Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wines, Vodka, etc.

Hubby and I don't really drink but we have some wines and other types of drink given by friends and colleagues.

  • The Girard's are not wines, they are salad dressing.  I won it at a giveaway from UK.  
  • The coffee in can were expired already but I don't want to threw them as it reminds me of  Korea.  
  • Ms. Burrito made the place mat when she was in Kindergarten.
  • The garlic  container was given to me a Filipina we met  from Ohio.
  • The ice wine was given to me by a Korean friend.
A Photo a Day # 8
-My challenge to update this blog daily-

** Originally posted on January 8, 2012 **

13 Smart Readers SAID::

Seow wei said...

Yes, the first thing catching my eyes is the mat, I like the mat, I don't drink wine too, so I don't know about them. Beautiful mat, great job.

Unknown said...

love the mat! so creative!

happy MOnday!





Unknown said...

i see vodka...try to mix a cocktail sometime.:p

Diann said...

What a cute placemat. Happy blue Monday!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...
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Chubskulit Rose said...
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Dhemz said...

we don't really drink too...ehehhee...tagay tau pre!...joke!

Eden said...

That's a cute place mat.

Jenfamily said...

absolute vodka is from Sweden..its always in blue color maliban na lang if my other flavor..

inuman na!!!hehehe kaya lang hindi ako nainom..i love the mat

Czjai said...

Great collection!

It's a good thing you're not drinkers; otherwise, we won't be able to see this nice photo. :D

Now following your blog, too. If you don't mind, can you follow my other webpage as well?


Thanks in advance!

Clavel said...

hi sis!
sorry for the late visit. tnx for visiting my blue monday entry. btw, nice collection you got there huh? see you around sis...

Unknown said...

That's different kind of drinks mommy I get drunk if I drink. :D No. I don't drink wine either nice mat you have.

mommy Peachy said...

That's quite a wine collection for someone who doesn't drink

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