Friday, October 4, 2013

Trio Wedding Sets Offer Affordable Beauty

Ring shopping is one of the most exciting parts of getting married – aside from pledging lifelong love for your future spouse, of course. Wedding rings are much more than simply jewelry. They are a symbol of your commitment to each other that you wear proudly every day. While some couples choose to pick their own styles individually, you might consider the value of trio wedding sets. A trio offers more than just affordability and convenience; you will also get perfectly matching rings for your perfectly matching other half.

A Convenient Commitment
Getting married can already be an incredibly hectic and expensive time. For couples who are paying for the wedding themselves, a budget sheet can quickly become overloaded with dresses, caterers, music and venue costs. You certainly do not want to go cheap on your rings, but you might want to consider ways to save a little time and money. Purchasing a trio set means you can get the engagement ring and both wedding bands in one trip.

Many jewelers offer a cost savings when you buy all three rings at once. Shopping engagement rings via ShaneCo can also be a way to find affordable options. The trio gives the jeweler the advantage of getting all your business instead of potentially losing you as you look for options for each ring. Additionally, it is more cost-efficient for manufacturers to design all three rings at once. Therefore, these wedding sets are often much more affordable than purchasing all three rings individually.

A Coordinated Couple
Another benefit of buying your rings in a set is that all three rings will coordinate. Most people find it important for the engagement ring and wedding band to match, however some really like the idea of having the spouse’s ring designed in a similar style. In a wedding trio, all three rings are designed using the same precious metal and consistent cuts and sizes of diamonds.

As rings are a symbol of your love and relationship, it is fitting that the rings should match each other. Purchasing rings individually is not only more expensive, but it can be more difficult to find rings you like that are made of the same material, quality and design. A trio set means both sides of the couple will get perfectly coordinated bands, reflective of the perfect match you make with each other.

Shopping with Ease
Some ring shoppers are a little intimidated by the vast number of options. Consider gold, white gold, platinum and titanium – and that is just the base. Selecting the diamond can be even more difficult, as there are different cuts, clarity and sizes to browse. A trio wedding set can help nervous buyers who are not sure what to look for in each ring. All you have to do is settle on a concept you like, and all three rings are already designed to match. This can alleviate a little pressure from someone feeling anxious about a proposal.

For couples excited about browsing rings and like the idea of quality items at affordable pricing, wedding sets offer a wonderful solution. You can purchase beautifully designed engagement rings and wedding bands that coordinate in both design and quality. Inexperienced ring shoppers can confidently select rings while saving time and money for other wedding activities.

Article courtesy of Shane Co.

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