Monday, August 5, 2013

3 Reasons to Start Collecting Toy Lorries Today

Investing in collectibles is becoming more popular than ever. From comic books to Barbie dolls, collectibles are a great way to not only avoid the volatility of traditional stock market investments, but they can also allow you to relive your childhood even as an adult. One of the most popular collectible items on the market right now is toy lorries. Lorries are a great investment as they not only look stunning, but they are also fetching high prices at auctions and sales. While the reasons for building a lorry collection vary for each individual (for some its purely the investment aspect, while for others there are more sentimental reasons), what is sure is that collecting lorries is both smart and fun. We will look at three of the reasons why a toy lorry collection is such a good investment no matter how old you are.

Defects can have a major effect on how much your toy collection is worth. Even the smallest of scratches can translate into that item being worth hundreds of pounds less. One of the great things about toy lorries is that they are far more durable than other toy collectible items. While you shouldn't read that as an invitation to put your lorries through the test by crashing them against each other, it is good to know that they have a better chance of remaining in pristine condition than other items. Teddy bears, for example, can suffer from mold and humidity, but these threats are rarely posed to toy lorries. That said, you will still have to care for your lorries properly by keeping them out of direct sunlight and other harmful environments.

While collecting is serious business, one should never overlook just how much fun it can be as well. Many of these lorries are beautifully made and display a level of craftsmanship that is sorely lacking in so many toy manufacturers nowadays. Furthermore, once you get really serious about your lorry collection, the hunt for even rarer items becomes exhilarating. Hunting through shops and markets looking for those rare Eddie Stobart trucks is a treat that woefully few people get to experience.

Finally, while money isn't everything, there is no denying that toy lorries are a worthwhile investment financially. The demand for these items tends to be very high, especially 30 or so years after they have been manufactured. The reason for this is because those young boys grow up, they become nostalgic for their old toy lorries, and  many will go on the hunt to replace their beloved toys. As such, there is a steady demand for collectible lorries that steadily rises as more men rediscover the boy inside of them.

We all have fond memories of playing with our toy lorries during childhood. Adulthood, however, does not mean we have to give up on those toys altogether. In fact, toy lorries are one of the best investments you can make, and the fact that they provide you with a link to those sunny days of your youth is just one of the many benefits of collecting toy lorries.

John McKenzie has a penchant for toy collections. He enjoys sharing his collection insights through blogging.

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