Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are You Planning to Produce Your Own Wine?

Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Wine is a vital feature in celebrations, ceremonies, events and even rituals. Wine can be taken whether in a formal or an informal setting. This beverage is made in wineries around the world, which in turn distribute their products worldwide. The question is what if you want to make your own wine from home? This article looks at the various supplies you need to make wine as a hobby.
Wine Bottles

These are the most essential wine making supplies that you need to have. The wine you produce needs to be stored somewhere. The solution comes in form of bottles that come in red, blue, clear and green colors. The wine bottles normally hold 750 mm of this beverage. You can choose a specific design if you are aiming at displaying the wine.

Fermentation Jar

After you have prepared the wine mixture, you need a container to ferment the mixture. The container can be made from plastic, metal or glass. The jar you acquire needs to be sealable so that they can be effective. The seal you use needs to have some holes that allow fermentation gases to escape. If the gases cannot escape, pressure can build up, which can cause the jar to explode.


Before you store your wine, you need to label the bottles. Some of the information you need to include on the label is the type of wine, the date you made it, the ingredients and more. The good thing is that the labels are pre-gummed so that all you need to do is to stick them on the bottles.


Corks help seal the bottles to keep the integrity of the wine. The corks completely keep the carbon dioxide in the bottle till you are ready to serve it. Choose the size of the cork according to the size of the bottles you are using.

Sealing Wax

This is used to make the seal that you have created with the cork to be airtight. This prevents oxygen from getting into the wine bottle. When you use sealing wax, you can store the wine in any position without fearing that it will pour out. The best thing is that you do not have to use a lot of wax on the bottle; you only need to dip the tip of the bottle in the wax.


This is a device that gives you the ability to determine the amount of sugar in the wine mix before and after the fermentation process. The amount of sugar determines the level of alcohol in the wine. There are different types of hydrometers that you can use when making your wine. Go online and research on the various types before you make a decision on what to pick.

Wine making is a very interesting activity. Before you can enjoy this as a hobby, you need the necessary supplies so that you can produce high quality wine. If you do not know what you need, talk to an experienced person or go online and do some research.

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Mel Cole said...

I bet making your homemade wine is really tricky. I'm curious of the process though.

Unknown said...

I am not really into making my own wine but I love drinking them though occasionally.

riablahgs said...

If my hubby finds this out, I'm toasted! He loves wines so we're looking forward to visit some vineyards in your next US vacation. Those stuff are great gift idea as a kit for those who loves wines.

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