Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pond at my Sister's backyard

My sister Crystal has a pond at her backyard. She cleaned it last week and put some new fish to it. I believe she put a frog there too. The pond is the favorite water bowl of her fur friends.

On top is Heidi, below is Fat Boy, Butch, and Tinkerbel.

You can see the fish below.

My sister has a big backyard which is very good because she has a lot of critters. The birds love to hang out in her yard too as she has big tress.

Going to Raccoon Park

We will meet the Worthington family at Raccoon State Park in PA tomorrow. We will be celebrating their daughter's birthday. When I was younger, I only visited that place once but this year, it would be my fourth tomorrow. I lov the place as you can explore nature trekking, swim in the river, or play volleyball game and other games over there..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nostalgia # 11 - Two Years Ago

The series of photos below were taken two years ago when we were about to go to Korea. Rylie grew up in my Dad's home that is why she is very close to him. EJ was just starting to master his walking when we took these photos.
Rylie love helping my Dad do the dishes, that was their favorite bonding time.
I am so glad that my Dad is so loving to all of us. He is the most loyal person I have ever known. He love my Mom till this date.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun Ride for the Kids

My wife took these shots when we visited my sister's home. We swam in her swimming pool and after that she took the kids for a rid in her favorite vehicle to ride in her backyard hehehe. The kids love this kind of stuff so every time we visit, they always want their Aunt to take them for a ride.

Have a great start of the week my friends!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Starvaggi Park Beauty

These were taken last month when we took out kids to play at Starvaggi Park. The place has a pool, basketball court, horse shoe, picnic area, huge playground, and meeting pavilion.
Starvaggi is one of the favorite places to go in this town during summer time.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Harley and Rylie

Meet Harley, our friend's Golden Retriever. She is a very nice dog and love to play with the kids all the time. These were taken when my wife and kids went plum picking at their backyard.

EJ doesn't like playing with her because she always want to lick him lol. She jumped on him one time and knocked EJ down, after that he doesn't want to play with him.

Rylie on the other hand loves her.
A shadow of the tree from Raccoon Creek will represent my shadow shot Sunday.

Hope everyone are having a nice weekend!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rubies on Planes

Here are some rubies that we found when we attended the air show at Jefferson County Airport. Thanks to the Brady Bunch for inviting us over. We had so much fun exploring all the small planes in there. Looking forward for next year's show again.

Our kids goofing around and posing for Mommy to take some photos.

Do you see the red on that plane?

Our daughter with her red stripe shirt and checkered shoes.
Me, the kids, and the Brady couple. They showed me their new acquired scooter.
And for the sake of Ruby Tuesday, my wife posed on the plane above.

Hope everyone is having a nice start of the week. I am now feeling a little well. I was sicker than a dog last night and this morning. Thanks for dropping by!

My Family's Food Ville

Earlier today, I was locked away, in my room, studying for a final exam scheduled for tonight. After about an hour of intense studying, I decided to take a short recess from the books. When I stepped out of my room, I smelled something really good coming from the kitchen. It turns out that my wife was cooking my favorite Johnsonville sausage. She always experiments with different cooking techniques, and this day would not be different. She created an awesome dish by simply precooking the sausage and then wrapping each with a fresh Hungarian pepper. Afterward she put them in a frying pan for a few more minutes and they were ready to eat.
I was very impressed with this dish and told her that she should definitely add it to her recipe book. I usually standby and help her out when she's cooking, and it's always nice when we're cooking with Johnsonville products. In fact, anytime we cook kielbasa or any other type of sausage, we always insist on Johnsonville. You just can't go wrong.

I just wish that I could have captured it on video while she was preparing it so that I could have entered the "Share Your Ville" Video Contest that Johnsonville is sponsoring. 

Family Walkathon

My kids love to go for a walk everyday. They enjoy seeing the deers in the woods, bunnies, and wild flowers and fruits. We usually go at the back of the High School near us and at the back of the church because there is always lot s of deers in there. Here's the school's football field.
Our church where we go on Sundays.
Back view of the school building.
The soccer field.
I hope that through these photos, our kids will be able to see in the future how we love being with them.
Thanks for visiting folks .

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