Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sculpting your Front Garden

The front garden is the first thing people will see when they approach your house, but it is something that people often forget to sort out. A shabby entrance doesn’t make a great first impression, even if you’re looking to sell, it can be really off putting for prospective buyers if the garden is overgrown, the path is uneven and there is litter blowing around. So, how should you get your garden into order?

Firstly, think about it from a safety aspect. Do you have a fence, a hedge, a half wall or some way to pose a clear boundary between your home and the public pavement? If not, you should definitely get this sorted, but check first if you need planning permission just in case. It is also a good idea to get a gate installed as another security measure. A secure home is one that will sell, and it looks much better if there is a physical boundary determining your own space.

Speaking of safety, you should make sure your path is even to avoid any tripping hazards. It might be the case that it’s easier to get the entire thing replaced, so opt for a good quality weatherproof stone tile,   and get them laid by a professional tile layer. Cracked tiles should be replaced, but if your path is otherwise in good condition you could simply refresh the cement to keep it stable.

If you have hedges, keep them well trimmed. It can be irritating for neighbours if they grow over a certain height as it can block out their light. Make a decision about whether to have a full sized hedge or a lower level border for boundary purposes. If you’ll be using the hedge for security purposes, make sure you go for a dense variety or one incorporating thorny plants, such as berry bushes.

Any flowerbeds in the front garden should be well maintained, and if you want to keep them in bloom all year you should use hardy plants which can survive regardless of temperature. Evergreen shrubs and attractively colored heathers can work particularly well. Seasonal flowers should be pulled up or clipped once they have died to preserve the appearance of the flowerbed.

Lawns should be kept neat and tidy, and use a mower  from time to time to keep it short and manageable. You should also carry out weeding frequently to prevent it from becoming a mass of unsightly weeds which kill off the grass, or use a weedkiller to keep growth to a minimum.

5 Smart Readers SAID::

riablahgs said...

I really wish I have a garden even if I don't have a green thumb. I want to plant flowers and herbs and even small trees.

Your kiddo is so cute with his little mower. :) Papa and son's mowing tandem is so cute!

marie said...

In our yard, there are certain areas where we want to organize and sit the option how to make our garden good looking. I think for biginners it can be hard when it comes to garden I am not good for that. Might be good start in landscaping start in small trees and plant As I seen my cousin did at her front yard.

Nova said...

I like how your little man copy what his father is doing, that shows only one thing he is soon to be just like his father responsible and humble.

Unknown said...

I wish I have the time to tend to my garden often.

Peachy said...

I will keep your tips in mind when I have a garden in the future...

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