Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Make a Good Garden Environment for Your Dog

Are you fond of dogs? Do you like to play with your dog pets and take precious time in a day to be with them? A dog is commonly described as man’s best friend and this is indeed true. You can see many people so close to their dogs that they even eat the same food as their caretakers and sleep on the same bed as their masters.
It is very important to always think of the welfare of your dogs. They are like humans that need attention, care, good shelter, good food and a good environment where they can play with. Dogs are playful by nature and they need to be sheltered in an environment where they can play comfortably. Dogs also have natural habits like running, playing, digging, hunting, pulling, herding, and guarding.
They must be in a place like a nice garden where they can do these things.  A quality food for your dog must be considered also because the quality of their food will determine how healthy will be your dogs. The following are some of the things to consider in preparing a nice garden environment for your dog:

1.    Your garden must be wide enough for how many dogs that you have.
2.      Flowers and plants in the garden must be separated from the place in the garden where your dogs are.
3.      Give your dogs a wide space in the garden where they could play, run, dig, hunt, pull, herd, and even serve as your guards.
4.      Provide the best quality food for your dog. Do not just give any leftover foods to your dogs. The right dog food for them can be seen in the pet shop.
5.      Make regular visit to your dogs’ veterinary doctor to ask for more advises on how to take good care of your dogs in a garden environment. Dogs’ doctor knows best when it comes to the health of your dogs. Regular vaccination of your dogs should also be checked.
6.      Play and communicate with your dogs in a special time of the day. Dogs can’t just live by themselves without the care of their masters. Provide them toys for them to play and bite with instead of the grasses of the garden.
7.      Finally, don’t forget to provide a nice dog house for your dog with enough food and water.

8 Smart Readers SAID::

Pretty Kat said...

we also have two dogs Rose...a male and female... and when they played around the yard.. expect broken pots hahaha... kaya asar si mother dear...hehehe

jheylo said...

Great tips. I will keep this in mind. We live in an apartment and we don't have spacious yard and no pets too. love your yard though grass looks healthy.

Unknown said...

Cute doggy.:) we don't have pets but maybe we will have one someday.

Unknown said...

thhelpful tips indeed for those pet lovers

Dhadha said...

How I wish we have a garden at home, kahit small lng. Halos sementado kasi paligid ng house namin. Hihi. Anyway, thanks for these tips! Will keep this in mind. Share ko din sa mommy ko who happens to own a beautiful garden sa place nila. :)

melandria romero said...

such cute dogs you got sis, i know that they are such giver of joy.

Jadey @ Happy Home and Family said...

We don't have a dog but my mom does and she does this too.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I don't have a dog at the moment but I will keep your tips in mind. I might decide to have a dog in the future.

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