Sunday, August 4, 2013

Selling or Buying Used Cars

Remember  the post I made from my iShoppe blog about our Ford F 150 Truck that we are selling?  Within a week of my post, somebody called us and inquired about it.  He said that he'll come and see it but he never did.  Well,  few days b after that, somebody drove by and saw  it, he got interested and  talked to us, then after he test drove it, he bought it.  Yippeee!

4 Smart Readers SAID::

lencilicious said...

That's a beautiful truck. Hubby is scouting for new car for months. Hope he'll find a nice deal.

Unknown said...

that's a pretty car and surely hubby would like to have it

betchai said...

glad you were able to sell your car Rose, that looks in very good condition, am sure it will bring the new owner to different places :)

cars for  sale said...

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