Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I am not sure what kind of squash  is this that I am growing but it is taking over my whole garden.  I decided to put the old  gate  for the squash to crawl in so  the fruit won't be i on the ground.  This is now so big and  few more are coming.  

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Unknown said...

that's a zucchini squash. my MIL have lots of them which she gives me everytime.

riablahgs said...

I like squash a lot especially when cooked with the long string beans and few chicken bits. I forgot what it's called but my mom loves to cook that for us. And now I do for my daughter.

That squash has a nice shape. It looks like a bottle. I'm not like you who has the knack for gardening or growing plants but I can tell that you are a good gardener.

lencilicious said...

I love squash. I can make many dishes with it. Hubby loves it too. Unlike you, we only buy it at grocery stores which is a bit expensive. Lucky you have a green thumb.

riz tomacruz said...

zucchini. based on what i see in cooking shows.
i really admire your garden -be it veggies or flowering plants.
you are gifted. wished i have that :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

I think this is a butternut squash, zucchini are smaller than this and the skin isn't hard just like this one..

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Isn't that butternut squash?

Healy Harpster said...

Zucchini gets bigger. I had a couple and they were big, Orange and Green zucchinis, got them for free!

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