Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How Light Can Be Used to Make Your Store More Inviting

People need to feel like they are welcome in a store and while there are many ways to do that one of the easiest and simplest is by use of light. A store manager needs their customers to feel like they can come in without feeling nervous or uncomfortable, as most of the time that feeling is enough to convince a prospective customer to walk on by. Here’s how to use light to convince your customers to come on in.

Making it Welcoming

Lighting is the best way to get a welcoming and accepting atmosphere right away. Make your lights bright and let them go a little way out in front of the store, avoid harsh fluorescent lights and anything that will ruin the atmosphere. Particularly something the skin colours of some of your customers will look bad in. No one wants to shop somewhere they look awful. Don’t make the lights too bright or too dim, both hurt the eyes of certain customers. By the same token make sure there are no burnt out bulbs or dimming or flickering lights. These make it look like you don’t really care.

Setting the Mood

Mood Lighting is a popular phrase but it’s something you should really put some thought to when people go into your shop. How are the lights around the area going to make them feel about shopping there? Anyone who’s gone into a supermarket will know the kind of impersonal soulless feeling the lights give you. Most stores want almost the opposite of that. Depending on the nature of the product you could also use certain coloured lights to set the mood. Many new age stores use candlelight, or purples and reds to give a sensuous feeling. In addition this works well around holidays, the green and red giving off an inviting Christmas atmosphere.

Drawing the Eye

Having the one green light in a sea of white is an easy way to get people to look at you. Lighting on signs, doorways and even shop fronts can make people who otherwise wouldn’t notice you sit up and take a look. For more specific eye-catching ideas try taking a look at Tu Projects AUS, you might find something you like.


Curiosity is one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal. Putting out a well-lit window display that shows a tableau of some of the things you’ll see inside will raise interest. On the other hand something well let inside and giving only a hint of what’s going in will make them want to see what lies within.

Lighting can be used in a variety of complex and interesting styles and these are just some basic pointers no what you can do. Go nuts, be imaginative and innovative, do whatever you like. If nothing else just do something unique and you’ll at least get some curious eyes. Just remember, visibility, welcome, decide on your mood, and draw the customers in.

4 Smart Readers SAID::

MzBaker said...

I agree when walking inside a new place the lighting is something that can make it feel more inviting and comfortable. I do not like big bright lights myself. Except in my kitchen lol We have dimmer switches in several rooms and I love them.

riablahgs said...

Lighting tools and kits can really add drama to one's establishment. It can define a boring space or wall by using spotlights and same as highlighting a certain merchandize by using spotlights or pendant lights overhead.

lencilicious said...

Lights really set the mood. Depending on what type of store or business you have, right lights must be used to attract more customers.

Olga said...

Proper lighting really is essential at home or in business areas. They do set the proper mood for relaxation or for work. :-)

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