Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bell Pepper

Here's one of my bell pepper plants in my garden.

I  have some jalapeños too.
When it comes to spicy peppers, I like jalapeños and  thai pepper, they are very hot!

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betchai said...

oh, you have such a green thumb Rose, and I love peppers, also the leaves for tinolang manok.

lencilicious said...

I love to incorporate peppers in my dishes. Depends on what kind of dish but mostly I put jalapeños to make it a bit spicy.

riablahgs said...

Oh wow, I know you love gardening and stuff but I didn't realize you also grow crops in your yard that you can actually use in the kitchen for your meals. That's a very neat idea! I wish I have a green thumb like you. I am looking forward to have a mini spice garden and small veggies in our yard too.

Peachy said...

fresh bell peppers! WOW! I really wish I had your green thumbs! I just started with my herb garden today.

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