Friday, August 9, 2013

Make your Home Warmer

Time flies and having said that, summer  is already soaring its way.  Soon, Fall will be here and Winter  will  soon rolls in as well.  One of the many things that I don't like about  Winter is the  freezing  temperature.  I grew up in a tropical place so  living in a place with  four season is quite a challenge.  It took me a while before I got accustomed to winter season.  Whenever it is  winter here, our  Gas bill is always high  because we keep it really warm.  A couple of years ago, hubby and I decided to  put some  new insulation at our attic  and it  helped a lot to lower our gas bill.

The good news about homeowners in UK is   that they can find good  rates on  Home Insulation Grants   if they decide to  have Green Deals Installers for their home.  They can use the  Green Deal Application to find out if  they would qualify for the grant.  The key to  saving money during winter is making sure that your home is  well-insulated.  It makes a big difference, believe me as we  experienced it ourselves.  When we first bought this home, the insulation at the attic was disintegrating already so  for  years, we didn't bother to fool with it but  as I have mentioned, our gas bill during winter was  so high so we decided to   finally deal with it and addressed the issue.  Now, we are happy as we can see the huge gap of the bills we been paying before than now.

You too can save money and can make your  home  warmer during winter season by  putting the right insulation at your home.  Check out the grants available at your area  if you want it installed by professional.  You will save money in the long for doing it.

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