7, 2013

Plan to Travel and How We Could Do It

Hubby and I were  talking yesterday about us visiting my homeland again real soon.  He asked me if I want to do it next year.  Of course, I would like to, but the question is, can we afford it?  I  mean, I am stay at home Mom whose income at home is just enough to  add to my husband's pension to pay our bills, car and home loans, plus our children's tuition and other fees in school.  I told him that unless it is an emergency, I  don't really like to get any of those cash loans because  I don't like  having so many loans.  My husband pointed out that  if we want our kids to know and be with my family, there is no other way to go there but to  get a loan to fiance our trip.  Unless of course we win the lottery lol, which is   hardly the case because we seldom play.  Oh boy, being far from your family is really tough.  My kids and my husband are the only thing that's keeping my sanity.  There are days that I really want to be  with my family but I can't.

On the other note, it's  trash pick up day  at our place  this Wednesday so we are planning to  put out all the  things that we don't really need anymore and let other  people  have some use for it.  I was thinking of having a garage sale  at first, thinking that I could accumulate enough to buy something  for the proceeds but I don't really have the motivation for it so  we will just put it out to be  picked up   this week.  Oh well, our trash could be another man's treasure right?  I just want to  free our home with so much clutter especially with things that  don't really matter. I went  running last weekend and see different  things like  Reception Counters and Catering Equipment  that  was put out by homeowners and  business owners on the sidewalk.  Most of these stuff are still in good condition, no wonder  people go around and pick up stuff.

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